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FanDuel in the News

Game Offerings

This FanDuel Review is going to cover the ins-and-outs of the site that has been a leader in the Daily Fantasy industry leader for quite some time now. FanDuel is a customer-friendly Mecca for daily fantasy sports players, offering a variety of game offerings and a community experience not found at other sites. FanDuel offers daily games for all the sports you want: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, CFB, CBB and more. For game types, not only does Fan Duel offer Heads Up contests, 5 Player contests and 10 Player contests regularly, but you’ll also find a variety of customizable, Private contests floating around the chat box, and buy-ins ranging from $1 to $535. All of those offerings are great, but on top of that, FanDuel gets a big boost in their review for the amazing Large-Field Contests (GPPs) they offer, which include large-field double-ups that are great for newer players (as well as seasoned vets)! On any given day you will find a ton of Large-Field contests offered, all with large guaranteed prizepools (up to $10,000, sometimes more), with at least one Large-Field offered each and every day! This is all in addition to their massive season long championships: the FFFC has been a huge success since 2010, and they also have the FanDuel DFBC (Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship) and the $400,000 King of the Court for NBA. First prize in the 2013 FFFC was a whopping 1 million dollars, with a prize pool of 3 million! The MLB first prize is over $100k, with the King of the Court champion taking home $60,000. From the standpoint of size of userbase, FanDuel, DraftKings and DraftStreet are leagues ahead of the competition, and this review should have plenty of good things to say about the site, but no matter your opinion, what is hard to top is how strong the FanDuel community is. There are a ton of users actively logged into FanDuel’s Chat Box that appears on every page of the site! If the intro of this review already has you sold and ready to join, don’t forget to use our FanDuel PromoCode GRINDERS for an exclusive deposit bonus.

Head-to-Head Matrix

This feature was added in December of 2013, and puts a new spin on the typical head-to-head match-ups. Instead of having to face players like condia heads up, the “Head to Head Matrix” format contests essentially package a group of twenty smaller head to head contests in one entry. If you enter a $25, 21 person H2H Matrix, you will be facing twenty unique opponents in a contest where the prize structure exactly mimics the payouts that you’d receive if you played each of those twenty people in a $1.25 head to head contest. Similarly, 21 person H2H matrix contests at other buy-ins simulate playing head to head contests against 20 opponents, each for 1/20th of the Matrix entry fee.

H2H Matrix contests are available for NFL (ranging from $5 to $50 entry fee) and in NBA (ranging from $5 to $25 entry fee).

Software and Interface

FanDuel Draft Room

This review of FanDuel gives their software and interface a 10 rating, and for good reason. The website is very simple, clean, and easy to navigate – and it is packed full of features that have helped shape the industry. Newer players love the site because it is so easy to pick-up and and accustomed to, while experienced players love the site because of how well it attracts new players (and because of the excellent scoring interface)! The draft room is simple and functions rapidly and smoothly. You can quickly create a lineup, and port it to as many leagues as you’d like. Your My Account screen then makes it easy to track all of those leagues at once, all while chatting with the large and loyal community in the sidebar. This ability to track, play and discuss games so easily and fluidly in a friendly environment, gives FanDuel that huge intangible benefit that you will struggle to find elsewhere.

FanDuel Mobile App Screenshot in Safari

As FanDuel grows, so do their features. You’ll find FanDuel staff on the frontlines (a’la WaiverWire) constantly figuring out what their players want. They are constantly trying to improve the site and cater to what the player base is looking for, and they’ve done a great job with that throughout their history. For example, FanDuel was constantly dealing with players wanting to cancel their entries in certain leagues and to do so, players had to post in the chat box and hope that a FD rep was in the chat. With that in mind, FanDuel added the “User-cancellation button,” so as long as the league you want to leave isn’t full, you’ll have no problem getting out of it on your own. In addition to the FanDuel community, there’s also a Forums section and competitive Leaderboards to check out how you stack up against the competition. These add to the fun and interactive experience that most sites don’t offer. One qualm with the site that more experienced players run into is that it can take awhile to enter all of your contests each day. You have to manually enter each and every one, and while it is easy to export/import lineups, it takes quite awhile to sign up for every league if you are a player that partakes in 15+ different leagues per day.

FanDuel has an excellent mobile experience. If you have a smart phone, you can ‘grind’ on the go. No site is able to earn a 10 in Software/Interface without a quality mobile offering, and that FanDuel has.

