Stop hating on the Analysts!

Recently there has been a trend in the DFS analyst community to distance themselves away from “picks” and become “DFS” teachers. Let’s face it, many Subs don’t want to learn how to become better DFS players. They just want to be spoon fed winning picks and hit a large field GPP, like every week. Over time, those same Subs disappear from chat rooms because they just cannot survive the tricky terrain that DFS presents to them. Generally before they leave a certain subscription or DFS entirely, they go on a huge rant that can last for several weeks. Some of this can get ugly. We have all witnessed them in Chat,on Twitter, and other social outlets available to them. Generally there is a lot of profanity and capital letters used. We all understand they pay for content and want to win. But if they are constantly getting crushed, they may need to rethink their future in DFS. Here are three tips for those individuals that are not where they want to be in their DFS careers, and are on the cusp of hating on the analysts.

Rule number 1 – Study ALL the content the site has to offer! The number one issue these individuals have is poor timing. They get home 30 minutes before roster lock and drop 30% of their bankroll into large field GPP’s. Then its beer (or stronger) and scratch off time. Did they bother to look at updates? Weather? Starting lineups? Defensive injuries? (Late scratches are not just in BBall!), You get the picture. It sounds obvious but just a little attention to the slate will take you a long way. We just love it when these haters enter Chat and start out the session the same way every day/night. “So who we like tonight boys?” The question is WHO DO YOU LIKE TONIGHT? Of course the real reason they have nothing to offer is because they are playing DFS passively and have not been properly trained. Later on in the chat they will be the first person to point out the guys on the cheat sheet that didn’t perform very well or didn’t play at all. I agree some sites are very bad about updating content (RG is not), but ultimately it’s your click. So rule number one is find the teaching parts of the site and learn about SE’s, cash games, and maybe just maybe articles that don’t mention anybody. That’s right nobody in particular. Just theory. When that is mastered, move on to rule number two.

Rule number 2 – Become your own cheat sheet! That’s right! Develop your own player pool. If it happens to overlap with a trusted analyst that’s just great and should just reinforce the work that went into your own research. How many times have you heard a mad Sub in the chatroom say “I don’t need these idiots to tell me to play Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon tonight!” If you do your homework you will certainly start to understand when those two guys are healthy and is smash matchups, you should start your lineups with at least one of them. Then the lightbulb will go off that you need supporting players to go along with the large salaries. If winning lineups are studied it will be clear that good DFS players all roster the big guys in smash spots. It’s the smaller salaried guys that will round out your player pool… Sounds basic, but try to pick all the one offs that actually are involved with large implied totals that have a high snap share. Build your player pool with little guys that fly with the Eagles. Man speaking of the Eagles, are they even going to win the division? I digress…If none of this makes sense, use several articles on RG or your favorite site and pull pieces from each to create your player pool. On to Rule number three.

Rule number 3 – Be a fan of the sport! I’ll go back in time to MLB for this one…Baseball is a stat rich sport. After rule number one and two are understood, statistical probability should enter the picture, and hopefully the right stats. Back in MLB chat I remember a gentleman that was all in on Ronald Acuna vs Rich Hill. His reasons? Hill was old, on the road, and somewhere he read Acuna crushes curve balls. That’s it. So the gent was making progress kinda… But if he was a fan of the game he would know Hill makes hitters look really stupid trying to hit his curveball. Most sites will show you Acuna is decent hitting curves, but Hill has an exceptional one, and even at his advanced age is still has a mean vertical drop. That night Acuna struck out twice, and Hill totaled 8 K’s. I’ll take 33.4 DK points from an old guy any night. Side note…avoid guys that rely on curveballs in Coors…much less drop…I digress…missing baseball a bit. How about that Mookie kid huh?

So although we empathize with mad Subs, we also must understand analysts mix in good calls with good calls that do not work out daily. Yes change your thinking here. There are no bad calls, there are only calls that do not work out. The future cannot be accurately predicted. So get over it. We also must understand some analysts were probably mad subs at one time or another, and learned how to be successful rather than complain. Lastly, analysts do not control your mouse button. So mad Sub, if you are listening, own your clicks and stop hating on the analysts.
Good luck in BBall tonight and in week 12! If you have a bunch of DK crowns, think about using them this week! YOLO.

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  • TMH887

    Well said. I saw one person whining 2 weeks ago because “the so-called experts never even mentioned Trubisky as a good option!”.

    Believe it or not, you ARE capable of formulating your own thoughts and opinions.

  • Jedi_Pred

    • Blogger of the Month

    Agree TMH, thank you for the comment!

  • Whosiere41

    • Blogger of the Month

    This is a great post. Reminds me of 8th grade science class when I studied my ass off to get good grades and the guy sitting across from me slept every day and cheated off me during tests. I finally had enough of getting him his grades, so on the next test I intentionally answered all the questions wrong, and after he turned in his test he returned to his seat to see me erasing all my answers and putting in the correct ones. I got an A and he got an F. He was pissed but he learned a lesson.

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