Fading the Chalk: Hawks and Thunder Explosion

My name is Andy, and I am a freelance writer and restaurant manager that works crazy hours and uses DFS as a way to escape from the stress that comes with my jobs. I’m certainly not a pro, but I have been a profitable player over the past few years, and getting up early to blog about my process is one of the best ways that I have found to fight depression and anxiety. If you’d like to talk about writing, barbecue, sports, or life in general, hit me up on Twitter: @EasyMoneySelby.

I have been working extremely hard to get a new project up and running at work over the past week or so, and when you combine that with my Achilles rehab, I haven’t had my normal allotment of time to devote to DFS research and reviews.

Unfortunately, that lack of time is showing up in my results. But now that everything is moving in the right direction on both fronts, I should be able to get back to my winning ways here over the next few weeks.

Let’s start that return off on the right foot by reviewing all of the bonehead mistakes that I made last night.

My Lineup: The Lakers/Bulls All-Stars

Hindsight is 20/20, but what on earth was I thinking running those Bulls guards last night? Clearly, there is something wrong with my game that needs to be addressed.

I started out with a simple plan of pairing the value of Omari Spellman with Paul George as my stud. Then I definitely wanted to get Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma involved, and I was pretty open to other options from there.

Dennis Schroder and Lonzo Ball were my next guys in, and Zach LaVine seemed like the likely guy to do something if the Bulls were able to hang with the Lakers. Then if I went down to JaVale McGee at C I could take my pick of Kris Dunn or Trae Young. I figured that if I was going all in on Lakers and Bulls, then I might as well go all in.

The Expert Lineups

ChipotleAddict went all in on a Hawks stack. Then adding Wayne Seldon and Taj Gibson as cheap punts gave him enough salary to cram in Russell Westbrook along with Paul George and Dennis Schroder. Huge nights from all of the Hawks.

Booourns got the same big night from Alex Len, but he used Omari Spellman instead of John Collins, which saved him enough salary to work in guys like Jimmy Butler and Brandon Ingram.

CheddaBisque was one of the few people who skipped over Paul George. Instead, he locked up some serious points up top with Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry. Then he worked in the Hawks value with the two key Lakers plays.

CSURAM88 was one expert that didn’t go all the way down to Alex Len, and he was still able to make it up to Russell Westbrook by skipping out on paying for the Lakers guys. But it looks like anyone who stacked up that OKC/ATL game did well last night.

The AndyBowsers Slack Tournament

Steelbusnole was the top score in the AndyBowsers Tournament last night with this lineup that featured plenty of exposure to Thunder and Hawks players.

The Big Takeaway

I would love to use the fact that I didn’t have access to late news at work last night as an excuse, but as I look back at my notes from about 2 pm yesterday, all of the things that I needed to know were already there.

That’s why today’s big takeaway is to trust Vegas and focus in on the highest team totals. I didn’t do that yesterday, and I ended up with a horrible lineup of Lakers and Bulls with not nearly enough exposure to Thunder or Hawks players.

Fortunately, we have a brand new slate in front of us today, so I am going to dust off all of that negative energy and get back to work figuring out today’s puzzle. Let’s get to work on that research and I’ll see you back here tomorrow with another edition of Fading the Chalk.

Did you play the NBA slate last night? How did you do? Did you fall into the traps of playing guys who didn’t produce? Or did you crush and find yourself up at the top of your contests? Either way, leave a comment and let me know what went into your process!

About the Author

  • Andrew Selby (AndyBowsers)

  • Andy is a restaurant manager that fell head-over-heels in love with the DFS world from the minute he opened his FanDuel account back in early 2015. Since he is also an accomplished freelance writer, it was only a matter of time before those two worlds collided. He currently writes a daily blog called Fading the Chalk where he breaks down his own lineup decisions along with the lineups of some the best in the business.


  • Mr_tjRoto

    Seems as though when Bulls play a slow team ,the game total always suffers. Just check their Orlando box scores. Also I dont see a “funt” (Andy Means ®). Omar was going to get his 20. Who else was at 3.9 or less to try and insert. I missed on Len figuring he’d be in foul trouble.

    I went down to lakers beasley to help get Westbrook, i didnt like any other mid priced pg except Trae and Lonzo. Tonight should we use the reserves from Toronto or Lowry or lower priced cavs? Maybe

  • B_Heals152

    • 64

      RG Overall Ranking

    • Ranked #7

      RG Tiered Ranking

    I took down the Assist with a score of 350 with RWB, Young, Middleton, Schroeder, PG, Bembry, Grant, Spellman, Len! OKC/ATL stack was huge.

  • karonica

    i thought that the atl/okc was missed on the o/u in vegas so i kinda crammed in from that game but also thought the gs/den game was gonna be a grinder missed out on that one

    today is a tough one tho

  • NeilCO

    • 284

      RG Overall Ranking

    • Ranked #37

      RG Tiered Ranking

    @B_Heals152 said...

    I took down the Assist with a score of 350 with RWB, Young, Middleton, Schroeder, PG, Bembry, Grant, Spellman, Len! OKC/ATL stack was huge.

    Nice work! I had RWB-Ball-Butler-Schroeder-PG-Tyreke-Grant-Saric-Len and was looking on the verge of making a lot of money in the Shot, just needed Ball to score a few points in the fourth. Instead, he played 8 minutes and his only stat was a Turnover. Final score of 348.1. Was not fun watching my return of $250 for that lineup drop down to $100 after KCP came in rather than shooting up into the thousands as expected. On to the next one.

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