Finding the Balance: Week 7

Wondering why this year’s challenge looks so different from the past? Read here for the full explanation!

Sunday, November 25th, 2018

Getting my fifth season-long victory (post-draft projected at three, baby!) had me feeling pretty confident, so I decided to toss some cash into the latest slate. I was torn between Rubio and Fox so split them on DK and Yahoo, and then just went with the guys that fit, which included Nurk on both sites who was in line for a huge game until he got knocked out and didn’t play in the second half. Somehow, I managed to have a solid night even with that happening but, for the second time in the last three days, I’m left wondering “what if” with a lineup like this one:

Monday, November 26th, 2018

The sickness bug hit me and my youngest pretty hard today, so we both had trips to the doctor… but luckily it was a snow day so we also had a chance to rest up a bit. I put together a couple teams that felt a bit odd, but I couldn’t really find a place to blow them up or make any changes that felt necessary, so I knew the night was either going to be a good one across the board, or an ohfer, because they were both pretty similar with the only difference being Bojan and Turner, who felt underpriced given his recent play on Yahoo. As it turns out, the DK one was solid and the Yahoo one was great:

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

After some half-priced appetizers at Old Chicago and a nice “relaxing” meal with the two boys, we got home and I got to work. Long story short, I rode the Bojan train a bit too long and foolishly believed that Tyreke Evans was going to be good. The first two minutes (when he had six points and a steal) made me think I was going to strike it rich, but the rest of the game said otherwise. This was overall a pretty ugly night but somehow, through some miracle, Sabonis’s big game (which was lower owned than I expected) won half my money back. Kind of like a bad beat can cause a cold streak, this is the kind of thing that can ignite a hot streak, so looking forward to tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

Finally, a 9 pm tipoff! I got to spend some long-overdue time with my bro tonight, and then had time to come home, get the kids to bed, and plug in some lineups that I actually felt pretty decent about…. and was also a bit curious as to what the Suns, who were already going to get smoked, were going to put out there for starters. However, with no clear Booker or Warren news at the time 9 pm hit, I left it alone, choosing instead to focus more on the other game that seemed to be much more likely to be close, leaving my fate in the hands of weirdos like Team Jon (Simmons and Isaac), along with Mr. Fits Fournier. Luckily, it all turned out, and I had a good night on Yahoo and a great night on DK:

Unfortunately, the night wasn’t that enjoyable overall because my oldest son woke up about 10:30 with scary breathing difficulties and we couldn’t get him to respond to anything we were saying, so we had to call the ambulance and he got to go on his first ambulance ride. Luckily, it just ended up being croup so it wasn’t a big deal and, after a few breathing treatments and some steroids, he was released and we got to head home tired but okay. It was a little bit scary, though! At least it was a good night to chip towards what will undoubtedly be a bloated hospital bill though, right?

Thursday, November 29th, 2018

The unthinkable happened tonight and I somehow ended up with LeBron across the board in my Thursday lineups, which, 9/10 times, means I’m going oh-fer. On Yahoo, I had too much mediocrity thanks to no Shai and Myles Turner (when the easy switch from Ingram to Shai and Turner to Sabonins would have been quite profitable, and I owed Sabonis from earlier this week anyway), but on DK, despite Shumpert being Shumpert, I was able to double my money. On FD, though? Well….

With only 100 people in there, I was shocked to have so many low-percent owned guys. It was also nice to get a good night from LeBron. Gotta give tonight’s MVP to Avery Bradley though, right?

Friday, November 30th, 2018

Another Friday, another day where I have to somehow survive the dreaded dinner-time lock, but I was able to sift through and put together a semi-decent team that minimum cashed. Then, after getting back from the Husker volleyball game, I tossed in a few entries into the late slate, which actually had two pretty fun games. I knew better than to play LeBron again, as I got my annual good game from him out of the way last night, so I opted to fade him and, despite having two fairly different lineups that included a core of ejected-Barea, sub-par Lillard, Nurk, Doncic and Barnes, I was able to sweep the night, with a late-night stat adjustment that boosted my bankroll a bit on DK, too!

Saturday, December 1st, 2018

Tonight’s slate was triply difficult due to the following:
1. I’m still sick
2. Both my kids are now sick
3. The DK slate and Yahoo slate both started at the same time but the Yahoo one included the late game, and there was some pretty important unknown news (Bagley and Sabonis) that I was unable to know before lineups locked.

With all that considered, I still put together some lineups that felt okay with the value of Van Vleet and Smart, but I really wished I could have had some more info on Yahoo, as I ended up with Horford in at PF when I would rather have had Bagley and/or Bjelica in there and spent money elsewhere. Horford was not-surprisingly subpar, but overall, the rest of the lineups were okay…. just not quite good enough on a night like this one. But, as solid as the week has been overall, I was bound to have a slow night eventually, and tonight was that night. In all honesty, had I not been running hot, I would have just saved myself the donation and passed on tonight, but you all know how that goes…

Finding the Balance

DFS is a funny game. Less than two weeks ago, I had a night with a bad beat that led to a cold streak. This week, I had a night with a crappy lineup that somehow managed to cash, leading to a hot-streak. Those who play GPPs know about swings and how important it is to keep your head during them, and that ultimately you just need to come out on top. So far, and I’ve already had two massive ones… and we’re barely 25% into the season! It’s been a rough week around the Hill household with all the sickness, but luckily my wife has managed to stay relatively healthy (knock on wood). Heck, she even managed to get up all the Christmas lights on her own, so she’s definitely the real MVP right now! Perhaps the hot-streak can continue next week and burn out everyone’s sickness, so we can all get back to business as usual… preferably without any more late-night ambulance rides to the emergency room! As for today, though, it’s time to go out and shovel all of the new snow….

Until next week, do your best to balance your life and DFS!

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    Oh my goodness, hope you all get well soon! I often wonder how people are able to do so much research and still manage what life throws at them, I can hardly do that myself (tho I’ve only been playing about a year, and not very good at it lol but getting better).

    (Side note, still can’t see your images for some reason, not even on computer, just white squares)

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