Finding the Balance: Week 16

Wondering why this year’s challenge looks so different from the past? Read here for the full explanation!

Monday, January 28th, 2019

Today was a banner day from the start: Brakes sounded horrible as I took my kids to daycare, so I called and got my car in… $514 later, I was good as new! Got to school, played phone tag about insurance with my wife switching jobs for a while, got a letter of recommendation written for a student, and then barfed half a dozen times, all before 10 am! After that, it was smooth sailing through, with me focusing mainly on the Clippers guards in PBev, Shai and Sweet Lou, along with Tobias, and coming back with Collins. I was trying to stay away from the other game as much as possible, but I ended up with Barton, who was underpriced on Yahoo and overpriced on DK. On Yahoo, I overspent a bit on Jokic (knowingly) and ended up falling a little short but, lo and behold, look what happened on DK:

So yeah, a minimum cash, and a crappy 1.5x cash to boot. But, when you’ve gone 12 days without cashing? You’ll take it!

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

Actually went home sick today from school (made it about 90% of the way) and, after resting in a quiet home for a few hours, felt a little bit better, but am having trouble booting this random sickness. Anyway, we had another split-lock time tonight between DK and Yahoo, with Yahoo including the Rockets/Pels game which, a few weeks ago, would have been a bit more palatable but with the Pels pulling every single player they possibly can, it just feels like it’s Jrue versus the world, so I’m going to fade it minus Faried. That means I’ve got LA and Gay, Butler and Simmons, and LA value of KCP and Cool Man Beas … and then Rondo on Yahoo and Ingram on DK.

Well, somehow the B-Team Pels not only played well but beat the Rockets, which meant I was behind the 8-ball and, even though I put up about a 290 on Yahoo, I again fell short (mainly thanks to Beasley’s 10 mins)… but, even with that, I actually cashed again on DK with some late magic from Butler and KCP:

Yet another gross minimum cash, but it’s all about progress, so let’s get a bigger one tomorrow… and maybe get a Yahoo cash, too!

Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

Well, Wednesday was either going to be great or terrible, with six guys the same and mainly focusing on the Hawks/Kings game, so Fox, Trae, WCS, John Collins, Bagley and gulp Shumpert all being in there, with Hield and Lillard on DK and, with less value on DK, Bogdan and Ruibio on DK. As fate would have it, that Lillard play was enough to double up on Yahoo despite mediocrity across the board, but I do feel like these were good lineups despite the results (I mean, Fox, WCS and Collins all flop?) and am looking forward to tomorrow’s slate, where I have a gut feeling I’m going to actually move the needle a bit.

Thursday, January 31st, 2019

Finally, a late slate! Like last night, things are going to go either really well or really poorly, with a relatively large core of Clips guards (PBev, Lou, and Bradley) along with Tobias, Butler and Zubac. I’m even going to toss in a buck on FD with a very different lineup that, with McKinney getting in there and Looney at C, I’m allowed to stack pretty much everywhere else. Ultimately, I fell 1.25 points short of a cash on DK, but had a solid night on FD:

…and a great night on Yahoo:

The last night I had a big haul like tonight? December 31st, 2018. What a long January that was…!

Friday, February 1st, 2019

When a “full” slate is a small slate and you’re a small slate player, you really want to make it count, and so my goal for the Yahoo tourney was to bounce back after a month of subpar Fridays and hopefully get back up around 300 (or higher). Sadly, when I first looked at the slate, I had absolutely no feel for it. The Knicks value all seems kind of trap, and the last time Mack started, he put up a whopping 17 fantasy points. I knew Monte Morris was going in there at his (somehow) still minimu salary, but thenn, when J. Green was listed as a starter, he made the cut in a position I didn’t really like (although I was honestly surprised he wasn’t minimum priced as well given Yahoo’s pricing). Then, it was spending up on PG13 and Jokic, the only Knicks PG listed as a SG, a little on Rubio, and then Faried and Barton. It was going to be weird since I was going to be sitting pretty behind with half my lineup in the last game, and I’m sure you can imagine how it felt not having Mack and thinking there was no way Morris would meet (or exceed) that (along with Rubio) but, despite Green’s massive turd and Allen/Barton not being too great, those other two PG’s actually played well, Faried was solid, and PG13 and Jokic combining for about 125 made it overall pretty decent.

I also trusted my gut and went with Beasley, thinking he would play heavy minutes on both DK and Yahoo… and then felt great when he was being listed as a starter so him, Morris and Jokic assured that a solid night ended on an even higher note:

Pretty solid start to February after what was an awful January!

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019

Same starting time, but, with Yahoo including the late game (Sixers/Kings), this slate was a bit more tricky than I wanted, and things were a bit chaotic around the house trying to find my youngest son’s “puppy” (basically, a light blue rag with something that sort of resembles a dog head) so he could go to sleep and, when I finally got to my computer, I had 14 minutes to get my lineups in. Luckily, I had given the slate some thought, but it still wasn’t quite enough time for me to feel truly comfortable, so I really just ended up with the value guards from Denver, Ingles, and Trae Young as my core. Weirdly, with those two cheap guards, Mikal and Crowder, I was able to not really punt anywhere and still afford Jokic and Embiid, which doesn’t feel right… but on Yahoo, it wasn’t exactly the lineup I was looking for, because Collins can’t seem to ever give me a game above 30 and Ayton is coming off a lengthy injury so who knows what his minutes will be. Oh yeah, and I faded Harden, too. Ultimately, though, despite Jingles’ subpar performance, Collins was really the reason I ended up cashing on DK with his monster game, and Embiid was solid as well, leading to another profitable night and a decent ending to what was finally a pretty good week.

Finding the Balance:

Sometimes, it’s more about keeping a cool head and not panicking, and I’m proud of the fact that I was able to do that. I had some pretty rough runs during January; in fact, this last week was the first time since Week 13 that I was actually profitable on DK! To put things in perspective, my four cashes this week were as many as I had combined since January 3rd! However, keeping a cool head is easier when you play on multiple sites, because Yahoo has kept the bankroll intact. Going back to single-entry when I’ve done multi the last few years has taken a bit of getting used to, but, ultimately, it’s still proving profitable thanks to that. Like all of you, I’m looking to finish strong here before the All-Star break hits so I can rest up a bit and then kick but the last few months of the season, but I’m going to have to start that off next week, which could be a bit of a challenge with two nights of Old Man League basketball, as well as Parent Teacher Conferences in between. Just getting to play could be a bit of an obstacle, honestly… but I’ll do my best, and, until then, try to do your best balancing your personal life and DFS!

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