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Let me ask you Dear Reader, which of the following scenarios is worse. #1 You and a group of friends purchase a large flatscreen tv as a wedding gift for a good friend. Soon after the wedding, the couple breaks up, yet keeps the gift. In fact, the former groom even gives the beautiful tv to his former bride. #2 You are a Dolphins fan. The team has been outscored in the first two games of the year by an aggregate 102-10 score. At home. And it looks like a full scale player revolt is in effect with numerous trades likely to happen in the near-term. These are both bad. In both scenarios, you would be correct in exclaiming “I hate the Drake!”. However, I have to say that the Miami Dolphins situation is worse. At least 100 times more embarrassing. This team seems devoid of talent at every level of the organization. Are we sure that Derek Jeter isn’t involved here somehow? All I know is that I have already locked in an expensive Dallas Cowboys defense for next Sunday’s slate.

There are numerous other observations from yesterday’s games that I think can help us with DFS next weekend and beyond. Let’s take a look at some of those. And don’t forget, play the Cowboys defense next Sunday.

1) Kyle Shanahan hates Matt Breida. Breida gashed the Bengals yesterday. He averaged 10 yards per touch. He was busting off chunk runs here and there, moving the 49ers down the field. And the once the 49ers were inside the 5 yard line, some guy off the practice squad came in to run in two short yard TDs. In fact, Breida only touched the ball 13 times yesterday. What could have been a great DFS game was just a solid DFS game. All because of Kyle Shanahan. So, with three RBs all getting touches and Kyle harboring some sort of resentment for Breida, I am afraid that he won’t get the required touches to be a strong DFS (or season long) player this year absent another injury to a 49ers RB.

2) When was the last time prevent defense worked at the end of a game? Some will say the Broncos suffered a bad beat yesterday. I’ll take the other side of that argument and state that the Broncos got exactly what they deserved. After bottling up Mitch Trubisky all game long, the Broncos D played soft and allowed the Bears a few completions in order to kick a game winning 50 yard+ FG as time expired. And the dagger in the heart was a long completion to a wide open Allen Robinson in the middle of the field on a 4th and 10 (maybe 4th and 15). How does this happen? Why not play that tougher defense that has worked all game long in the last minute of a game? I don’t get it and do enjoy saying “told you so” when teams blow a lead like the Broncos did yesterday.

3) The Patriots really don’t care about anything but crushing the league. Not only did potential scumbag Antonio Brown play yesterday, but he was NE’s #1 receiving option and even caught a TD. And then the Patriots kept throwing with a 37-0 lead and Brady hit James White with a TD pass with only two minutes left. I’m not sure what disgusts me more – the Patriots running up the score or the fact that no Dolphins player ran over to the sideline and punched Bill Belichick in his big fat gut. Yesterday, the Patriots showed their true colors. Again. So, with that bitter taste in my mouth, it will be fun to see the Pats backtrack when AB gets suspended by the league very soon.

4) The Vikings really are a running team. I must admit that I was skeptical about the Vikings commitment to the run for the entire season. Sure, it worked in the first game against the Falcons, but I thought it might waver against the Packers. Especially as the Pack took a 21-0 lead early in the second quarter. Oh, how wrong I was. The Vikings ran the ball 27 times and passed it 32 times in a game where they were down big. I will take the Vikes at their word from here on in. In fact, I am guessing the Vikings run the ball 50 times against the new, old Raiders this Sunday. Hello Dalvin Cook.

5) Nice revenge game Sean Payton and the Saints. Yes, I know that Drew Brees got hurt early in the game yesterday. However, don’t the Saints have savior Taysom Hill on their team? Isn’t Teddy Bridgewater a solid backup QB? Shouldn’t “genius” Sean Payton have prepared for this potential scenario throughout preseason? How come the rest of the Saints non-injured players didn’t step up in this revenge game? All I know is that Payton is so clearly not a genius and the Saints are lucky not to be 0-2.

Hope the NFL weekend treated you well and good luck in all your contests tonight.

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  • Pick1979

    Go Cry about the Pats in Therapy

    Thou I totally agree with Points 2./5. Bridgewater is the master of the 4 yard pass.

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