Finding the Balance: Week 21

Wondering why this year’s challenge looks so different from the past? Read here for the full explanation!

Sunday, March 3rd, 2019

So many lineup decisions with this one. I wasn’t even going to play as we were going to head to the museum today, but my youngest decided to opt for a four hour nap (for the second day in a row) meaning I had some time to play, and then it was just a lot of “hmmm.” I knew I liked the cheap guard trio of Wright, Lin and Schroder (due to make some shots), and obviously, with all the value, I was going to spend somewhere, so I ended up with a massive lineup that somehow included Love, BG and KAT, and I’m just hoping BG doesn’t hose me for the umpteenth time this year. Then, the only differences between the lineups were Fournier and Ariza on Yahoo, and Gasol and Danny Green (yuck) on DK. Unfortunately, Blake did hose me yet again… but I could have survived that had Linsanity been a complete no-show, as the Wright and Schroder combo actually made it interesting late. But, regardless, I’m starting the week with an L.

Monday, March 4th, 2019

Monday started off calmly enough, with a nice family dinner at a nearby restaurant and starting the bedtime war a bit earlier than usual. However, since I already had lineups I felt pretty good about in place, coming downstairs with 15 minutes to spare with Brandon Ingram across the board meant things were going to get a bit tricky. Therefore, I ended up with Kuzma across the board… and I’m sure you can imagine how that went. I had some nice spots, like Rondo… but so did everybody else. I did manage to not cash on Yahoo by .8 points, which was fun, but either way you look at it, I’m not having the greatest start to this week… so let’s change that up for tomorrow, shall we?

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

I gave the full slate a shot tonight since I knew I’d be busier later and, to save you all some time, it was just one of those nights where very little went right; my stud for the night was Vucevic, if that helps put things into perspective, so…


Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

Late slate, and karma should be on my side since I donated my 70th unit of blood today… but let’s be honest, I just do it for the free cookies. Anyway, the Rozier news was obviously impactful, and I knew I wanted Rondo and LeBron (especially after Ingram was listed as out, and with him chasing MJ’s record). Lineup construction was pretty different on Yahoo versus DK, but ultimately, Yahoo was okay despite a little bit of subpar action…

…and DK was great thanks to Horford’s second half heroics (he was 4-6-1 at half, btw):

And just like that, despite the slow start, I’m already back up on DK this week! Who said Karma isn’t real… :)

Thursday, March 7th, 2019

The day started off interestingly enough with a random snow-day, which meant I was home with the kids… but it’s just a two-gamer, so it wasn’t a big deal. As I’ve said many times before, this is my wheelhouse so I should be successful but I’ve flopped here times this year, so let’s buck that trend and make this work! Normally, I’d take a stab at FD too, but, man, that pricing is gross, so I’m avoiding that tonight and focusing just on DK and Yahoo like most nights (which is kind of a bummer, honestly…. but I’m not paying a premium for every single starter in the league!). Anyway, I felt like I needed to play PG13 on both sites, which was much easier on DK…. but ultimately, I ended up with 7/8 of the same guys, with an underpriced Lillard, and then Brogdon, Harkless, Aminu, Collison, PG13 and Adams, with the only differences being Nurk on DK and Matthews on Yahoo. Fortunately, I was right on Lillard and PG13… but unfortunately, Harkless and Brogdon crashed through their basements, which was pretty frustrating (and Harkless has made a career of doing this to me the last few years, too). I had just enough to squeak in a cash at the last second on Yahoo, though, so I’ll take it and, despite it being a frustrating night, winning some money makes it feel a bit less awful:

Friday, March 8th, 2019

A full day of grading all of my finals thanks to the snow day had me a bit fried, but, unlike the last two weeks, I resisted to the urge to not destroy my lineup, focusing on the value of Royce, Frank and Sato, and Payton, and then spending up on a relatively underpriced Capela, Mitchell, Love and Vucevic and, despite not having anybody in the late two games, I managed to do okay:

On the later slate, I actually felt a little bit better and, despite total flops from my Nuggets, huge games from Gallo and Sweet Lou (who was also my lowest owned players) capped the night on Yahoo quite nicely:

Now on to DK, where my team was pretty similar, but included Boogie. Thanks to the Murray and Harris flops, I fell a few points short of a cash… but then, when I woke up today, I saw my email saying that DK had put the winnings in my account and was clearly confused. Somehow between the time the games ended and lineups finalized, I got 12 more points, leading to a Friday sweep!

I’ve seen a lot of stat adjustments in my time, but never that big of a swing. Perhaps my internet connection was behind or something…? Either way, I’ll take the W and try to finish the week off strong tomorrow!

Saturday, March 9th, 2019

Today was a fun day of some museum time followed by some Runza (and of course, the play place for the boys), but then when I started my lineups, it didn’t seem to matter what I did on DK… I was going to have all five Blazers starters, which of course caps your upside. But, I decided to just leave it since Harkless and Aminu were just too cheap (and really, everybody except Lillard was), and then on Yahoo, I decided to take a stab that Enes will actually do something worthwhile in a great matchup, while having all the Blazers starters minus McCollum and Harkless (don’t hose me again, bro!), with instead having Oubre, Middleton and Marvin. I’m guessing both of these games will be blowouts so scores will be low, but hopefully I an maximize the minutes when my guys are out there and it will be enough!

…it wasn’t. :(

Finding the Balance

This was a rather disjointed week of DFS, with pretty high highs and really low lows. Ultimately, I ended up breaking even, but to say that I played well would be an understatement. In fact, I only cashed twice on DK and Yahoo was just a lot of small cashes. One silver lining, however, is that I am managing to get those big performances from guys… now if I could just string a few of those together with the rest of my lineup actually playing well, we could really boost this bankroll heading into the final month. With next week being Spring Break, I plan on spending most of my days resting, reconnecting with some buddies, and getting some solid DFS research in, and the nights playing the RE2 remake (so far so good!) and, hopefully, watching my DFS lineups dominate. Until then, do your best to balance your life and DFS!

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