NBA DFS Tournament Strategy Tool: SlateIQ NBA

Welcome to SlateIQ NBA! Here we leverage our extensive contest results in our very own ResultsDB to find the 25 most similar historical DraftKings slates to tonight’s slate based on several different conditions and factors. Below, you’ll find some descriptive stats and information about how both winning lineups and the overall field of lineups built their teams to hopefully present you different ways to find an edge over the field.

NOTE: SlateIQ is only possible for DraftKings at the moment, but we’ll be sure to announce if we can do this type of analysis on other sites in the future

Slate Texture

Similar – The 25 most similar slate’s to tonight based on slate size & player salary & positional comparisons.
Average – All slates of the same size.

50/50 Cash Line – Projected Cash Line for 50/50 Contests for Tonight’s Slate
GPP Cash Line – Projected Cash Line for GPPs for Tonight’s Slate
2 by 2 Stacks – The number of stacks in the field with at least two players from each team in a game.
3 by 2 Stacks – The number of stacks in the field with at least three players from one team and two from another in a game.
Ownership – The aggregate ownership of winning lineups on similar slates vs. average.
Chalk Hit Rate – Percentage of top-5 owned players in historically similar slates that had higher exposure in winning lineups than ownership percentage
Slate Game Count – Average game count for historically similar slates
Slate Player Count – Average player count for historically similar slates

Salary Spent By Position

The average salary spent by position in the top 0.1% of lineups today, the overall field today, and the field average for similar size slates.

Positions Used in Flex Spots by Winners

A breakdown of which positions the top 0.1% of lineups used in their flex positions (Guard, Forward, & Utility) on the 25 most similar past slates.

Winner Salary Tiers By Position

Where the top 0.1% of lineups today have spent their salary in tiers by each position based on past similar slates.


The highest leverage roster construction strategies for stacking based on the 25 most similar slates to tonight’s slate.

Chalk Hit Rates

The top 10 highest projected owned players for tonight’s slate, and the rate in which they project to hit (hit = be in the top .1% of GPP lineups) based on similar plays from the most similar historical slates.

About the Author

Dan Gaspar (MrTuttle05)

Playing DFS since early 2011, Dan Gaspar (aka MrTuttle05) is an industry OG who has found success across multiple sports. He has qualified for countless Live Finals and takes pride in being able to adapt to the ever-changing DFS landscape. Dan now works as a Senior Projections Operator for Better Collective, overseeing projections for all core sports as well as being the main provider of projections for most niche offerings. Follow Dan on Twitter – @MrTuttle05