Man vs. THE BAT '17: Final Week 20 (Slates 136-144)

Welcome to Man (that’s me) vs. THE BAT, Derek Carty’s projection system!

The basics of the blog series are pretty cut-and-dried: (1) A GPP lineup from yours truly, just your below average grinder, ranked #989 in the rotund bearded educator division; and (2) An optimal lineup from data generated by THE BAT (utilizing THE BAT projections and the RotoGrinders lineup builder).

For as many slates as I can muster, I enter each lineup in the same FanDuel large-field GPP (most days it’s just me and my main Squeeze). My process calls for me to enter the Man lineup late the night before or early in the morning, and then I run an optimized lineup for THE BAT after locking in and/or excluding certain positions based on THE BAT’s projections (e.g., may choose to lock in best value SP, highest projected 1B, and/or the highest projected stack). I do all of this to the best of my ability given time constraints with work/kids/life. Although I do not have time to replicate this series with DraftKings and FantasyDraft, I’ll try and reflect from time to time on my experiences with those sites with a mix of THE BAT and my own GPP prowess (or lack thereof).

Disclaimer: Please do not interpret this series as necessarily being representative of either the success or failure of THE BAT. It’s a fun experiment that I hope you will enjoy following. I enjoy writing it, and I enjoy being more reflective about my GPP process. Plus, I also hope to give you a glimpse into what I believe is a really good projection system that Derek has developed in THE BAT. I’m pulling for both of us; I just keep it at my house.

Wrap it up!

Whether you’re single, a DFS player, or both, those three words certainly have meaning here as Labor Day is all up in our grill.

(Yep, a little sex ed mixed with BBQ innuendo coming from your friendly RG blogger)

For me, it’s one of those times of the year where everything in my life converges together. As a professor, Labor Day signals that the start of fall quarter is looming large with all of the associated “To Do” items stacking up like Everest.

Yet, do I worry?



I am ready for some football, a 5-month party!

You see, as a sport management professor, I am obligated to study all sports, so I cannot only focus on baseball. I must move on to football.

But, first things first, I am excited about wrapping up this blog series for 2017 with a bang. Let’s get us some…

Slate 136 – Sunday, August 27, 2017 (main 11-game slate):

Man 153.7 vs. THE BAT 111.1
$4 Squeeze
Minimum cash line: 152.9
Winner: cleve61215, 294.1

Cash: SE Double-Up, -$18 (Cash line: High 140.2, Low 131.1)

THE BAT locks: THE BAT has a thing against my man Carlos Carrasco, and since he has been my man this season, I was fine with locking THE BAT’s favorite in Chris Archer. Since I wasn’t going to let lightning strike twice, I then locked the top projected hitter in reigning MVP Kris Bryant (for those who don’t remember, I missed him when projected highly by THE BAT the day before, and he crushed).

Man carried by my man Los Carrasco!

That makes the 10th time I’ve rostered Carlos Carrasco in my Man lineup, and of the 10 starts, this was his 8th with at least a quality start and 30 points. Of course, today it was more than that with a gem and 55 points. It’s also a lesson; sure, he’s had two duds when I’ve been on him, but I didn’t abandon him. Los has lights-out electric stuff, and while he sometimes struggles to corral it, playing him has been +EV overall.

Speaking of electric stuff, I have to admit a bit of perplex here with THE BAT’s lineup but also point to another instance of me failing to properly utilize the algorithm. I had a long Saturday tailgating and fight-watching, so needless to say, I was a bit slow on the uptake on Sunday. In rushing to get lineups set right before lock, I did not have a great deal of time for research (i.e., any). So, I rolled with the two locks listed above and did not put in any of my own analysis in letting the lineup builder complete the process. That’s a critical piece in utilizing any algorithm.

