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  • Fantasy Feud Day 10

    Ok, so the switch looks like it worked. With all the goals last night , the line up got us into the top half for a $4 cash. We are going back to the same well tonight with a $2.20 16 man 50/50. This puts the blog at plus $ 10.20. FanDuel at plus $19 and FantasyFued at minus $8.80. Read More

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  • My Story: Bankroll Management- Failure, Confessions, Reflections, Future

    Let me start by saying this, this blog is going to be a roller coaster, and quite frankly isn’t an easy story to tell. If it is not for you, that’s fine as I understand it isn’t for everyone, but I think there are some very valuable lessons in this piece that a lot of the grinder community can learn from without making some of the same mistakes (hopefully your mistakes are at a lesser scale than my story). If you want to judge me go ahead, as if I can help at least one person on here than I will feel this blog post has been successful. Read More

  • Fantasy PGA Preview: RBC Heritage

    Fantasy PGA Preview:  RBC Heritage

    Well the first major is in the books. What a brutal week it was for the bigger names. I heard that 8 of the top 15 favourites from Vegas were eliminated on Friday afternoon. If people were not aware of it before, they now know that picking 6 players just to make the cut is not always easy to do. It only gets worse at majors since the field is so strong. Read More

  • 4/16 MLB Lineup

    Hey everyone, welcome to my first blog. To start out, I’m not the best DFS player but I’m certainly not the worst. I have a great understanding of the game and I am very tuned in to the players that produce well. I’ve become increasingly aware that a key component to research is figuring out what you’ve done wrong in the past, so I’m starting this blog to keep track of my lineups and how they do. I mainly play 50/50’s and sometimes toss a lineup into the quarter arcade (DK) so most of my lineups will be based cash game. I’m a big believer in pitchers winning/losing games for you so I never hesitate to spend up on a good matchup. I also try to work in intangibles (streaks, clubhouse morale, intuition) as I feel not everything is about the stats. So sometimes a play will be based solely off my gut feeling that they’ll do well. Hopefully I can post this once a day, and all the picks I give work as daily plays so if you like my theory in picking my players, feel free to jump on the bandwagon. Read More

  • Fantasy Feud Day 8

    The line up last night scored a whole 33 points, which was ok for some 3 mans but not nearly close to cash in the Bunt. 1847 out of 4468 is a long way from cashing. Tonight it is back to Fantasy Feud , where we have been slumping. $2.20 went into a 60 man 50/50. This leaves the blog at a plus $10.60. Fanduel at a plus $19, FantasyFeud at a minus $8.40. I am thinking I have to play hockey just to recoup some of this, but that’s a story for a different day, maybe tomorrow. Read More

  • NBA Fanduel wrap up 4.13.2014

    Wow yesterday was a rough one. I felt like I put together a pretty good lineup off some really good research for yesterdays late games. At about 2:55 I did my final peak at rotoworld and the chat here on RG and my lineups looked good so I rolled with them. Heres what i rolled out yesterday. Read More

  • Hot and Cold: MLB Week 2

    Hot and Cold: MLB Week 2

    There is no question in baseball, players go hot and cold during the season. Even the best hitters in baseball go through big time slumps. I really like to target those players on a hot streak and ride them while they are hot. Find out who is hot and cold during this last week or so below. Read More

  • Fan Duel Day 8

    As of the writing of his edition, the line up on FantasyFeud is bubbling in 29th place with a 62.83. Sizemore is left to go and we are a few points out of the money. You have to love the Kansas City bullpen blowing the game for Jason Vargas. Cingrani, Gonzalez and Rasmus were decent plays, while Rollins, Alvarez and Hechavarria literally invisible. Read More

  • NBA 4-13-2014 Fanduel late games

    Well fight fans yesterday did not go well for me. I made two mistakes in my lineup yesterday and it cost me all my 50-50 cashes. If I would have listened to my own advice from the blog i wrote before the saturday games I would have cashed everything. To lets take a quick peak at what went right and wrong. My lineup was as follows. Read More

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  • It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint

    Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, BADLY. Yesterday I was on the right pitchers with the wrong stack of hitters and today is already shaping up opposite. Zack Grienke and Justin Verlander both threw very quality starts for me yesterday, but my stack of orioles vs. the dominant Dustin McGowan screwed me bad. Thanks Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, Chris Davis, and Scrubby lefty Catcher who hit 5th. Today I started Gio Gonzalez in the early games, so I put in late line ups already and don’t have to bother checking. Read More

  • Fantasy Feud Day 7

    If someone told me that the Dodgers would score 8 runs last night, I would be a fool not to say that HanRam and Kemp would not get more than a total of 1 fantasy point. Luckily no one said that or I would have lost more money than I had planned on. The line up placed 888 out of the 3351 enrties. The score was a 38.33 , whereas the cash line came in at 45.5. Lind and Wright did not help out much either , but after a rough beginning , Eovaldi ended up with a 7.33, which could have been much worse. Read More

  • Return Of The Experiment

    Last year during the MLB season I tried out a strategic system in which on DraftStreet I created my MLB teams with the guidelines of spending roughly $45K of my salary on and $55K on batters. The end result was one that showed some progress with the final determination being one that viewed the strategy as a primarily successful one if used in double up games. I truly enjoyed having the opportunity to try out a strategy for the community to see and also learn the game at the same time. Read More

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