Roster, Rules and Scoring

FanDuel has relatively loose salary values for players, which makes for a roster generally filled with players of a variety of skill levels, but with some overlap. There have been complaints of the salaries not updating quickly enough for some users’ tasts. To help curb these problems, FanDuel lifted the salary limit of 9900 (which made LeBron and Durant must-plays) and now player salaries can climb as high as 12,000, leading to less overlap in rosters. Since the adjustment, you’ll find a very effective pricing system that is fair for new players, but still allows for experienced Grinders to gain an edge.

The Rules of FanDuel are very simple to understand and make for a great viewing experience. Some may argue that the scoring is too simple for sports like MLB where there are only 4 categories that count towards pitching (Wins, Ks, ERs and IP), but the other argument is it is that same, simple scoring method that makes FanDuel very successful – it equates to an easy to follow viewing experience when you are watching the real sports, and is quick and easy for beginners to pick up. Check the Scoring Tab in this FanDuel Review for a detailed breakdown of their scoring system for each sport.

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Customer Service

FanDuel exemplifies how Customer Service should be operated in the Daily Fantasy Sports world. In addition to the standard info, contact, and support email, FanDuel offers Live Chat, a Phone Number, a Contact Form and an additional Chat Box where you can get your questions answered by other users 24/7. They also have employees in their chat rooms to answer any and all questions you may have. The forums have a suggestions page where you can vote on topics you want to improve, and the site actually listens. As mentioned above, FanDuel staff is often on the frontlines, and is regularly implementing and testing new features. We touched on the Software and Interface features earlier in this review as examples of what FanDuel will list from time to time, but FanDuel will also test out new game types. They are constantly innovating their Large-Filled buy-in ranges, guarantees, and contests structures, and they also did a trial period in the past with 7%, discounted-rake $215 contests for a limited period of time to see how the users responded to them, so FanDuel is not afraid to try new things. The Staff is always looking for feedback on the site, and you will receive a prompt and professional response to any questions or comments that you may have.


FanDuel charges a consistent and fair 10% Rake up to their $50 games. For games of $109 and higher the rake is slightly lower. Take a look at the chart below. This is by far the biggest issue we take in this review of FanDuel, with an otherwise extraordinary site. It’s hard to fault them, as they are currently the industry leader, but it would be nice to see them take a step towards ensuring the long-term profitability of the users on their site. Below is a table with their Buy-In to Prizepool ratio:

H2H Rakes

FanDuel H2H Total Buy-Ins Total Prizes Rake %
$1 $2 $1.80 10.0%
$2 $4 $3.60 10.0%
$5 $10 $9 10.0%
$10 $20 $18 10.0%
$25 $50 $45 10.0%
$50 $100 $90 10.0%
$109 $218 $200 8.3%
$270 $540 $500 7.4%
$535 $1,070 $1,000 6.5%

10-Man League Rakes

FanDuel 10-Man Total Buy-Ins Total Prizes Rake %
$1 $10 $9 10.0%
$2 $20 $18 10.0%
$5 $50 $45 10.0%
$10 $100 $90 10.0%
$25 $250 $225 10.0%
$50 $500 $450 10.0%
$109 $1,090 $1,000 8.3%
$270 $2,700 $2,500 7.4%

GPP Rakes

Note: These are based on NFL 2012 GPPs

FanDuel GPPs Total Buy-Ins Total Prizes Rake %
$1 $2,790 $2,500 10.4%
$2 $5,580 $5,000 10.4%
$5 $11,175 $10,000 10.5%
$10 $22,350 $20,000 10.5%
$25 $55,750 $50,000 10.3%
$100 $22,000 $20,000 9.1%
$270 $10,800 $10,000 7.4%
$535 $21,400 $20,000 6.5%

Bonuses and Promotions

FanDuel Game Lobbies

FanDuel has partnered with RotoGrinders to give you an exclusive FanDuel Promocode which offers a $10 Deposit bonus on a $25 Deposit, and a $20 Deposit on a $100 Deposit when you sign-up right now, through this FanDuel review! FanDuel also offers a $5 Refer-a-Friend bonus. In addition they will run occasional promotions and Leaderboard challenges, but there are no consistently mind-blowing promotions; likely because they already lead the industry in traffic.

The promotions at FanDuel display how it should be done! The FFFC and DFBC are amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and have been a huge influence on the Daily Fantasy Industry. Where else can you qualify for a trip to Vegas to win a million dollars for just a $10 buy-in!?


FanDuel has a simple and secure Cashier system. You can use Visa or PayPal to instantly deposit. All withdrawals are handled via PayPal, and may process as soon as the same day! We’re giving FanDuel a 10/10 in this review though, because FanDuel covers your PayPal fees! This is an amazing gesture on their end, and a big out of pocket cost.

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