What I should have realized is this: THE BAT was on three Tigger hitters against a guy with bad MLB numbers but with an ace pedigree in Lucas Giolito. Honestly, I wondered who was even pitching for the Pale Sox and figured it must be a guy like Shields or Holland with the mini-stack, and once I learned it was Giolito, I was none too happy to be marching three guys out there against him for cash games. Anyway, lesson learned, as had I done my own research, I could have excluded those guys rather than accept them with the lineup builder. Again, that is one of the points with the algorithm. You are often talking fractions of a point in terms of the projections, so rather than take a lineup builder’s auto-generated guys, I could/should have been looking at the 2-3 other guys close to Miggy, Kins, and J-up and substituted for them rather than march them out against a guy I know has ace potential.

Anyhoo, despite the cash game fail, it was nice to start a week without the red shade being thrown on the spreadsheet (i.e., full cash shutout for both lineups). Since Week 12, we’ve had 6 of the last 8 weeks where we got things started on a sour note with that red shade.

Slate 137 – Monday, August 28, 2017 (main 10-game slate):

Man 154.5 vs. THE BAT 154.9
$4 Squeeze
Minimum cash line: 147.3
Winner: mauricel1, 254.7

Cash: SE Double-Up, +$18 (Cash line: High 131.6, Low 130.3)

THE BAT locks: This has happened a couple of times before where Max has had Klu-bot on the slate with him, and each time Mr. Scherzer is projected a good deal ahead of Corey. Fine by me when that happens with this series, as I will happily take the Cleveland ace opposite Scherzer. So, Scherzer was the obvious lock, and then I tried to be strategic. I felt like I needed to find the top two value play Rockies in feeling like a ton of people would be some combo of Sherz/Klub and Kers bats. So, I locked value play / highly projected hitter combos in Story and Cargo. THE BAT then also really liked Hector Sanchez as a punt option, so I locked him as well.

Color me purple!

For those who’ve not seen the spreadsheet, purple is the color I use for a full cash sweep (both lineups cash in the GPP and sweep cash games). While the purples and the reds (full cash shutouts) are both divisible by 11, the purples unfortunately are far outnumbered in the series — 44 to 11. It’s much much easier and more common to be shut out of the money when only the top 20% (or so) win money in large field GPPs. And, even then, only a tiny percentage of that 20% make enough to truly buoy their ROI.

So, how’d we color it purple on this slate despite both lineups having Cargo with a red “NS” next to his name? That’s one fun aspect of daily fantasy baseball, a late scratch does not end your night. See Exhibit 154.5 and Exhibit 154.9.

Man was buoyed by a low-owned Jose Ramirez (3.8% due to facing Severino), he of the 2-dong variety; and, THE BAT rode the three-some of Max, LoMo, and Daniel Murphy (120+).

With my Man lineup, I was excited early about the prospect of a sweat, but alas, that pesky red “NS” appeared, and along with it, my excitement over a really high finish. When you hit a low-owned double dong in the first game of the night and that is matched with stellar pitching at the top, you start thinking about where it might be headed. Ha ha ha…down the tubes!

Slate 138 – Tuesday, August 29, 2017 (main 15-game slate):

Man 173 vs. THE BAT 201.2
$9 Sinker Squeeze
Minimum cash line: 179
Winner: bcalicore, 270.9

Cash: SE Double-Up, +$19 (Cash line: High 183.9, Low 180.7)

THE BAT locks: Sale on slate? Check. Locked. I then paired Sale with Votto and Dozier, as their prices allowed for better value and therefore enhanced flexibility with the remainder of the lineup.

You think I’m happy about THE BAT scoring over 200 tonight?!

You bet your sweet behind I am happy!

Look, don’t get me wrong, I’d prefer my Man lineup to win 271 to 201.2, but the only time I am bummed is when we get that red shade for a full cash shutout. And, no red shade tonight with 200+.

I was bummed, though, that my Man lineup was not able to muster up enough to color us purple again.

Oh yeah, I certainly had visions of a full week’s worth of purple raining down upon us and bailing us out of the hole I’ve dug.

Who knows, we have a few slates left, so I have not lost hope.

