DraftDay NFL Bracket Challenge Breakdown

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The DraftDay NFL Bracket Challenge is about to begin and that means it’s time for another full breakdown of the brackets. In this edition, I divided each bracket up into four separate regions of 32 teams each. I also seeded each team based on where they are in the bracket(not related at all to skill level or winnings). Below you can see the regions for both the $5 bracket and the $50 bracket along with first round match-ups and seedings.

Click HERE for the DraftDay Blog about their bracket challenge

Later in the event I will update this in more of a “bracket” format, but as you can imagine it’s a little bit of a challenge to fit 128 team brackets int one screen so I figured this would be best. Beneath each region is a quick breakdown of some of the exciting Round 1 match-ups based on RG rankings or other various criteria. Enjoy.

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AGAIN, seeding is just based on where the players are shown in the DraftDay brackets and NOT related to skill or winnings. They mean virtually nothing

$5 Bracket Challenge

We have four regions for the $5 Bracket Challenge, each representing an NFL player who has under-performed this season and frustrated many a daily fantasy player. That’s our theme for this bracket, and the four regions are:

1) The “Walk-DMC” Region
2) The “CJ0K” Region
3) The “Vick’s Dog House” Region
4) The “Da-Wayne Bowe” Region

Click here for DraftDay’s Full $5 Bracket

The “Walk-DMC” Region

SEED Walk DMC Region
1 juboyer40
32 dp47
16 dhullinger
17 rodonnell539
9 Varncass
24 Homerikhan
8 Mugatu
25 2Ezzz
5 bripc23
28 smdbishes
12 honeybadger
21 barryfreed
13 Mtro86
20 workdnk12
4 olszewski66
29 BuckNastyJr
3 Jcudds
30 Pdoobs
14 elfuego
19 jkopp984
11 jmead81
22 latestlines2
6 jray511
27 thetakeover
7 bigMC750
26 burghfann
10 Bowens1984
23 fantasme
15 hotrhymez
18 wazzu24
2 faucher
31 frogman

Notable Match Ups

  • #1 Juboyer40 vs. #32 DP47
    -Coming off a tough loss in the FFFC, 27th ranked Grinder DP47 looks to bounce back and knock off a red-hot DFS player this NFL season in Juboyer40. No easy match up in round 1 for the #1 overall seed in the Walk DMC region.
  • #8 Mugatu vs. #25 2Ezzz
    -131st ranked Grinder 2ezzz has been immensely successful on DD and looks to advance versus the fashion world’s most powerful dictator, Mugatu.
  • #6 JayRay511 vs. #27 TheTakeOver
    -Daily fantasy baseball bracket winner TheTakeOver gets challenged by JayRay in the opening round on his journey to reclaim his crown as bracket beast.
  • #10 Bowens1984 vs. #23 Fantasme
    -The man with the golden Twitter hand for RotoGrinders, and 125th ranked Grinder, enters a battle with Fantasme. Hate to be that guy who roots for someone, but good luck Brad!
  • #2 Faucher vs. #31 Frogman
    -28th ranked Grinder Frogman battles it out as the 31st seed in the Walk DMC region with #2 seed Faucher.

The “CJ0K” Region

SEED CJ0K Region
1 scremf
32 BigTimeTimmyJim
16 mtneer1212
17 SuitupShutup
9 highridgehoosiers
24 csabes
8 sntw
25 grahampoteet
5 pasterbater
28 sprizouse
12 slareua7
21 notnowchief
13 renfurd
20 freakzilla77
4 dkboil14
29 snappy628
3 jugadormejor
30 madnkrazy
14 jughead55
19 wavegoodbye
11 lbb9
22 treebark84
6 natdogg40
27 joeydefiant
7 cougars444
26 johnnyp
10 peasantpower
23 fbjeze
15 deli1174
18 JVW2406
2 Anthony
31 lilbits

Notable Match Ups

  • #5 Pasterbater vs. #28 Sprizouse
    -30th ranked Grinder Sprizouse heads into battle against the 5 seed in the CJ0K region, Pasterbater. Kind of a creepy name, so if I were Spriz, I’d be a touch nervous playing this guy so close to Halloween.

