Finding the Balance: Week 3

Wondering why this year’s challenge looks so different from the past? Read here for the full explanation!

Sunday, October 28th, 2018

Sunday morning was pretty fun, as the boys and I allowed mom to sleep in and then went and picked up some (incredibly overpriced but still very good) breakfast burritos and watched “Hercules” for the 748th time. Then, I played Jameis Winston in my season-long league, so that was a pretty good move. I was able to get the lawn taken care of for (hopefully) the last time as well as getting a few odds and ends done, so I was actually able to get in some action in due to the fluidity of the day and, thanks to outstanding games from Gobert (and avoiding the Steven Adams mystery DNP), I was able to squeak in a minimum cash on DK but did much better on Yahoo, turning my $3 into $16. Increasing the bankroll has already paid dividends… thanks for pushing me away so I could be profitable, FD!

Monday, October 29th, 2018

Normal night with no drama was refreshing, as we had time to sit down and have a relatively peaceful meal as a family with limited whining/complaining. After that, my wife and kids settled down to play with the new toys from last week, and I made my first solo trip to Sam’s club.. ever. It was a little intimidating, but I survived! Unfortunately, what I didn’t survive was changing my lineups around when Okafor was deemed the starter, as it basically convinced me that he would crush value on both sites and, well, we all know how that turned out. I honestly probably could have survived it on both, though, had I not also been all-in on Wes Matthews. But, he was a big reason as to why I was so profitable last night and his price actually went down on DK, so can you blame me? Tomorrow, we’re going to carve one more pumpkin since the shelf life of a jack-o-lantern is apparently five minutes, and there aren’t any late games, so see you on Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 31th, 2018 Happy Halloween

Wednesday started on a pretty fun note, with my 3.5 year old (well, closer to four now) opening up the shower curtain letting me know it was Halloween and then singing, “Halloween, Halloween” all the way to daycare, so I had high expectations for how Trick-or-Treating was going to go, and wasn’t disappointed. After an initial 25 minute delay getting our 18 month old spider out of the house, he finally joined our almost-four-year-old T-Rex and everything went about as smoothly as possible. Our neighborhood has a ton of little kids in it, so everybody went all-out and two hours later, we have enough candy to last us the rest of the year!

After that, because I’m apparently an old man now, I probably didn’t put as much effort into thinking through the matchups as I should have, and ended up with a relatively short-sighted approach with a lot of Mavs (again) and a lot of Spurs (again), along with the value PG in Phoenix. I swear, I’ve already played more Mavs and Spurs than I did all of last season! Unfortunately, things didn’t quite work out, as I was exhausted and short-sighted, forgetting that Jrue loves playing Golden State and Draymond loves playing Brow, which led to another L on DK and one on Yahoo… or so I thought. However, a late-night stat adjustment went from a goose egg to a double up on Yahoo, so that was a pretty pleasant thing to wake up to!

Thursday, November 1st, 2018

How weird is it that the late two-game slate has such a large time gap between games? Weird. Anyway, I didn’t really want much to do with the first game that I could see being like 85-88, so, other than a dirt-cheap Brogdon on DK and a way-too-cheap Kyrie on Yahoo, I went all-in on the late game which could be like 140-130. Some of the prices really stick out like a sore thumb, but the one guy who just kind of “fits” on DK is McCollum, who made me pretty nervous.

….and he proved why, dooming what was otherwise a pretty solid DK lineup. However, this is why it’s good to play on multiple sites, as I countered McCollum with Turner, who was basically minimum salary on Yahoo. Pricing is important and, as Noto always says, paying attention to them between sites as the major discrepancies can lead you to possibly missed value!