Slate 139 – Wednesday, August 30, 2017 (early 6-game slate):

Man 181 vs. THE BAT 85.8
$6 Squeeze
Minimum cash line: 148.8
Winner: koolaide2013, 276.5

Cash: SE Double-Up, -$18 (Cash line: High 125.3, Low 120)

THE BAT locks: Despite some misgivings due to being burned a few times by this cat, I felt like I had to lock THE BAT’s highest projected SP in Strasburg. I then went value/projection hunting and was able to pop up with my shotgun finger and land a Bird. Boom! Ha ha ha. That beats my other option: “I decided to pop open a Can o’ Bird!” Ha ha ha. Yes, I also locked in Rob E. Cano who had one of the highest projected totals I’ve seen in the top-5 of the value cat (14.01 FDPs). Finally, with J-Up projected as the highest on the slate, I felt like I had to lock someone from the Kers game. I should also note, however, that I was not about to be burned again by Cargo, so I excluded him with the gimpy ankle (despite THE BAT liking him a great deal).

O galore, no gem vs. “O, No!” gem

I mean, seriously? A complete game shutout from Stras paired with absolutely nada on offense? Ugh.

24.8 offensive points?! I was prepared to be really depressed if that number wasn’t the lowest in the series for THE BAT, but it was indeed the worst O output for THE BAT. Man topped it, however, earlier in the series with a 24-flat.

Of course, my Man lineup needed that Stras gem, as CarMart fell short with only 29 FDPs. But, even if I’d played Strasburg also, the Man lineup would have only ended up with $10 more dollars, so I cannot feel too terribly.

Slate 140 – Wednesday, August 30, 2017 (main 6-game slate):

Man 168 vs. THE BAT 107
$4 Squeeze
Minimum cash line: 156.2
Winner: ocdobv & bcalicore (T1), 324.4

Cash: SE Double-Up, -$16 (Cash line: High 125.2, Low 120.1)

THE BAT locks: THE BAT liked Dallas Keuchel on this slate, and while I admittedly did not share that love, I decided to lock him and not get bad mojo for going against ‘stros in this of all weeks. Who else then? Votto and Dozier were the highest projected hitters that I decided to lock from there.

Hump Day love?!

Yeah, we got some love with our Man lineup, as we hit a pitching gem by one Jose Berrios. I’ve always thought that Cheerios should add a bit more flavor, but what I did not know is that they actually do have 12 different flavors including Dark Chocolate Cheerios (yum), Ancient Grains Cheerios (yuck) and yes, even Fruity Cheerios. That last one needs to be renamed to “Berrios” and sign my man Jose up to an endorsement deal. I’ve personally never heard of Fruity Cheerios, but I have heard of Jose Berrios. Sign him up!

So, that makes at least two Squeeze victories for ocdobv on the season, as that mofo won a Mama Squeeze on Aug 18. But, what’s more astounding is the username that I almost missed who tied for 1st. That is back-to-back Squeeze wins on consecutive main slates for bcalicore! Wow, a Sinker Squeeze for $25,000 one night and a Squeeze for $15,000 the next. Not a bad 2-night haul of $40,000! Wow.

THE BAT, unfortunately, did not have a ocdobv or bcalicore type slate. If you look back at the series, I think you’ll see that it is fairly obvious that hitting the right stack is incredibly important in winning large-field GPPs (as ocdobv & bcalicore did on this slate with the Cubs 17-run and Halos 10-run stacks). What I’ve yet to really figure out is whether or not that stacking strategy is also +EV in cash games. When THE BAT has had a lot of success, it has typically been on smaller slates where stacks were more obvious. Here on this slate, there was no stacking at all, and the mix/match approach yielded guys on teams that scored 0 (Hundley, Votto), 2 (Reyes), 3 (Cutch), 4 (Turner), 7 (Rajai), 8 (Khris), and 11 (Dozier). Yep, of course, Dozier led the team with 28. Not a whole lot else from any of the other dudes though.

