Fantasy Pick’em Tool for PrizePicks, Underdog Fantasy, & DraftKings Pick6

Each day we will share our top picks on Fantasy Pick’em sites like PrizePicks and Underdog Fantasy, which are pick-based DFS sites that allow you to combine selections and win to earn cash payouts. Below you will find today’s top picks based on the RotoGrinders Premium Projections model, which includes a play-by-play simulation to determine the odds that a pick will succeed. We’ve selected the top picks based on the latest projections and removed situations where injuries create uncertainty in the model outputs.

The table below will update every 30 minutes from 8:00 AM ET to 10:00 PM ET daily.

Click the dropdown menu below to find all of our favorite plays for PrizePicks, Underdog, and DraftKings Pick6.

We’ll keep track of the record of our three top plays and let you know how successful we are on the recommended picks. The projections will change throughout the day, and we’ll rely on the closing update at 6:30 PM ET for grading to ensure our results are graded utilizing the most final and difficult standards possible.

Want to see how our Premium Projections compare to other selections directly on the Fantasy Pick’em sites themselves? It’s easy! Just download the necessary RotoGrinders Browser Extension, and our Premium Projections will show up right there in the squares.


Fantasy Pick’em Tool for PrizePicks, Underdog Fantasy, & DraftKings Pick6: Top Picks & Projections

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