Cash, Stash, Pass QB-WR

Everyone that has been reading and following my progress on this blog, I appreciate you. We got the Turkey Day slate yesterday, and for those who made some decent $$ I’m happy for you, and for those that didn’t I hope you at least got some good food and time with family to take the sting out of it some. I have been trying to think about the way I’m going to continue the cash, stash, pass blog, and I have decided it would be harder to truly put a breakdown of most players at EACH position from QB-WR. So, I have decided I will cover all the positions with 1 blog, but in doing so, I will provide just 1-2 of each for cash, stash, pass. This way I’m covering all positions and it’s not completely killing you all with my writings (for the ones who actually do read it). This week it looks like the Steelers vs. Ravens game is going to be moved yet again. I’m going to operate under the assumption that the game doesn’t happen at this point and provide no info relevant to that game.

The Meaning Behind It All

As always the cash, pass, stash terms being used and the meaning of each is: Cash, it sounds exactly like you think, these are guys that I’m considering for cash games. The stash term is referring to a GPP play, some of them may be close to a cash game play, but on the outside looking in for me at this time. The pass reference is just what it sounds, these are guys I will have little or to no exposure to at all in any format. I will try and provide some not so obvious guys to fade, and taking a stand against some of the higher priced guys.

The Breakdown


Derek Carr- Cash, As of right now its being shown that the pOWN on Carr is right around 4%. The game has an o/u at 53.5 and the Raiders have an implied team total of 27.5. This week I like the salary relief that Carr provides in a good matchup that should have some points scored on both sides. The Falcons have been better against the run than they have the pass, and I think if the Raiders are going to win it’s going to be on the arm of Carr. If for some reason that doesn’t go that way and they lean on the run and able to play with a lead, it will limit Carr’s upside, but at his price I think he still gets you there in this spot enough that if your savings went to the right place you should be fine. In the games that LVR has won Carr has averaged 28.5 attempts per game with 217 yards, 10 TD’s and 1 int,*in the games they’ve lost Carr has attempted 35.8 passes with *283 yards per game and 9 TD’s to 2int’s. In the last game he attempted 31 passes, and while his attempts aren’t high he has been efficient with them, so to me Carr is my favorite pay down option in cash this week, if not my favorite completely

Josh Allen- Cash, I’m seeing around 15% pOWN for Allen and he is looking to be the highest owned QB this week (for good reason). The Chargers Defense has been trending in the wrong direction as of late, it’s looking like they will get Chris Harris back this week, so that may help some just depending the shape he is in. With him coming back, it still don’t change much for Allen, I don’t believe at least. He is probably the best option this week, especially in cash games. We all know he brings a solid rush floor, and the red zone rushing attempts only helps his floor and his upside each week. With an o/u of 53 and team total of 28.5 and really the lack of consistent running threat outside of Allen, this game should be one putting points up on both sides and with shootout potential for sure, and you have to figure that for the Bills to get that and come out with a W in a high scoring game that most of that is coming from a strong performance from Allen. If i find lineup I like without punting too much or feeling bad about it with Allen then I will definitely go that route, but as of now it seems I like the salary relief option. To me either one is fine as long as you got the rest of the lineup solid.

Patrick Mahomes Stash, With all the talk of Allen and Herbert going around the talk on Mahomes has been a little more quiet. He is coming in around 8%pOWN. In GPP I love paying up to Mahomes and getting the KC stack, I think we saw what the Rams and Goff done in the passing game to TB last week, and we know the difference in Mahomes and Goff, so there is potential for a ceiling game here if you believe TB will put points up too. I think this game will end up going over the 56 total, and KC sits at 29.5 team total, and with TB most likely going to limit the ground game of KC it should be a busy day for the KC passing attack. The game stacks in this one look pretty appealing if you run Mahomes/Hill and or Kelce and run back with AB or Godwin, or go Gronk at TE, whicever way you feel works best for you, but for GPP I expect to go with multiple different stacks from this one.