Slate 141 – Thursday, August 31, 2017 (early 3-game slate):

Man 104 vs. THE BAT 86.3
$6 Squeeze
Minimum cash line: 115.6
Winner: droxxodia, 190.1

Cash: SE Double-Up, -$17 (Cash line: High 105.5, Low 102.4)

THE BAT locks: I went simple here with top projected SP (Jake of Grom) and the top 2 projected hitters in Brian “Bull” Dozier and George Springer.

No more early Thursday love!

After a couple of weeks of exploding in the early only Thursday slates, we came back to life with this slate. Ugh.

I don’t need to tell you that sometimes good spots fail, but yeah, sometimes good spots fail. Jake deGrom was certainly in a good spot matched up against Robert Louis Stephenson, but 28 measly points and an L later, cash game fail once again. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever played a game knowingly where I’ve thought, “That’s a bad spot, click ‘Start.’” After the fact, I sure as cow turd have thought, “Wow, I guess that wasn’t a good spot after all!” Ha ha ha. And such was the case when 6 of our 8 offensive players in THE BAT lineup scored 6.5 or less on this slate. Ugh.

Here’s how it always seems to go with me. Earlier in the season when Houston was putting up historically good offensive numbers, I wasn’t really on board at all. Now late in the season when they are struggling, guess who’s on board. Like I am sure many of us have been, I have been pulling for the ‘stros with the disaster striking their city. I’ve wanted that so bad for them, but I think the thing that we forget in our hope for a great narrative is that it is incredibly difficult to go out and do something (e.g., hit a baseball, pitch a baseball) that now seems so meaningless.

Our fellow grinder droxxodia had one heckuva early start to their weekend with 1st ($20K), 2nd ($10K), and 4th ($4K). Wow, I wish I’d been partying with this cat to end August with a bang.

Slate 142 – Thursday, August 31, 2017 (main 6-game slate):

Man 131.2 vs. THE BAT 215.4
$4 Squeeze
Minimum cash line: 174.3
Winner: skipbidder, 259.6

Cash: SE Double-Up, +$25 (Cash line: $25 SEDU 192.6)

THE BAT locks: One of THE BAT locks, MadBum, got the flu bug and was scratched. Luckily, it was in time for me to notice and make the late swap to Kyle Hendricks. Long live late swap! After MadBum, I have to take some credit where credit is due here and say that I listened to THE BAT and dutifully locked in 4 Blue Jays that THE BAT projected to score well in Morales, Montero, Dongalson, and Pearce. I loved clicking lock, and I loved the outcome.

A Kendrys night indeed!

THE BAT’s projections, and my subsequent use of said projections to make the correct call in locking in Jays, were spot-on for this slate, as Kendrys Morales belted 3 long balls that buoyed THE BAT. After three straight frustrating outings with cash games, it was a welcome sight seeing the needle continue to move upward, but in the end, the 26% in the Squeeze who also had Kendrys led to elevated scores across the board. There have been slates where 215.4 was more than enough to win $20K or more, but here…try 10 measly bucks on for size. “Uh, yeah, thanks but no thanks!” Ha ha ha.

I’ll take the $10 and move along, but I don’t have to be particularly happy about the prospect of a minimum cash not moving the needle far.

What happened with Man?

You mean besides starting Marco Esquandolas…?
Been you to have any spike, man?
Set the gearshift for the high gear of your soul.
You’ve got to run like an antelope, out of control!

Yes, as a matter of fact, that’s what Orioles hitters were doing against my pitcher Marco Estrada!
(For those unaware, Marco Esquandolas is a character in a Phish song called “Run Like an Antelope” and those are the lyrics)

But, really, what happened was that I did not also select Kendrys Morales and instead went the Bird man route. He performed admirably with a usually stellar 28 FDPs, but that performance pales in comparison to a fellow 1B dropping 76!

