NBA Quarter Arcade Challenge- Day Five

The Challenge

As a beginning NBA DFS player my goal is to get ahead of the learning curve using my strengths and the tools of RotoGrinders. After some serious thought, I recognized that my strength as a DFS player was developing a core of players and multi entering varieties of this core. I will be using the Daily Grind Down, Incentive articles, Vegas Lines, and the advanced stats to develop a core of players for each slate. The DFS Alerts tab and app will be crucial to my success as well, I strongly suggest using it each day. From my research I will choose exposure levels for my core players using the lineup generator tool. I will then select my favorite generated lineups and export directly to the Quarter Arcade at DraftKings.
I made an initial deposit of $50 and will be playing 10% of that bankroll each night, with the plan of taking down the Arcade at some point! Since we are playing the Quarter Arcade I will convert my initial deposit of $50 to 200 tokens, $0.25 each. The goal is to increase my initial token account over the course of this challenge with some major cashes. Below you can find my current token count before day 5.

Initial Current Net
200 224 24

Day Five

Today’s blog will be a bit different and it addresses the latest news of the NY Attorney General’s decision to outlaw DFS in New York which is a complete joke. But first let’s talk about day five. I will keep it short as my focus has been more on the absurdness of the decision than my thought process and results from last night. I was hurt by the Anthony Davis injury as he was in 8 of 23 lineups and Durant who was in 6. I was able to swap out Wiggins so I was not hurt by the late scratch. Overall I cashed in only 5 of 23 lineups which is just below a 22% cash rate. Once again it was not a complete dud of a day so I am happy with the result. It is important to maintain bankroll management so I can take play as many lineups possible for as many slates possible. Below you will see how my scores did for the night versus the cash line and my mean score of the night.

Today’s slate has 11 games which is a bit large for me and I probably lose any edge with this size of a slate. There is a 4 game slate available today which I plan to take full advantage of by entering 21 lineups. The limited player pool helps me in analysis as I can focus in on four games rather than trying to analyze a total of 22 matchups in 11 games. Sorry for the short analysis we will get back on track tomorrow! But now it is time for me to voice my opinion.

Poor Representation

DFS has become a daily hobby for millions of us. Especially our community here at RotoGrinders. The majority of DFS players play on a daily basis because they love sports. This is being lost in controversy of the scripting, multi-entry and insider trading controversy. I would imagine that the big time sharks are accountable for 1% of the DFS population while the other 99% play DFS as a hobby and an escape from the real world, like myself. Upon reading the articles yesterday it dawned on me what my daily routine would be without DFS. Gone would be the days of waking up and checking the box scores from the night before. No longer would I plug in my headphones on the way to class to listen to Dan Back discuss the latest industry news and analyze the slates of the day. My lunch break would no longer consist of reading the Daily Grind Down and incentive articles. While studying and doing homework I would no longer be able to listen to the Grinder’s live podcasts breaking down the day’s slate. A huge part of my life would be gone.

I joined RotoGrinders in May of 2015, during baseball season, my favorite sport. I listened to Dan Back every day and Crazy Gabey and Dean78904(wow I remembered that from memory!), as well as Hoop2410. I loved listening to these guys every day and it became a must do every day, even if I knew I would not be playing that slate. Hearing sports analysis become an integral part to my day. I loved hearing techniques on roster creation and finding value in tough slates. I would read through the forums and connect with other players throughout the country. I am what some would call an introvert and this allowed me to communicate with others in the industry. It gave me a sense of belonging and gave me a challenge every day. I am sure I am not the only person in this situation and that is what enrages me about the previous decision. The DFS industry has created a family atmosphere.

This atmosphere was developed by the professionals giving insight into their strategy at almost no cost. Players like DraftCheat, JMToWin, Jonathan Bales, Dan Back, StlCardinals84, Notorious,headChopper, Pepsi7 and so many more have attributed to the community’s growth and have even learned from one another. If this ends up being the true end for DFS I would like to thank all of you for creating this community and allowing myself and many others to be a part of. In what is portrayed as a money hungry industry these gentleman (and ladies, Stefana Bell and more) have portrayed nothing but selflessness. Yes they paid by websites like RotoGrinders but I would guess their real salary comes from actually playing DFS. They were integral parts to the development of Daily Fantasy sports and it does not go unnoticed. Thank you!

While I believe DFS will survive it is important to portray the real side of DFS, and that is our side! We are a strong community who loves sports and analytics. We don’t play for the huge cash out and the get rich opportunity, but we play for entertainment.
We take enjoyment in finding that value play in a great matchup that no one will be on. We create projections and models that we hope will beat everyone else. We play for the escape from real life and the enjoyment from the combination of sports and analytics. Daily Fantasy Sports is being portrayed poorly and we must fix its image.

Thank you guys for reading as always. I hope to have results up from tonight’s 4 game turbo tomorrow. I will be going to the Jets game so I hope to have something out before that. As always good luck tonight and I hope to see you tomorrow!

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