Justin Herbert Stash, As it has already been mentioned the LAC vs. BUF game is a solid game to attack for some game stacks, and I likely will have exposure here as well. The numbers show that Herbert is around 11.5% pOWN. The Chargers should be able to put some points up in this one, and with the Bills giving up the 5th most fantasy points per game to QB’s, you would think that most of those points are coming from Herbert. In this game you can go with either QB and should be able to feel good about it, but whoever you think wins the game is the side I would lean to for most lineups if choosing between the 2. The game stacks of Herbert or Allen with Diggs/Allen should be popular, and with Tre’Davious White likely not traveling to the slot with Keenan Allen, you can safely fire Keenan stacks up. There is a good value WR in this game for a game stack piece too in Gabriel Davis.

Kyler Murray Pass, I know it’s Kyler and he is more than capable of putting up numbers in any game, but this is one I’m taking a stand on personally. So, by no means am I saying he is a bad play and you shouldn’t have exposure to him, I’m just saying I like other spots better and I’m going with what looks to be a smaller QB pool this week. A couple reasons I’m not going there is because of the coach standing on the side for NE. I think BB will find ways to limit Kyler’s upside, and one of those ways is by taking away his number 1 in Hopkins. I look for BB to scheme to shut Hopkins down, and make them use other options to beat them. For those reasons I believe paying the price tag for Kyler when there is guys in better spots for cheaper would put me at a disadvantage.

For this section I will give a brief description of the Cash plays and just list them

Running Back

Dalvin Cook Cash, this one is obvious and don’t need much detail. Fire him in cash lineups and take your points.

Wayne Gallman Cash, The price and the matchup for Gallman makes him a guy I like a lot for cash. His pOWN is around 17% but as of right now I feel pretty safe about inserting him into cash lineups.

Nick Chubb Stash, I like the Browns backfield this week and will have some of both him and Hunt. He is coming in at 19% pOWN right now, and I’ve looked at him for 3rd RB in cash, the only reason you can’t confidently do it is because the touches he loses to Hunt. Even with that said, they both find ways to co-exist most weeks and have solid fantasy games, the only issue is they do cap each others ceilings most weeks. I will be debating back and forth with Chubb for cash consideration just depending on anymore news that comes out, and the way I decide to build this week. Since his return he has averaged 19.5 carries per game and 120 yards per game. With the 100yd bonus thats 15fpts, and if he falls in the end zone a time or 2 he’s over 20. His backfield mate is a guy I’m high on too and projects for a better point per $ base. I will be rotating exposure to them both in GPP.

Kalen Ballage Stash, This is another play that I have been considering for cash. His price, role, and matchup in what should be a higher scoring game makes him very interesting again this week. In the last 3 games he has averaged 16 rushing attempts and 6 targets per game. At 5500 in this matchup, I will take that workload all day and feel good about it. I’m not alone on it seeing as he is projected to be the 3rd highest RB on the slate coming in at 16% pOWN. There is some injury news to monitor with him, but as long as he is good to go and no return of Ekeler this week, I like Ballage a lot.

Josh Jacobs pass, The numbers are showing Jacobs coming in around 10% pOWN. Early this week optimizers were popping off for Jacobs and was a decent amount of chatter going around about him, and It just never gained much traction for me. I think LVR wins with the play of Carr and the passing game and Jacobs we know isn’t involved in the pass game much, which always limits his ceiling. He gets almost 20 carries per game and avg about 75 yards a game. He has 9 TD’s which has helped him have some decent fantasy outputs, but if he doesn’t score then chances are he ends around 12-15 points per game, if he gets the 100 yard bonus. Since I like the passing game for LVR, and there are options I think with more upside around his price then I will go there and fade this spot. I don’t want to rely on him being so TD dependent with better plays on the board in my opinion.

Kenyan Drake Pass, It really surprised me when I saw that he is coming in at a pOWN of almost 14%. I would have never thought he was that popular of a play this week, and with ownership elevated on him I will gladly fade this spot. I can see him being outscored by his own backfield mate. It’s just my personal opinion on it, but I just don’t like this spot and would rather go to other guys in this price well before I consider Drake. I have been looking it over trying to see if there is something I’m missing, and if I am then I will take that L and move on. In this price range I can name real quick a few guys I’d consider over Drake and those are Gallman, Ballage, and Hunt.