The “Vick’s Dog House” Region

SEED Vick’s Dog House Region
1 kballer7
32 britdevine
16 gregg323
17 MD0530
9 mikeymcdx
24 Toonster
8 stoyven
25 LonMan
5 lakewoods
28 jeff218
12 nyggal4
21 jardine91
13 yeahbuddy
20 kingcod
4 kramliker
29 jroll7636
3 small1dawg
30 kcearnal
14 fooge
19 baseballs
11 backslider
22 txnoah
6 mikeee
27 daddybigs
7 bes121
26 castorruss
10 port27
23 a25smith
15 birdwings
18 murdahc
2 smyers5813
31 Maxthestar21

Notable Match Ups

  • #3 Small1dawg vs. #30 KCEarnal
    -Two Grinders face off between Small1Dawg and KCEarnal. Can anyone say SIDE-BET?
  • #10 Port27 vs. #23 A25Smith
    -128th ranked Grinder A25Smith takes on Port27 in Round 1 in the Vick’s Dog House region.
  • #6 Mikeee vs. #27 DaddyBigs
    -Another former DD Bracket Challenge champion from MLB Action in DaddyBigs starts off his NFL Bracket with Mikeee
  • #15 BirdWings vs. #18 MurdahC
    -31st ranked Grinder hopes to avoid slaughter in the first round at the hands of MurdahC.

The “Da-Wayne Bowe” Division

SEED Da-Wayne Bowe Region
1 osubase34
32 naapstermaan
16 afidust
17 leftoverpizza
9 damnringer
24 finnfan13
8 hawksfan2012
25 rotokevin
5 natersalad63
28 haskele
12 agiantwinna
21 betzPH
13 rockett26
20 anonymoose
4 russarmny
29 thecanoe
3 keith3101
30 tyslice
14 denots
19 db730
11 superpix
22 rpd1621
6 uppie_
27 sportsfan147
7 RJ_Rob
26 bigdt58
10 efevens
23 errooorr
15 hornsfan1024
18 jasoncnz
2 thebeesknees
31 baarrn

Notable Match Ups

  • #1 OSUBase34 vs. #32 Naapstermaan
    -Naap, the 54th ranked Grinder and GPP monster, goes into the bracket challenge with a potentially different mindset for head to head games. Can he pull of the big upset(kind of but not really an upset)?
  • #8 HawksFan2012 vs. #25 RotoKevin
    -84th ranked Grinder RotoKevin, and QB Daily Plays Author, goes on the road to face Hawksfan2012. Gotta think Hawksfan has a better shot to win than the Hawks do anytime soon(sorry Atlanta).
  • #14 Denots vs. #19 DB730
    -Host of the Podcast, ranked 45th overall and generally accepted as gorgeous won’t help DB730 in this war with Denots. It’s mano-a-mano, good luck Dan!
  • #5 Natersalad63 vs. #28 Haskele

$50 Bracket Challenge

The $50 Bracket is for the big boys. And if there is one thing big boys love it’s pop music right? Well regardless that’s the theme for the $50 challenge, various fantastic pop musicians. The four regions for the $50 bracket are:

1) “Bieber Fever” Region
2) “Shakira, Shakira” Region
3) “Enrique Is My Hero” Region
4) “Carly Rae Call Me Maybe” Region

