Daily Fantasy: Daily Mistakes (NBA EDITION)

Depending on bench players too much

This is something we all find ourselves doing. We see some insane numbers produced by some player in limited minutes and splice him into our lineups. A good example of this is someone like Dejuan blair. He has great hands and is definitely capable of putting up absurd numbers in 20ish minutes on the court. The problem is that if game flow or matchup problems arise his minutes and production will suffer. Do your best to avoid these plays in h2h situations and use sparingly in tournament lineups.


Playing big time players with extremely high salaries

This year FanDuel has uncapped salaries and some of the biggest names in basketball now have salaries way over 10k. Lets use King James as an example. He is 11,100 tomorrow and lets just assume you are playing h2h tournaments. 290 this year is an acceptable score and pretty much should get you in to the money. With that goal, James needs to get you 53 fantasy points to produce a score that keeps your lineup in pace for 290 fantasy points. Lebron over his last 10 games has only averaged around 42ish points. Obviously when value plays come up throughout the season you can easily work him in but if he has mediocre night he basically ruins your night due to your lineups high dependence on him. Kevin Durant at 12k basically has to have a career game to hit value. (Which he did the other night interestingly). These plays are a great source of guaranteed points, and if you can work them in without taking huge risks elsewhere then they may be worth it in h2hs. Their limited upside and price makes them mediocre plays in GPPs.

Taking players from bad teams with indecisive coaches (Bucks,Kings,Jazz)

This year has been very frustrating due to the fact lots of value plays are on teams who are just plain bad. Every time I take a player from the Bucks their minutes are different and their role completely changes. Just because your guy is starting does not mean an increase in minutes when using players from these teams. As the year goes on, we can only hope that these teams find some chemistry and let us start players from them with confidence.

Taking 3 point specialists and single catagory guards

We see big fantasy productions with huge actual point scored and jump on board only to be destroyed in games following. A good example of a 3 point specialist would be Trevor Ariza. When he is on he will devastate your opponents do to an explosion of scoring but when he is off…. Basically he hangs around the perimeter and when his shot is not falling his production in other categories is nil. Lets just call him a risk/reward guy and you should use him sparingly. Good Examples of single catagory guards would be: Demar Derozan, OJ Mayo, and Eric Gordon. Use these guys when they are hot but beware of their ability to completely vanish from the fantasy scoreboard when their shot is not falling.

Looking at FanDuel Chat

When it is down to crunch time and game lock is only minutes away make sure chat is closed. Even though there are rules in place to prevent false information from being spread, the chat is littered with crapola information. Don’t even look at it, it will likely send your scrambling looking for late scratches that don’t exist instead of doing useful research when time is money. Keep an eye on RotoGrinders chat and look for reliable sources of info on there(GrindersHosts).

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  • Neal Nakandakare (neogamer)

  • neogamer has already seen his fair share of live finals, having qualified for the 2015 WFBBC, 2014 PBC and 2012 DFBBC. He primarily focuses on the NBA and MLB when it comes to DFS and has been a regular contributor to RotoGrinders since February of 2015.


  • jonathan627

    Man, I agree 110%. Every single point is right on, and I relate especially to the first one. I don’t even want to think about how many lineups I’ve screwed up just this year by inserting a Blair, or Alan Anderson, or Jamaal Crawford…the list goes on. Very sound advice that I will be heeding soon. Thanks!!

  • badtouch

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      RG Overall Ranking

    This is spot on, great timely stuff. I was noodling starting a blog and this was just the thing I was thinking of. Now back to the drawing board. I still believe that the best thing I have done to improve my DFS quality and enjoyment of life is to keep FD chat closed at all times.

  • neogamer

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      2013 FanDuel WFBBC Finalist

    • 2015 FanDuel NBA Playboy Mansion Finalist

    Thanks for the feedback guys I appreciate it very much. Don’t let me hold you back badtouch, this is a great way to express your opinions and even have fun with it.

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