Today's Projected Baseball Lineup on FanDuel

Note: 4 Games are postponed tonight. See MLB Lineups page for the full list.

Pos Player Name Opp Salary % of Top Projection $/Point
P Stephen Strasburg MIA $9,200 95.83% 15.1 $609.17
C Jarrod Saltalamacchia WAS $2,800 63.64% 2.29 $1,222.71
1B David Ortiz CHW $3,800 69.09% 3.78 $1,004.63
2B Ian Kinsler CLE $3,600 73.47% 2.43 $1,481.48
3B Chris Johnson PHI $2,700 44.26% 2.26 $1,196.01
SS Jed Lowrie LAA $3,500 72.92% 2.58 $1,356.59
OF Nelson Cruz TBR $3,100 55.36% 2.79 $1,113.11
OF Matt Holliday MIL $3,600 64.29% 2.86 $1,258.74
OF Grady Sizemore CHW $2,700 48.21% 2.68 $1,009.35

The Algorithm-Projected Lineup is a lineup based on the RotoGrinders Player Projections. We run a randomization algorithm with high-order iterations to determine which player combination is projected to score the most points for each Daily Fantasy site's unique pricing and scoring systems. The lineup is generated each morning at 11 AM ET for MLB, 12 PM ET for NBA, and each week on Wednesdays for NFL. Lineups are manually updated by RotoGrinders in the event of injuries and news updates. Make sure to check for late scratches and lineup adjustments by following @RotoGrinders on Twitter. Last-minute lineup changes will be posted on Twitter before the algorithm-projected lineup is recalculated, and the lineup may not be updated to account for late scratches.

The above picks are intended as a starting point to help supplement your own Daily Fantasy research. We do not recommend blindly playing the above lineup without understanding the core principles of daily fantasy games. If you are new to Daily Fantasy, we recommend reading The Strategy Vault in its entirety before putting any lineups in play.

Note: The Algorithm-Projected Lineup is not yet optimized for sites that allow players to be designated as multiple position players, e.g. a 1B/3B or a SF/PG.

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