Click Here for the Full DraftDay $50 Bracket

“Bieber Fever” Region

SEED Bieber Fever Region
1 Gmoney73
32 mlbsyndicate
16 toolsy
17 jugadormejor
9 brianH
24 dp47
8 jrovelli
25 4for4_josh
5 thetakeover
28 BigOG
12 TheFranchise
21 LgndNMyMind
13 afidust
20 loserville
4 jeff218
29 sportsfan147
3 JL003
30 kballer7
14 BirdWings
19 CrystalBalla
11 Sprizouse
22 Hawksfan2012
6 superpix
27 mengo3
7 HoneyBadger
26 Madnkrazy
10 JohnnyP
23 Cb35
15 csuram88
18 RussArmNY
2 yanks28
31 yeahbuddy

Notable Match Ups

  • #1 GMoney73 vs. #32 MLBSyndicate
    -33rd ranked Grinder MLBSyndicate takes on the 1 seed in the Bieber Fever region, Gmoney73. If the poker legend (MLBSyndicate) can put the unclean t-shirt incident from Vegas behind him and focus, he can pull of the upset.
  • #9 BrianH vs. #24 DP47
    -27th ranked Grinder DP47 draws BrianH in the $50 bracket Round 1.
  • #14 BirdWings vs. #19 CrystalBalla
    -31st ranked Grinder BirdWings comes in as the 14 seed in the Bieber Fever region with his mind set on taking down The Who’s Crystal Balla
  • #11 Sprizouse vs. #22 Hawksfan2012
    -30th ranked Grinder Sprizouse draws the afore mentioned Hawksfan2012 who seemed to get screwed a bit in the seeding for both brackets.
  • #15 Csuram88 vs. #18 RussARMNY
    -10th ranked Grinder and FFFC Finalist for 2012 Csuram88 battles it out with RussARMNY to advance past the first round in the Bieber Fever region.

“Shakira, Shakira” Region

SEED Shakira, Shakira, Region
1 toonster
32 sjs1890
16 2ezzz
17 Hatorade
9 jgleas2
24 db730
8 shadydoz
25 er0si0n
5 mplsace
28 bes121
12 keith3101
21 stewburtx8
13 driverseati
20 thebeesknees
4 slick09067
29 naapstermaan
3 fatalerror
30 sweetwaterx2
14 krisbanx
19 castorrus
11 pdoobs
22 metsfan28
6 barryfreed
27 Emac
7 RotoGrindersCal
26 snappy628
10 jl9000
23 latestlines2
15 a25smith
18 stonedwashedjackson
2 frogman
31 thticket

Notable Match Ups

  • #16 2EZzz vs. #17 Hatorade
    -Two Top-200 Grinders duke it out in one of the few match ups between ranked RG members. Gonna be a real thriller for SHORE.
  • #9 Jgleas2 vs. #24 DB730
    -That good looking guy I talked about above draws a tough opponent in fellow Grinder Jgleas2. Barn burner city. Nothing more beautiful than Grinder on Grinder crime.
  • #12 Keith101 vs. #21 Stewburtx8
    -60th ranked Grinder and DFBC finalist Stewburtx8 enters the Shakira, Shakira Region as one of the favorites to take it down. The journey begins against Keith101.
  • #4 Slick09067 vs. #29 Naapstermaan
    -*Naap* somehow drew a 32 seed and 29 seed in the 2 brackets. Luckily that means nothing.
  • #2 Frogman vs. #31 ThTicket
    -Grinder on Grinder crime again. Frogman vs. ThTicket. Ali vs. Fraser.
  • #10 JL9000 vs. #23 LatestLines2
    -56th ranked Grinder JL9000 opens up as the 10 seed in the Shakira Region against LatestLines2
  • #6 BarryFreed vs. #27 Emac
    -135th ranked Grinder and overall nice guy from meeting him at the Vegas Party, Emac starts out with BarryFreed who sounds like he could be a medical malpractice lawyer.
  • #7 RotoGrindersCal vs. #26 Snappy628
    -Our own Cal Spears starts his journey to the finals against a snappy opponent, literally, Snappy628. That joke was BAD.

