The All-Time NBA Fantasy All-Star Team

michael jordan

So this is going to be more for fun than anything else and I’m sorry that it doesn’t provide much insight into anything related to your daily gambling. But with the All-Star break coming up I had this wild idea to go back through time and find out who the best fantasy players would be. Now it’s not a perfect science so feel free to comment and add-in whoever you please. But the following guys would make my 8 man(DS Style) roster for their career statistics on the All-Time Fantasy Team. The set-up is gonna be pretty easy, I’ll list the player at a given position, then talk about other guys who might be considered as honorable mentions.

**Some older players do not have turnover data or blocks/steals data, so I averaged 2.5 TO per game and 4.0 BPG+SPG where NA is entered.

  • PPG=points per game
  • RPG=rebounds per game
  • APG=assists per game
  • TOPG=turnovers per game
  • BPG+SPG=blocks per game + steals per game
  • MTSPG=average missed TOTAL shots per game(missed field goals + missed free throws average)
  • DS FPPG=DraftStreet Average Fantasy Points Per Game
  • FD FPPG=FanDuel Average Fantasy Points Per Game
GUARD #1 OSCAR ROBERTSON 25.7 7.5 9.5 NA 1.1 11.16 43.44 42.4
GUARD #2 MICHAEL JORDAN 30.1 6.2 5.3 2.73 3.2 13.27 42.83 45.27
FORWARD #1 LEBRON JAMES 27.7 7.1 6.9 3.35 2.5 12.88 42.15 43.35
FORWARD #2 KARL MALONE 25.0 10.1 3.6 3.07 2.1 10.94 38.54 39.83
CENTER #1 WILT CHAMBERLAIN 30.1 22.9 4.4 NA NA 15.9 63.98 63.4
CENTER #2 SHAQUILLE O’NEAL 23.7 10.9 2.74 2.5 2.9 11.14 37.77 36.86
UTILITY #1 JERRY WEST 27.0 5.8 6.7 NA 3.3 12.5 42.65 44.1
UTILITY #2 ALLEN IVERSON 26.7 3.7 6.2 3.57 2.4 14.47 33.34 37.83



Alright so that is what I came up with for the all-time best fantasy roster. Here are some other guys I liked with the reasoning behind why they came up a bit short.


-The lack of statistics scared me away a bit, as I didn’t feel too comfortable estimating his blocks, steals and turnovers. The guys I estimated for were ones I knew a lot about, and I am in the dark a bit on Baylor’s incredible career.


-The biggest debate I had was deciding between Shaq and Bill Russell. But again my dilemma came down to the data. I know Bill Russell is considered the greatest shot blocker of all time, but blocks weren’t counted when he was playing. So to put a guess on his blocks per game would be really difficult. All in all though, he might be a better play than Shaq for fantasy.


-He averaged more points per game than Iverson, but Iverson has the overall numbers to barely edge out Bob Pettit in this one. No denying that Pettit is an all-time great, but I just liked The Answer a little more. Again, I’m not perfect so if I’m wrong or you disagree, let me know.


-My biggest issue with Kobe Bryant is the assists and rebounds. He has averaged 10 rebounds and assists combined per game over his career. A prolific scorer and a prolific winner, but his all around fantasy game has not always been his strong point. If this were a one game scenario though, Kobe would be on the roster all day. Not many people can blow up quite like Kobe.


-He didn’t make it to 800 career games for his career, and I really tried to focus on guys who played closer to the 900 career games area(besides LeBron who’s still playing.) Longevity in a career plays a big role, but Gervin’s stats were definitely in the range of all of the current starters on my lineup.

-The guy who makes me most nervous I made a mistake. If there is one player you could make the biggest argument for in this, it would be Abdul-Jabbar. He’s an all-time great, I just liked Shaq a little better here. I completely understand the other side of the argument though.


-An all-time great winner, but his stats left him just a bit short for this. He was probably the best pure jump shooter of all time, and if this was a fantasy roster in a playoff game scenario, Bird would join my lineup all day. For typical fantasy nights though, he’s on the outside looking in.

So let me know what you think. It’s a pretty raw data set, but I thought it would be cool to look at how some of these guys would measure up in the daily fantasy world. Again, I’m sure I missed someone and if I did, then comment and let me know who you think would be a good addition. Obviously you could never have all of these players in a given night for fantasy, but it’s always fun to dream. Thanks for reading.

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