Fading the Chalk: When 370 Isn't Enough

I’m a restaurant manager that works crazy hours and uses DFS as a way to escape from the stress that comes with my job. I’m certainly not a pro, but I have been a profitable player over the past few years, and getting up early to blog about my process is one of the best ways that I have found to fight depression and anxiety. If you’d like to talk about barbecue, sports, or life in general, hit me up on Twitter: @EasyMoneySelby.

I’m a little later than usual getting started on this one, and that means that it’s probably going to go up too late for anyone to actually read it. But I still need to write it because I need to get out of my head for a few minutes.

Let me explain.

Everything was going great with my Achilles recovery, and I even got the go-ahead from the doctor to gradually start putting pressure on it during my Tuesday afternoon checkup. Then I fell and messed up everything. This is not fun.

But at least I have DFS to help keep my mind off of the fact that I can barely move.

My Lineup: The Backup Wizards All-Stars

The first piece of news that we had to process yesterday was that the Wizards were going to be without John Wall, Jeff Green, and Dwight Howard. That made each of the remaining guys on the roster valuable plays, and I was pretty set on Thomas Satoransky, Bradley Beal, and Austin Rivers. From there, it was either going to be Kelly Oubre, Jr., Markieff Morris, or Thomas Bryant depending on how the rest of my lineup looked.

We also had news that Nikola Mirotic was going to be out. After learning that, I loaded up on Julius Randle, which removed Thomas Bryant from consideration.

The other thing that I noted during my research was that Paul George was really cheap…and I always love playing Russell Westbrook and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

If I went with Giannis and PG at SF, I didn’t have enough to get any of the guys on my shortlist at PF while also fitting Jamal Murray at PG. However, if I paired Russ with PG and went down to Kelly Oubre, Jr., I could afford to finish out my lineup with both of the Toronto PFs. I liked that.

The Expert Lineups

MJClub was able to get up to Anthony Davis and still fit Jamal Murray and Paul George by skipping over Bradley Beal and only focusing on three of the cheapest Wizards. He also ran two Atlanta Hawks back against those Wizards and was able to finish out with the big game from Julius Randle at the bottom of his lineup.

CheddaBisque took down the Rainmaker with this lineup that was similar to MJClub’s except for the fact that CB skipped Anthony Davis in order to pay up for Stephen Curry and LeBron James.

CSURAM88 also had a pretty great night with this lineup that was basically the Giannis lineup that I tried to put together with Anthony Davis instead so that he could fit Paul George and Kelly Oubre, Jr.

The Big Takeaway

From a DFS standpoint, today’s big takeaway should probably be to embrace that chalk value as it presents itself, but for me personally, it’s all about using DFS as a way to escape the frustrations of the fact that this recover is not going the way I want it to.

I want my life back. Right now. But that isn’t possible. But in between the rough bouts of sitting here feeling sorry for myself, I get windows like I had last night where I can drink a few beers and watch some hoops.

I have another appointment bright and early tomorrow morning, so I won’t have time to get an article out, but I will definitely be playing tonight and watching the games on TNT.

Did you play the NBA slate last night? How did you do? Did you fall into the traps of playing guys who didn’t produce? Or did you crush and find yourself up at the top of your contests? Either way, leave a comment and let me know what went into your process!

About the Author

  • Andrew Selby (AndyBowsers)

  • Andy is a restaurant manager that fell head-over-heels in love with the DFS world from the minute he opened his FanDuel account back in early 2015. Since he is also an accomplished freelance writer, it was only a matter of time before those two worlds collided. He currently writes a daily blog called Fading the Chalk where he breaks down his own lineup decisions along with the lineups of some the best in the business.


  • wvc5012

    CSUram88 lineup was used in my 50/50 100 man by the top 28 finishers.. exact lineup

  • SportsLover37

    Goodness, so sorry you had a setback in your recovery! Get well soon

  • maaron83

    Screenshot says you came in 1st, but won $0. How did that happen? Or am I misreading the screenshot?

  • alarmrobb

    Thinking about you brother, Take Care and kill it!!

  • fightingjohn

    @maaron83 said...

    Screenshot says you came in 1st, but won $0. How did that happen? Or am I misreading the screenshot?

    It is a no money league. Just a group that plays for fun

  • precool

    Speedy recovery my man. Thanks again for the insight. I broke a bone in my elbow and roughed up my meniscus in a cycling accident three years ago. 100% now but man the aches, pains and misc. soreness, plus showering, flossing one handed etc. Lucky to have it in the rear view. Keep working, or resting and get some tumeric in your body. Great for all that stuff.

  • B_Heals152

    • 254

      RG Overall Ranking

    • Ranked #11

      RG Tiered Ranking


    Best wishes on the road to recovery from your injury, and always enjoy reading your articles. Keep grinding brother!

  • jdd2020

    Keep up a positive attitude. Recovery just takes some time. Good luck.

  • CJtheGrump

    I struggle with value plays and knowing when to pounce on them and when to let them be. There are times they don’t work out AND the pieces I pay up for also don’t work out. Last night, So many big numbers from so many players meant you could probably have built a really good lineup either way.

    I preferred Satoransky over Rivers but ended up stuffing them both in once I decided I wanted to be prepared to swap in Randle if Mirotic news came soon enough.

    Upshot – I entered 5.25 and came away with 10.75. My lineup did not have Westbrook or George. I was on Porter and RoCo and a RoCo near-dud almost ruined the whole slate for me. He was in foul trouble and only played 12 minutes in the 1st half, but he salvaged things down the stretch as Minnesota put the game away.

    Fading the last game made me nervous, but the ownership was very low so it didn’t matter.

    I also entered 0.25 in the DK Tiers. First time I tried it. Cashed 2.25 on me .25 entry. That went as well as a first attempt could be expected to go.

  • Sticks101

    Love your articles, keep your head up, get well soon!

  • ridgerunner

    Sorry to hear about your setback. Keep grinding medically/physically & of course hoopswise

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