Friday, November 2nd, 2018

Tonight was pretty nice. Since DFS rarely gets in the way of family time, I’m given a bit of leeway on Friday nights since that’s when the season-long tourney is, which means me switching Vonleh to Boban wasn’t anything that was a big deal. After that, my wife and I were lucky enough to have my parents watch the kids and we got to go out for a nice dinner. I also knew I was going to be playing in the late slate, which, oddly enough, I had actually settled on long before the earliest lock and was just going to leave alone. The Draymond injury popup made me think about blowing it up, but “probable” isn’t “questionable,” so I left it in there. Sadly, the D-Rose injury was not only a bummer for us NBA fans but for all of my lineups, but ended up leading to my fourth straight near-cash-but-loss on DK, which is pretty much unheard of for me. But for real, this Yahoo lineup really could have done some serious damage had D-Rose not gone down, despite how highly owned he was:

But… I still had a few bucks left on FD and, on a whim with a lineup that felt solid, avoided what felt like an overpriced D-Rose on there for Tyus Jones, and, lo and behold. I look what happened! Kind of tough to imagine that happening quite to that degree since Tyus was so low-owned had he played, so, ultimately, I probably made back the money I would have made on DK and Yahoo… or at least that’s what I tell myself!

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

You know how it is: Win some cash, get cocky, play when you normally wouldn’t. But, I did it anyway and started the day off turning $1 into $4.50 on FD with the early Showdown thanks mainly to Embiid and Blake, then tossed one of those dollars into an Express 100-man and squeaked out a minimum cash, and even tossed another one into the late slate just to see what would happen, since that was the slate I was honing in on for my DK and Yahoo action. As luck would have it, that one proved to be a bit too greedy, and I just fell out of cashing on Yahoo right as time expired also. Luckily (and finally), I actually had a pretty good night on DK, bringing in $8… which was great, considering it had been six days since I cashed anything on there. Hard to not be annoyed that McCollum did that tonight after that stinker he gave me a few nights ago, though…

Finding the Balance

Well, I must have done something right this week, because my daily phone usage got cut in half somehow, so there’s that! As cheesy as it sounds, how much fun are kid holidays with little kids? When we’re little, they’re awesome, and then they get a little bit blah for a while… and then you have little kids and you’re reminded about how great they really are. Halloween was just a blast, and, thanks to Yahoo filling in for some subpar DK action, the bankroll boosted yet again. And, about this FD business… what the heck? Does this mean I’m back on board? I think I’ll just intermittently play there when the slate feels right, but it’s also a bit goofy that I go two full weeks with minimal cashes and then turn $1 into about $25 with three cashes within 24 hours… go figure. However, I’m going to go ahead and keep my nightly buy-ins up on DK and Yahoo, which I’ve raised up to $4 each (which, for those of you who have been following this blog for years know, was no easy feat). We’ll see what happens in the coming week now that I’ve gotten that DK cold streak out of the way. Until then, good luck… and have a great week finding the balance between DFS and your life!

About the Author

  • Jim Hill (jimfred82)

  • Jim Hill, aka jimfred82, is a happily married father and teacher who has been playing fantasy sports since 2001. He began his DFS career in the pioneer days when $5 was the minimum contest entry and nobody had even heard of 50/50’s. He mainly plays low-dollar NFL and NBA, and has been blogging for RotoGrinders since 2011, publishing hundreds of blogs with a variety of content ranging from NFL, NBA, bankroll challenges, and his lifelong disdain for Kendrick Perkins.


  • Kwietstorm52

    What contest do you play on Yahoo.

  • jimfred82

    • Blogger of the Month

    @Kwietstorm52 said...

    What contest do you play on Yahoo.

    Most nights, I play the $1 and $2 “No veteran” tourneys, as well as the regular $1 tourney in whichever slate I’m playing in. The prize pools aren’t very big, but I’ve come to enjoy the flatter payouts!

  • Kwietstorm52


  • Mr_tjRoto

    Hello. I remember a post here about taking a balanced approach in 2018. It was easy to follow that strategy tonite, by sitting ABC. Sometimes raw points DO matter as noto says. They matter when shooters shoot, rebounders rebound, or simply when good players play well. Why is everyone thinking every value play is going to 8x every night. It aint gonna happen. How many times this year has a 12k player gone 5.5x this year? Notmany. So play the Barnes , the Porters, the Walkers, and maybe even the Bledsoes and Middleton’s and stop playing those 5k recommended core plays based on minutes on the floor turns duds into hall of famers. So tomorrow play embiid and simmons and oladipo, but rest ad, lebron. Who will be tomorrows duane embry core play, as in the hole in your cash lineup. Maybe SCHRODER

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