“Enrique Is My Hero” Region

SEED Enrique My Hero Region
1 mikeymcdx
32 curlbj
16 anonymoose
17 highridgehoosiers
9 wavegoodbye
24 notnowchief
8 stevieptfl
25 pdx3414
5 beals0721
28 varncass
12 suitupshutup
21 rivermen123
13 shameless36
20 tigmus
4 oakzoo
29 thetwothree
3 mtro86
30 headchopper
14 kingcod
19 IKeelU
11 socrdave
22 lordsepic
6 rockett26
27 lakewoods
7 turtlepower
26 smyers5813
10 runitup
23 kapitaaal
15 thetidball
18 daddybigs
2 wazzu24
31 gimmegimme1

Notable Match Ups

  • #3 Mtro86 vs. #30 HeadChopper
    -So much Grinder on Grinder crime in these brackets. 12th GLB ranked Headchopper battles a monster in MTro86. This might be my favorite match-up to watch in the opening round. I’ll get back to you on that(or will forget).
  • #11 Socrdave vs. #19 Lordsepic
    -Big time DD player Lordsepic draws 34th ranked Grinder SocrDave who seems to make the rankings article every week by moving up 10 more spots.

“Carly Rae Call Me Maybe” Region

SEED Carly Rae Call Me Maybe Region
1 lukasta
32 therayray
16 theClinic
17 djens
9 rotokevin
24 emsbro
8 jardine91
25 baseballs
5 waiverwire
28 Vchang926
12 primetime420
21 bripc23
13 msize4
20 RJ_Rob
4 zmightyquinn
29 beermakersfan
3 britdevine
30 jforce33
14 westy
19 maxthestar21
11 Anthony
22 deonoman
6 bowens1984
27 bigmc750
7 nicroc
26 kwob20
10 bulbus2
23 ThunderNuts
15 choco56
18 Errooorr
2 Kcearnal
31 dannylemieux

Notable Match Ups

  • #9 RotoKevin vs. #24 EMSBro
    -84th ranked Grinder and, again, QB Daily Plays Writer RotoKevin draws 24 seed EMSBro in the Carly Rae Call Me Maybe Region.
  • #5 WaiverWire vs. #28 VChang926
    -*WaiverWire*, ranked 41st on the Grinders Leaderboard, kicks off with Vchang926 in Round 1.
  • #12 PrimeTime420 vs. #21 BriPC23
    -*PrimeTime420* holds the 6th overall spot on the Grinders leaderboard and is certainly a big favorite to win the whole thing. The journey begins against BriPC23 who I imagine sitting in a basement somewhere, listening to Eminem, getting mentally pumped to try and pull an upset.
  • #4 Zmightyquinn vs. #29 Beermakersfan
    -How do you one-up a game with the 6th ranked Grinder in it? You talk about a game with the 5th ranked Grinder playing. That’s Beermakersfan who will duke it out with zmightyquinn. Get that Eminem playlist ready.
  • #14 Westy vs. #19 MaxtheStar21
    -49th ranked Grinder Westy opens up as the 14 seed in the Carly Rae Region with a home game against Maxthestar21.
  • #6 Bowens1984 vs. #27 BigMC750
    -Twitter be damned this weekend, Bowens is in both bracket tournaments and will be focusing on those. Oh wait, I run the weekend twitter. Well I’m gonna totally blame him for not updating.
  • #3 BritDevine vs. #30 Jforce33
    -*BritDevine* might have been the single most excited person for the bracket challenge. Now we will find out if BritDevine can advance past round one as the 3-seed. I can only imagine the heart break if a win is not had. Good luck!


Alright I’m gonna wrap this up real quick with my picks to win each region. Then my picks to play in the finals. And a champion for each bracket.


