Fading the Chalk: What's Wrong With My Game Lately?

I’m a restaurant manager that works crazy hours and uses DFS as a way to escape from the stress that comes with my job. I’m certainly not a pro, but I have been a profitable player over the past few years, and getting up early to blog about my process is one of the best ways that I have found to fight depression and anxiety. If you’d like to talk about barbecue, sports, or life in general, hit me up on Twitter: @EasyMoneySelby.

Let’s start this off on with some good news today. I went to see the doctor yesterday, and it looks like everything is healing in the right places. Hopefully, by the end of this week or early into next week I am going to be able to walk in the boot without crutches. That puts me one step closer to getting my life back.

On the negative side, my DFS lineups have been absolute trash for like a week straight now. When that happens, it’s usually because I haven’t been doing my proper post-slate reviews. And since I haven’t been getting up to blog, that’s exactly what I think the problem is right now.

So let’s get that corrected right here, right now and talk about where I went wrong last night.

My Lineup: The Guy Who Faded LeBron

My original plan last night was to play LeBron James and fade John Wall. But after spending most of the afternoon debating it, I decided that the values on Jeff Green and Joe Harris were too good to pass up and that Wall had a great chance to outscore LeBron at a cheaper price.

Outside of those guys, the one play that I was locked onto was Bradley Beal, who I feel so bad for because it seems like he really hates playing in Washington but he can’t come out and say that.

From there, I locked in Tyson Chandler as my center, which freed up enough space to fit Spencer Dinwiddie and either D’Angelo Russell or Kent Bazemore as my second SG.

Then I had about a half dozen PFs on my list, but the value in Rodions Kurucs allowed me to fit in John Collins, so that seemed like the best option.

The Expert Lineups

Our buddy Booourns took down the $8,000 top prize in the $535 Rainmaker with this lineup that actually faded both LeBron James and John Wall. He stayed away from Bradley Beal, too!

He went the same cheap route that I did with Jeff Green and Joe Harris at SF, but then he used the extra salary he saved by fading John Wall to pay up for a trio of big men in John Collins, “(player-popup #larry-nance)Larry Nance Jr, and Nikola Jokic. Then he finished up top with Lonzo Ball, D’Angelo Russell, and two cheap Cavs guards.

Awesemo finished just outside the money, but he also faded LeBron and Wall in favor of spreading the salary around with guys like John Collins and Larry Nance, Jr. He also paid up for Victor Oladipo, which ended up being the decision that him.

MJClub took the opposite approach and paid up for both John Wall and LeBron James. He was able to do this by going super cheap at SG with guys like David Nwaba and John Hart. Add in some value like Rodney Hood and Rodions Kurucs and he was able to get up to Nikola Jokic too.

Then there was my man CSURAM88, who finished in last place in the Rainmaker with a lineup that was only a 2v2 swap away from the one I put together. I guess great minds think alike, but that didn’t really work out for either of us last night.

The AndyBowsers Slack Tournament

Nemo23 was the top score in the AndyBowsers Slack Tournament, and he also put up just enough points to edge out Booourns in the Rainmaker if he would have entered it.

His approach was to roll with LeBron and fade John Wall, and that worked out extremely well when he paired it the strategy of going cheaper at PG in order to fit D’Angelo Russell, Bradley Beal, Harrison Barnes, and Larry Nance, Jr.

The Big Takeaway

So I spent the first part of this article thinking that I was wrong to fade LeBron on a short slate. But after reviewing some of the expert lineups, it turns out that my real problem is that I didn’t fade John Wall as well. I also didn’t recognize the upside in D’Angelo Russell, Larry Nance, Jr., or Nikola Jokic.

This is a perfect case study as to why it is so important to do a proper lineup review following each and every slate. And it’s probably the best reason that I haven’t made any money all year long on those NFL slates.

Fortunately, we have a brand new slate to tackle today, and since I am feeling better, I am going to be working through my research WITH BOTH FEET ON THE FLOOR. Let’s get right to that research and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for another critical lineup review.

Did you play the NBA slate last night? How did you do? Did you fall into the traps of playing guys who didn’t produce? Or did you crush and find yourself up at the top of your contests? Either way, leave a comment and let me know what went into your process!

About the Author

  • Andrew Selby (AndyBowsers)

  • Andy is a restaurant manager that fell head-over-heels in love with the DFS world from the minute he opened his FanDuel account back in early 2015. Since he is also an accomplished freelance writer, it was only a matter of time before those two worlds collided. He currently writes a daily blog called Fading the Chalk where he breaks down his own lineup decisions along with the lineups of some the best in the business.


  • mjs2324

    Thanks for your reviews. I enjoy reading them to compare my lineups and thinking to.

  • rmkirksey

    Have you heard any rumblings about the reasons why some of the sharp players faded Wall? Ownership, not wanting to chase the ceiling game, etc?

  • noheartanthony

    I really wanted to fade Wall as he’s been pretty up and down this year, but in the end I couldn’t fade out all the noise to play him unfortunately. I thought he would wind up somewhere in the low 40s though, not 20s.

  • fightingjohn

    John Wall is now on my trash list!!!

  • CJtheGrump

    There are some players I almost never play. I have no good reason, I just never click their names. Might be I don’t like what the build looks like, might be I’m chasing upside from somewhere else.

    Beal is one of those players for me. Devin Booker is another. Might be my whole mindset – I’m always avoiding expensive SGs or I’m using dual-eligibility PGs there instead thinking that I don’t want to rely on scoring-dependence.

  • toonslinger

    My best guess, and the reason I had very little of Wall, is that he clearly doesn’t show up to play garbage teams, which is a big reason why HIS team is a garbage team. But with his paycheck soon approaching $47 million, why put in max effort? He only shows up when there’s a guy like LeBron or Harden or someone he doesn’t consider beneath him, which is weird. That’s just one man’s opinion. He’ll probably show up tonight, but there are a lot of better options to choose from.

  • Rossi1220

    I read this and found it funny that I had the exact same thinking for my lineup and have been bad the past week just like you..my dfs mirrors yours.smh…todays a new day though
    G John Wall
    WAS 110 ATL 118

    PG Spencer Dinwiddie
    LAL 110 BKN 115

    SG D’Angelo Russell
    LAL 110 BKN 115
    SG Bradley Beal
    WAS 110 ATL 118

    SF Rodney Hood
    CLE 92 IND 91
    SF Jeff Green
    WAS 110 ATL 118
    PF Kyle Kuzma
    LAL 110 BKN 115
    PF Markieff Morris
    WAS 110 ATL 118
    Low score dropped

    C Alex Len

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