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  • New York Knicks and Their Fight Against Ageism

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    Here is some barstool trivia for you: The last time the New York Knicks won an NBA championship was in 1973. There are currently four players in the NBA that were alive for this moment… can you name them? (HINT) The Knicks just signed one of them to a three year deal. Yes – Jason Kidd is old… really old… the fourth oldest player in the NBA. The three others old enough to see the last NYK championship? Kurt Thomas who no doubt is facing bankruptcy/unpaid child support/some other catastrophe causing him to keep lacing them up, Grant Hill who more or less sank Fila’s attempt at outfitting NBA hoopsters, and Juwan Howard who recently became the only member of the Fab Five to win, well, anything. He even got some burn in game 5 to help justify his incredible sense of vindication for his fellow brothers.

    To be clear given what the Knicks were working with this off season I think they have done a great job. Jason Kidd might be coming off the worst year of his career but I truly think he will add some wins next year if coach Mike Woodson gives him about 20 – 23 minutes a game. I still can’t help but notice the Knicks fight against ageism mainly because New York also managed to wrangle the sixth oldest player in the NBAMarcus Camby after a failed attempt at the fifth oldest player, Steve Nash.

    On an even lighter note: I give it six months before Camby and J.R. Smith are pulled over on the FDR in a hotbox rivaling a California wildfire (California carefully selected as the Alma Mater of the point of this piece Jason Kidd).

    Good luck grinding today!

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