Winning team for each regional finals showed in bold

1) The “Walk-DMC” Region: DP47 vs. Frogman
2) The “CJ0K” Region: JVW2406 vs. Highrdghoosiers
3) The “Vick’s Dog House” Region: Jardine91 vs. Small1dawg
4) The “Da-Wayne Bowe” Region: HASKELE vs. DB730 (I lost on a bad call, it was bullsh**)

Semi-Finals 1: Walk DMC Champ vs. CJ0K Champ
DP47 vs. JVW2406 – WINNER: DP47

Semi-Finals 2: Vick’s Dog House Champ vs. Da-Wayne Bowe Champ
Jardine91 vs. DB730 – WINNER: DB730

Finals: DP47 vs. DB730

Champion: DP47


1) “Bieber Fever” Region: MLBSyndicate vs. CSURams88
2) “Shakira, Shakira” Region: RotoGrindersCal vs. Naapstermaan (don’t wanna get fired)
3) “Enrique Is My Hero” Region: HeadChopper vs. SteviePtfl
4) “Carly Rae Call Me Maybe” Region: Beermakersfan vs. Bowens1984 (sorry Brad, that’s a tough one)

Semi-Finals 1: Bieber Fever Champ vs. Shakira, Shakira Champ
MLBSyndicate vs. RotoGrindersCal – WINNER: MLBSyndicate

Semi-Finals 2: Enrique Champ vs. Carly Rae Champ
HeadChopper vs. Beermakersfan – WINNER: HeadBeerMakersChopperFan (can you imagine this game?!)
Serious Winner: HeadChopper?

Finals: MLBSyndicate vs. HeadChopper

CHAMP: MLBSyndicate

About the Author


  • headChopper

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    • 291

      RG Overall Ranking

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      RG Tiered Ranking

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    chalk it up.. 1st round elimination for me. The Jinx is in full effect

  • mlbsyndicate

    Ranked Top 25: Overall, 2012 DFBC Finalist, 11th in 2010 WSOP, 19th in 2012 WSOP

    • 2015 DraftKings FFWC Finalist

    • 2016 DraftKings FBBWC Finalist

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! GLGLGL

  • Ethan

    DraftKings Rep

    apparently jamie doesn’t understand how powerful my jinxes are…you’re essentially screwed

  • bowens1984

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    • RG Season Champion: NBA

    I’m happy to be no where near DP47 or Headchopper, they have been killers this season. Cal Spears also is a frightening NFL dominator.

  • db730

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    • 2016 DraftKings FBBWC Finalist

    “Generally accepted gorgeous”….WTF? Unless those words are coming from Mrs. Headchopper I’m not sure I’m excited about that designation.
  • Jackandsoda

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    • 2011 FanDuel WFFC Finalist

    • 2011 FanDuel WFBC Finalist

    damn started a new job. been MIA. missed out on a fun event……sigh

  • Gmoney73

    I am going to shock the world when an up and coming newcomer called GMONEY73 beats MLB Syndicate in Round 1 of the 50 dollar HU’s Bracket on DraftDay. I am going to live up to that #1 Seed!!! LOL.

  • Ethan

    DraftKings Rep

    i absolutely love it…its officially a heated battle! good luck gmoney! (hint: in the FFFC @MLBSyndicate took Erick Aybar and Chris Iannetta. You might be able to convince him to play those guys here

  • Gmoney73

    Thanks for the good luck… I love this site as I am new, and the fact that there was a cool blog about the Heads Up tourneys at Draft Day.

    Now, in Poker Terms, I’m gonna use my “One Time” in the 1st round against Goliath. Good luck to all and may the Fantasy Gods Be With You!!!

  • Ethan

    DraftKings Rep

    your opponent knows a thing or two about poker as well…two time WSOP main event top-20 finisher Jamie Robbins is @mlbsyndicate lol.

  • Cameron

    RG Co-Founder

    • 2014 FanDuel NFL Survivor Champion

    • 2016 RG Season Long Champion: NFL

    this was an awesome read, lol – Dan ‘generally accepted as gorgeous line’ and his response still has me rolling. Looking forward to more of these in the future.

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