Slate 143 – Friday, September 1, 2017 (main 13-game slate):

Man 129.7 vs. THE BAT 104.5
$9 Sinker Squeeze
Minimum cash line: 134.8
Winner: bigdogshay, 241.2

Cash: SE Double-Up, -$31 (Cash line: High 143.3, Low 137.3)

THE BAT locks: THE BAT loved Blake Snell and with such a lower value SP at the top of the heap, I had to lock him in the lineup. By doing so, I was also able to lock Goldie, Arenado, Blackmon, and JDM. All four of those studs in Kers, it could be a big Friday night!

A little Friday night mediocrity just when we needed it the least!

I must admit that I was really excited about the prospect of Blake Snell with the bats that it allowed THE BAT to roster in Kers, but when you go that route, you are naturally expecting to shake up a silver bullet and pop open an explosion of foamy runs. Uh, yeah, not so much. The Coors 4-pack was good for only 45 points or so, and even though Snell was serviceable, you need more than 78 from that core to survive and advance to cash game glory.

For Man, I have been feeling good about Luis Castillo arm, but what I failed to factor in here was his track record of short outings. The couple of times that I’ve watched him pitch, he’s been incredibly efficient, yet the announcers have commented in those games that he sometimes struggles with that aspect. Yeah, I guess so, but even so, the ‘kid gloves’ that modern-day managers use with young pitchers is maddening. Look, I am considered a youth sports expert, and I believe very strongly that we are overtaxing kids with overuse through year-round club sports. The number of burnout injuries from over-training is ridiculous, but by comparison, professional sport athletes are the exact opposite. A MLB pitcher, whether a rook or a vet, should be able to make it through 100 pitches every five days.

In this Reds game with Castillo, they pulled him after 4 innings and 89 pitches. I mean, I realize that 89 through 4 is a lot, but give the young kid the chance at the win. Really? Yep, he was leading 4-2 and got yanked. Frustrating! Those 6 points for the win would have given us 135.7 and a minimum cash. Ugh.

Old Well, what can you do?

Slate 143 – Saturday, September 2, 2017 (main 11-game slate):

Man 88.6 vs. THE BAT 96.1
$9 Sinker Squeeze
Minimum cash line: 146.4
Winner: tbonies, 272.4
Cash: SE Double-Up, -$51 (Cash line: High 171.3, Low 137.6)

THE BAT locks: A strange one here for the final go-round. THE BAT liked Archer a ton, substantially more than Max Scherzer. But, Kevin Roth indicated an in-game delay for the TB/CHW game was 50/50, so I had to swerve from Archer and felt Max was the best option facing the Brew Crew. In so doing, the rise in costs ended up causing some pivots. THE BAT wanted to go Kike Hernandez as the SS at $2,000 and Beltran in the OF, but I worried about the late swap possibilities for Kike and the health of Carlos as an older player. So, after locking Cesar Puello at minimum price batting 5th and Arenado as one of the highest projected guys, I made a couple of executive decisions in going Segura and Melky Cabrera. We’ll see how that goes. I like the spots, and Melky is a streaky hitter who is hot.

Another Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody.
Ain’t got no money ‘cause I ain’t got paid.
Now, how I wish I had someone to talk to.
I’m in an awful way.

I cannot say it any better than Sam Cooke. Well, I guess I should re-phrase…

I cannot say it any better than by twisting around San Cooke’s lyrics.

Oh, boy, as I did in the final slate of the year in 2016, I went ‘all-in’ on the slate and risked $51 in cash in addition to entering the highest-priced Sinker Squeeze at $9. Yep, you did the math correctly, that was a slate loss of $69; so, rather than sink her…

We sank! Ugh.

Let me repeat that symbol for frustration that has become oh so frequent over the last 6 weeks in particular — Ugh.

I suppose when I really think about it, it was a fitting way to end. When I say “We’ve had a tough go…” I am really meaning me and my picks and my use of THE BAT. To quote my guy, fellow Tar Heel Stuart Scott, “See, what had happened…”

What had happened is that I started feeling bad about the Machine-driven approach of this blog series (i.e., allowing the projection system to pick the optimal lineup), and since I took over its use and started driving the bus, the whole freaking series has been fish-tailing down the highway leaving a pile of rubble in our tailwinds. Whoa, Nelly!

