on 2/9/14

Are there any sites who run their biggest contests over a longer span than just one day? This is my first full year playing DFS, and it seems like there is a lot of luck involved in picking 1 fantastic lineup in a GPP, but to do so consistently over the course of X amount of days would prove more. Am I wrong in this line of thinking? Is there something I’m missing? Are there contests for hundreds of thousands/millions that are played out for a longer period than just 1 lineup? Any information is appreciated guys…

  • rrt7573
    SoSoGiffy, Moderator
    on 2/9/14

    The DraftDay 100k championship is multi-day.

    $100k DraftDay Championship Payouts
    First wins $15,000 | Top 32 Lineups Win
    1st: $15,000.00
    2nd: $10,000.00
    3rd-4th: $7,500.00
    5th-8th: $5,000.00
    9th-16th: $3,000.00
    17th-32nd: $1,000.00
    Fri, Mar 14 – Round 1 – 200-Entry Survivor
    (Top 64 Lineups Advance to Bracket)
    Sat, Mar 15 – Round 2 – Round of 64
    Sun, Mar 16 – Round 3 – Round of 32
    Mon, Mar 17 – Round 4 – Round of 16
    Tue, Mar 18 – Round 5 – Round of 8
    Wed, Mar 19 – Round 6 – Round of 4
    Fri, Mar 21 – Round 7 – Finals

  • on 2/9/14

    Draftstreet’s Fantasy Basketball Championship is a 3 day event.

    I agree with you, I’d like to see more sites go with a 3 day championship for their biggest contests.

  • on 2/9/14

    Yeah. Something with a cumulative score… Fri/Sat/Sun in baseball would easily work… Not sure how you’d do it for football…

  • FatalError
    DraftKings Rep
    on 2/9/14

    Our DK Fantasy Basketball Showcase has a 2 day final and it’s qualifier only which adds another layer.

    We actually ran a 30 day long challenge with 12 RG members early in the season called the FishCakeKing challenge that was fun to watch.

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