Wide Receiver

Justin Jefferson Cash, This is a no-brainer as well, if Thielen and both Irv Smith miss this game then JJ will be a lock for me. He is coming in as the highest pOWN at almost 21% and that is for good reason. I don’t need to explain this play, just fire JJ up and I got a Thielen you will be satisfied.

Keenan Allen #stefon-diggs)Stefon Diggs”:/players/stefon-diggs-21625 Cash, both of these guys have been models of consistency week in and week out, and in the same game they should both be able to put up numbers and help create a high scoring game. The pOWN on the 2 is 15% for Diggs and 19% for Allen. Most of my early tinkering around has always came back to having one of the 2 in my cash lineup.

Michael Pittman Stash, I have liked what Pittman has been doing with his chances recently, and in this same matchup just 2 weeks ago he was able to turn 8 targets into 7/101 and 1 rushing attempt for 21yards for a 22.2 fantasy point day. He is getting more involved and Rivers seems to like him and developing a chemistry there. I think he can have a solid game in this matchup again, and he should be looked to for the passing game to help move the chains early and often. With 14% pOWN I think Pittman is a good price and one that has some upside for a big day.

Tyreek Hill Stash, As I mentioned earlier I love the KC stack this week for GPP. His pOWN is coming in around 6.5% and I will be over the field on this one. In the last 4 games he is averaging 27fpts per game and 12 targets per game. He has 6 TD’s in the last 4 and the connection with Mahomes has been red hot. We saw what Woods/Kupp was able to do to the Bucs last week, and there is no reason to think the same couldn’t happen for Hill. I will have a lot of Hill in GPP and hope to be on the right side of the game stacks and get it at what looks to be lower ownership.

DeAndre Hopkins Pass, I will likely have 0 of Hopkins and Murray this week. In 7 career games against BB and the Pats D, Nuk has averaged 12.2 fpts per game with 35/468/0 on 55 targets. I have to believe that BB will try and scheme Hopkins out of the game, whether it be with a combo of Gilmore and Jackson shadowing him or just one. There will be some plan to contain the explosive WR and you can bet on that one. If you take away the crazy 43 yard hail mary that Nuk caught against Buffalo he has averaged just 10fpts per game in the last 3, and even with that play he has averaged around 14.5 fpts per game. We know he is capable of big performances and that Kyler looks his way often, but I don’t see the need to pay the salary here. I do see a shot with Andy Isabella at 3k for a decent value punt though, because that’s where you want to attack NE.

AJ Brown Pass, In his 3 career games against Indy, Aj has never surpassed 50 yards against Indy and 2 weeks ago he was held to 1/21 on4 targets in this matchup. I don’t see him having a good enough game here to pay off his price tag. He is coming in at 12% pOWN and for me I will be way under on that as in all the way under. There isn’t anything I like about this play in this matchup and there is multiple better plays cheaper or a little more expensive then AJ in this spot. The Titans are going to need to win this game I think its becoming close to a must win for them, and they can do that by getting Henry rolling early and letting him eat as much as he can. The Colts are likely without Buckner this week too, and that is a big downgrade for their run D, and one that should favor Henry in being able to run well and control clock. So, I see no reason to go to AJ in this spot, and believe if you’re to play any WR from Tenn, it would be Corey Davis.

That was a breakdown of some guys I like and dislike, I tried to throw out some fades of higher owned guys, instead of just stating the obvious guys not to play. That just seems too easy, because I’m pretty sure most people reading this don’t need to know and read the same guys names over and over for guys that seem obvious. If anyone has any feed back or comments that would help make this article/blog better let me know. I’m trying to get a good grasp and concept of how to keep it going, and to be able to provide information without putting all the analytics and takes that we’ve all saw on numerous different articles.

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    Nice work man! Way to put in some bolded sentences already seeing improvement! Check out my article on NFL game stacks this week if you’re interested! Keep up the good work my friend

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    @FitFantasyGod said...

    Nice work man! Way to put in some bolded sentences already seeing improvement! Check out my article on NFL game stacks this week if you’re interested! Keep up the good work my friend

    Thanks, I appreciate the info. I’ve had trouble with adding the pictures in the article though, guess wasn’t doing something right. I will check it out forsure though!!

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