So, I really appreciate Rotogrinders giving me this platform, and I really appreciate all of the support that Derek has given as well. He’s been nothing but gracious despite watching someone do nothing but flounder away at using his projection system. So, I feel like I must end with an apology to Rotogrinders and Derek for steering the bus into the ditch.

I am educator, so what I hope fellow grinders will learn from this series is this (i.e., what I learned):
(1) THE BAT is an incredibly robust projection system that if used properly can help you perfect cash games and develop strong GPP lineups;
(2) If you are not a cash game player (like me), it is ridiculously stupid of you to try and use THE BAT (or any projection system for that matter) with a GPP mindset while failing to really learn to play cash games. It was a good idea to add cash games this year, but it was a bad idea to not dedicate time to learning cash game theory/strategy. Just as tourney and cash games in Poker have nuanced differences that require adjustments in strategy, it is similar with daily fantasy sports. You are NOT going to beat cash games without developing a very strong cash game mindset and dedicating considerable time and research to the process. A projection system like THE BAT can help you to make that acumen leap, but you have to be committed to it. I was not, and I am the one who failed here along those lines. I cannot tell you how many times over the last two months that cash games would start, I’d look at the lineup and think, “We’re doing OK” only to look at the ledger and realize there was some random dude scoring boatloads of points at 40-60% ownership who was not anywhere close to my radar. That’s simply unacceptable for cash games. I am not meaning that I HAD to have that guy in my lineup; that’s not so at all, but what is so is that I HAD to know about that guy and have at least considered him for my lineup. That’s part of the process of cash games and where I ultimately failed in using THE BAT. Inevitably, in those cases, I’d go back to THE BAT and realize, “Oh yeah, there that guy is right there in the top-20 of the projections or in the top-10 of the value. How did I miss him?” I missed him because I wasn’t paying enough attention. Just as a kid who studies while half asleep will inevitably fail my final exam (unless she’s a savant), you are going to fail at DFS unless you dedicate yourself to getting better. You may think it’s a crapshoot, and I know it feels that way at times in GPPs in particular; but, cash games are invariably not a crapshoot at all…not even in the slightest! It is skill at building lineups and utilizing game theory, and since I suck at that aspect, I had/have no business whatsoever dabbling like I did here. None!
(3) Large-field GPPs are incredibly difficult to hit with single bullets (or dual bullets in our case with this series). Trust me, I know and understand the allure and cannot escape their grips at all; but, you are better off going after the smaller single-entry GPPs to build your bankroll rather than wasting money on large-field GPPs. In order to restore the ROI that you will inevitably be losing, you have to hit in the top 0.10% or higher. Let’s look at a Papa Squeeze on FanDuel (16,339 entries at $9 investment): To hit 5x on your investment (i.e., win $50), you have to finish in the top 0.6% (top 61-100). To get to 8x (i.e., win $75), you have to finish in the top 0.37%. $100 (top 0.24%), $150 (top 0.18%), $200 (top 0.12%), $300 (top 0.09%), $400 (top 0.07%), $500 (top 0.06%), $750 (top 0.049%). Whatever, take a swing; I do, but you should also be taking smaller swings elsewhere.

Please do me a favor and do not read anything into this series relative to THE BAT’s acumen; Derek has done an incredible job with the projection system, and I am the one who ultimately failed here. That’s all, bottom line.

I’ve been asked by a number of folks what my advice is to those who aspire to write about fantasy sports, and you know what my answer is every time?

“Good question, if I knew, I’d be doing it!” Ha ha ha, I kid (sort of).

I tell them to start here at RG and write an interesting blog, as it is an incredibly good platform to see if you love it and have the basic acumen to attract some interest. But, I also say that you need to do your best to Win!

Win money at this game, and people will take notice. I missed that window of opportunity here with Man vs. THE BAT, and I must admit that it’s been a humbling experience.

That’s a wrap, thanks for reading — Yes, I am ready for some football!

The final series scorecard is below.

