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First and foremost read this article if you want to know what League of Legends (LOL) is all about.

LoL lineup strategy for GPP’s will be a little bit standard. There are a limited number of players and really only a handful of excellent guys to choose. If you read the threads on RotoGrinders it becomes clear most of the people knowledgeable about LoL are all sitting on the same guys.

But for those of you that are new to eSports, than reading the article by Vinny will be a great way to learn the basics. But I thought I would write an Article discussing lineup construction.

eSports is similar to other sports in certain ways, and different in others. The easiest way though is to remember that players on winning teams will more than likely have more points when it is all said and done.

So here are the teams that are more than likely going to be winning.


Ideally if we can put players in from winning teams that will be the goal, and guess what, I have ran a few scenarios, all of which allow for 100% players from probable winning teams.

Now, let’s get on to lineup construction.

Top: The top is a balanced guy, meaning that he may put up a lot of points or he may not. If you read Vinny’s article above he compares him to a stud power forward. A pretty accurate definition, you know he is going to put up points and some times it will be a lot. That is why that I recommend that you only spend up for a mid priced Top in a game that is going to go on for a good long time. Only two players fit that bill, ZionSpartan and Huni, Zion is on a team that is more than likely going to lose so I am definitely leaning on Huni as my top position, however he is a pretty clear cut #1 option at a decent price, meaning I can see him being pretty high owned.

JNG: Punt this position, punt it every time, a cheap guy on a team that is going to win is the way to go. Personally I have 007x, however, any JNG on a team that is going to win is good enough, the cheaper is better. Because today we have a lot of good choices at the MID and ADC.

MID: This is the guy that is going to get the most kills, and this along with the ADC is where you will want to spend up. Here is another pretty standard option, and that would be Faker of SKT.

ADC: The point guard or shooting guard, the guy who runs the show. He is the first fiddle and the mid is the second fiddle. This is a nother spot where you will want to pay up for, with guys like Pray and KurO on the list, a guy like Rekkles from FNC will go overlooked.

Support: This is a guy who is defense only, this is a second area where you would normally want to punt. But if you have the salary cap you can spend up for a “stud” support. (Yes, studs do exist.) That stud for the team is guess what… FNC’s own YellOwStar! (I really like FNC)

Flex: Provided you worked your other positions properly, you should be able to EASILY fit in some top tier ADC or MID guys, these are the ONLY positions you should be playing in the flex spots. If you can fit them both, I certainly like Pray and KurO, personally I could only afford one of the two because of my refusal to go lower than 007x in the JNG position, thus I went with KurO and then Bang in my two flex spots.

Team: Really you want to focus on the team that will get the win, followed by the team that will be in battle the longest. The win in under 30 is a trap, as the longer the battle goes on the more points you can get. I haven’t done the math on it, but there is a time length where as long as the battle goes for this amount of time. It will beat the win in under 30 minutes stat. Everyone who understands LoL in the slilghtest knows that the FNC vs IG match will probably last a long time, with FNC coming out on top.

In my discussions with a few LoL knowledgeable people it kind of appeared that whomever set the pricings perhaps thought FNC is over rated and the euro is a much weaker group. I disagree and feel that they may be one of the strongest teams on the board. Realistically FNC should be priced in the 4200 range. Take advantage of them at this lower price, because it will not last long.

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  • speddie

    Good article my man, I enjoyed it. I think that the FNC/IG, FW/CLG and C9/ahq games are going to be close enough that players from both teams will be OK, not just the winning team. I could see either team winning in those games honestly. The other games should be easy wins

  • stephenly

    Enjoyed the read. I do disagree with you a bit on some of the favorites (as do the betting books). For example. fnatic is basically even money vs. IG.

    Hopefully more people continue to write things to get people interested. I submitted a blog of my own tonight, so I hope you guys will check it out after it’s reviewed.

  • tyrant1014

    @stephenly said...

    Enjoyed the read. I do disagree with you a bit on some of the favorites (as do the betting books). For example. fnatic is basically even money vs. IG.

    Hopefully more people continue to write things to get people interested. I submitted a blog of my own tonight, so I hope you guys will check it out after it’s reviewed.

    Definitely will be reading it once it is posted. Send me a PM when it gets put up, I agree to what you guys are saying regarding. I tend not to look at the books on these things, I tend to look more at past performances and the strength of a team as a whole. Speddie and I had a discussion and my pick for 007x may be a little bit misguided, however at this point I don’t want to pull him because of my other positions should in theory make up for his low point totals. Of course after I write this I am starting to lean the other direction over Huni and going with Zion, just based on how much huni is talked up. I agree that the more we talk about it, the more the casual DFSer will start trying it. Maybe we can even get some of these people who are not liking this idea to stream this and see okay, this may not be huge in america but it sure is huge in Europe and Asia.

  • jholliman

    I, as a multi-year follower of League, entirely disagree that FNC is underrated. Unfortunately for NA and Europe, they’ve consistently gone into World Championships and Mid-Season Invitationals and not just been beaten, but been absolutely destroyed by Koreans time and again. CLG and FNC will get out of their groups and lose in Quarters. Everyone else will be put to shame. And that’s only because FNC and CLG are in relatively weaker groups. I wholly expect IG to beat FNC. The Chinese and Koreans are on an entirely different level of play (and remember that some 21 Koreans left Korea to play in China at the beginning of the year, so now these two regions are on a very similar playing field.) They are simply better teams and generally better players. Europe and NA are weak regions in comparison.

    Furthermore, be careful to lock Faker so quickly. SKT hardly needs to worry about getting out of their group, and they could very well sub in easyhoon during the first week or two (after all, he’s probably the second best midlaner in the world, and is only a substitute because he is on the same team with the best midlaner to ever play the game: Faker). But with that being said Faker might be a trap because unlike on AlphaDraft where you’re just picking the team’s position (regardless of who plays it) on DraftKings you have to pick the player who actually plays.

    I’m heavily exposed to IG/FNC players for group stages day 1 because I think that is the only match that has a chance to extend long and be bloody. For me, everything else is going to be one-sided; although if FlashWolves prepare properly and play well they may cause CLG a lot of trouble. Taiwan is no wash, either.

    AHQ is a killer team that will compete with the big boys here, and westdoor is a stud. I wouldn’t expect C9 to continue their end of year form here, but I’m less confident to disagree with you on this note.

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