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Seven years ago, RotoGrinders launched into the infant world of daily fantasy sports with one goal in mind:

They wanted to grow into the most comprehensive DFS site in the industry – a place where the top players could go each day to sharpen their game, and where (even more importantly) the everyday guy or girl could gain enough knowledge, training, and tools to compete with the sharks.

As the DFS industry has continued to evolve, the knowledge and tools available to the top players has evolved as well – and it has been RG’s mission to keep pace, and to equip the non-pro to enter battle with the ability to thrive.

The last year and a half, in particular, has seen plenty of change in both of these areas: the sophistication of the top players, and the adjustments we have made to our RotoGrinders offerings in order to help our readers keep pace. But as we launch into the 2017 NFL season, we will enter a new phase of daily fantasy sports – driven by RotoGrinders offerings that will push the landscape to a place it has never been. It is my pleasure and honor to announce:

Lineup Headquarters: the first time the everyday player will have immediate access to knowledge, tools, information, and sophistication that makes it easy for them to compete across all levels of daily fantasy sports.

Want to compete with the sharks?

Lineup Headquarters is the key!

What is Lineup Headquarters?

Starting in Week 1 of the NFL season, Lineup Headquarters (“LineupHQ”) will become your one-stop solution to the challenge of daily fantasy sports – the challenge of researching across twenty different sites, of toggling multiple tabs all day long, and of trying to keep track of all the information you have accumulated throughout the week. With the Week 1 launch of LineupHQ, everything you need will be on one single page: your headquarters for building your lineups every week!

Most of you are familiar with our Lineup Builder tool (which has grown in strength and capabilities over the last two years to a point where it can challenge the offerings from any other site – all while remaining a free part of the RotoGrinders experience!). But with LineupHQ, this tool will become your command center for each day of DFS work. Want to pull up JMToWin’s NFL Edge? You’ll be able to click the article on a sidebar of LineupHQ, and it will open on that same page! Without ever leaving Lineup Builder, you can read through a few games in the NFL Edge, click out of it, and keep building lineups. Want to access our new WR/CB Matchups tool? Easy! Click on that tool, and it will open on the LineupHQ page – allowing you to quickly conduct your research while fluidly building your lineups.

This is truly a new era of DFS – an era of advanced sophistication available to all players, where you can build one lineup or one hundred lineups with ease, using a suite of tools that is unrivaled in the industry…all without leaving a single page.

What does this mean for RotoGrinders Premium?

While all RotoGrinders users will have access to LineupHQ, these are some of the offerings that RotoGrinders Premium subscribers will have available to them on the LineupHQ page:

Consensus Value Rankings: The Classic returns! Point-per-dollar rankings from RG analysts and contributors

Expert Survey: Our analysts answer slate-specific questions to provide a glimpse inside the mind of top DFS players

NFL Edge: JMToWin’s in-depth, game-by-game breakdown

Projected Ownership: Powered by Chris Gimino, this is one of the most valuable tools in the DFS industry (we are also adding an extra layer this year: a Saturday “Ownership” show on Premium with two of the G.O.A.T.s – escot4 and Gimino – dissecting projected ownership for that weekend, and breaking down what this means for roster construction!)

WR/CB Matchup Tool: An awesome new tool, powered at its core by metrics

Advanced NFL Data & Metrics: Exclusive access to advanced metrics powered by, along with advanced metrics from Football Outsiders’ DVOA

Premium Player Pool Filters: Each week, four of our top NFL minds will share their favorite plays on the week – in four specific categories:

From Meansy, you will receive his “core plays” – the top foundational options for all formats.

From Notorious, you will receive his “cash viable” plays – the plays he trusts the most that week for his cash game foundation.

From STLCards, you will receive his “GPP specific” plays – a curated list loaded with upside options and contrarian pivots.

From JMToWin, you will receive his “salary savers” – the plays he is starting with from a “bottom-to-top” roster building approach.

Each week, some of the top DFS minds in the industry will also write up quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends that fill a variety of lineup-building needs. Premium subscribers will be able to find all of this information in LineupHQ – both in a curated format (want to see what all our experts think of the viable QB options that week? – you’ll be able to quickly find this in one spot!), and individual player profiles on LineupHQ (want to know what our analysts think of Jay Cutler that week? – you’ll be able to hover over his name in LineupHQ and find that information!).

This NFL season, we’ll have Premium lineup builder shows. We’ll have an Individual Lineup Build feature, in which you can build a single lineup via LineupHQ. We’ll have a LineupHQ “Groups” feature and a LineupHQ “Stack Builder.” In LineupHQ, you can find Vegas odds, Kevin Roth’s weather predictions, and a usage tool with targets, touches, and snaps. And if you subscribe now, you’ll receive access to our NFL preseason content with Dan Back!

Truly – from start to finish of this NFL season – it does not get any better than RotoGrinders Premium.

And pricing, incredibly, remains ridiculously low! – $29.95 per month (for access to all sports), or $299 for a 12-month subscription!

It’s time to start grinding NFL – at a level that those without LineupHQ will never be able to match!

Purchase RotoGrinders Premium

About the Author

  • JM Tohline (JMToWin)

  • JM Tohline (Tuh-lean) – DFS alias JMToWin – is a novelist and a DFS player who specializes in high-stakes MLB and NFL tourneys, with a strategy geared toward single-entry play in multi-entry tourneys. He joined the DFS scene at the beginning of the 2014 MLB season, and has since won five DFS championship seats and two separate trips to the Bahamas. His tendency to type a lot of words leads to a corresponding tendency to divulge all his DFS thoughts, strategies, and secrets…which is exactly what he does in his RotoGrinders articles and RotoAcademy courses. You can find JM on Twitter at JMToWin.


  • Tuxedo89

    If already Premium Member – will that cease (on auto debit) when this begins?

  • tbotch

    Great question – what does this mean if you already have the FanDuel All Access Incentives? Will I still be able to access premium content? I’m hoping the NFL Premium package would be included. Would you be able to clarify?

  • Ross
    @tbotch said...

    Great question – what does this mean if you already have the FanDuel All Access Incentives? Will I still be able to access premium content? I’m hoping the NFL Premium package would be included. Would you be able to clarify?


    NFL is included in your current subscription :)

  • creakyknees

    I’ve had DK incentives for almost 3 years but now I can’t view NFL premium content without signing up for a subscription.

  • chicago4040

    Where do you find LineupHQ? I don’t see access anywhere.

  • blo227

    When will lineup hq be available been keeping an eye out for it

  • theiguy

    Same here, early adopter had incentives for years.. now banned from the content unless I pay even more $$.

  • mtjroto79

    HI I am looking for 3 mo promo

  • jaggaz

    You must be krazy 😂

  • notcondia

    So, RG promised me premium content to sign up under them since they are getting a cut of my winnings and then they take it away? I’m going to ask DK if I can sign up under someone else that offers value.

  • notcondia

    Why does DK premium costs me money now? I signed up under RG to get this content years ago. Why are you taking that away from long time members?

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