Overall Series Scorecard (through 144 slates):


H2H Record: 62-82 (2016: 56-73)
Avg Score: 126.94 (2016: 122)
GPP Cash rate: 24% (2016: 21%)
Net Profit/Loss: (-$174)



H2H Record: 82-62 (2016: 73-56)
Avg. Score: 135.03 (2016: 133)
GPP Cash Rate: 27% (2016: 35%)
GPP Net Profit/Loss: (-$175.78)
Cash Game Rate: 53% (2016: DNP)
Cash Net Profit/Loss: (-$179.50)
Net Profit/Loss: (-$355.28)

TOTAL NET: (-$549.28)

Other Series Statistics:
Weekly head-to-head battle: THE BAT 10-5-5
Full cash shutouts (i.e., losing all entry fees): 47 (32.64%)
Full cash sweeps (i.e., both GPPs and cash wins): 11 (7.6%)
High score (Man): 253.12 (April 25)
High score (THE BAT): 259.1 (Aug 17)
Low score (Man): 52.2 (Aug 25)
Low score (THE BAT): 28.4 (Aug 12)
Highest combined score: 451 (Aug 17)
Lowest combined score: 125.7 (July 17)
Average combined score: 261.96
Highest GPP cash line: 217.3 (May 31)
Lowest GPP cash line: 108 (Aug 24)
Average GPP cash line: 151.22
Highest GPP winner: ehafner 373.3 (July 26, main 10-game slate)
Lowest GPP winner: danielpele10 156.5 (June 1, early 3-game slate)
Average GPP winner: 264.01
Highest cash game line: 220.4 (Aug 17)
Lowest cash game line: 72.4 (Aug 9)
Biggest GPP win (Man): $75 (May 9)
Biggest GPP win (THE BAT): $40 (June 21)
Biggest cash win (THE BAT): $35 (Aug 11)
Highest offensive output (Man): 219.2 (April 25)
Highest offensive output (THE BAT): 214.1 (Aug 17)
Lowest offensive output (Man): 24 (July 30)
Lowest offensive output (THE BAT): 24.8 (Aug 30)

Pitching Statistics:
Man: 52 wins, 70 quality starts, 30.78 average FDPs
THE BAT: 70 wins, 91 quality starts, 38.76 average FDPs
Highest scoring SP (Man): Carrasco 64 (Aug 11)
Highest scoring SP (THE BAT): Sale 73 (Aug 8)
Lowest scoring SP (Man): Verlander -11 (Aug 11)
Lowest scoring SP (THE BAT): Manaea -17 (Aug 12)

Here’s a link to the full spreadsheet for your reference. If you see any mistakes, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Thank you for reading, thanks to FanDuel for sponsoring, and thanks to RotoGrinders for the blog platform!

I’d love to hear from you —> comment below or follow me on Twitter @yoteach7.

About the Author

  • Brian Greenwood (yoteach)

  • Dr. Brian Greenwood, an associate professor of sport management in the “real” world, is yoteach in DFS. Greenwood played season-long casually for over 20 years until joining the DFS and RotoGrinders community in the fall of 2013. Greenwood became so intrigued with the culture and strategic intricacies surrounding DFS that he even decided to commission an observational research study through full participant inquiry (i.e., immersion in the experience). Since the start of the study, he’s been writing field notes daily and hopes to eventually publish articles and a book on his experiences. That is, if he ever hits the elusive GPP win (i.e., the “Quad” of $1000+)! As a professor, his official expertise lies in youth sports and active learning in higher education.


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    Enjoyed reading your series. Thanks! Would love to see a Man vs The Blitz series.

  • yoteach

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    @eckoplatinum said...

    Enjoyed reading your series. Thanks! Would love to see a Man vs The Blitz series.

    Thanks so much!

    I would encourage anyone interested in doing a Man v. The Blitz series to reach out to RG and/or Derek. I would love to read one too, but unfortunately with Fall being my busiest quarter of the academic year, I do not have time to write one myself.

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