To Fade or Not to Fade: A Letter to the NBA

Dear Mr. Silver,

You have a serious issue on your hands. As we approach the end of the basketball season, this problem will only intensify. As a daily fantasy player and fan of basketball, it has become extremely annoying. It’s no wonder I enjoy watching football more. This idea of resting players has reached a new level of absurdity. Even worse, it’s being highlighted every Saturday night on your game of the week telecast. People get to tune in to listen to Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy, and Mark Jackson discuss what is wrong with the current attitude of both players and coaches resting players. There are solutions to this problem. As a teacher, when students come to me with problems, I want them to also come to me with solutions. This is what I want to do for you. Some solutions, I’m sure have been discussed by your brain trust. The ultimate goal is to come to a solution where all sides (fans, players, GMs, and the league) come out better.

Shortening the Season/Changing the Schedule

Taking the less is more approach and shortening the season may solve this resting dilemma. Granted, I do not know how much that would cost the league in revenue. Perhaps this solution would cost more than help. However, if the season is shortened, there would be less back to backs or 3 games in 4 night scenarios.

The other idea would be to change the schedule of games. Along with shortening the season, you could change the days the games are played on. My thought would be to have games on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Yes the back to backs would still exist, but there are built in days to provide rest before the next set of games begin. Also, you avoid going up against the NFL in the beginning of the season. While you have plenty of talent in your league, you will still struggle going against the giant that is NFL.

Take a Page from the NFL

Look at what the NFL has done with injury reports.

“Teams must notify the league, their opponent, local and national media, and the league’s broadcast partners of the status of their injured players by 4 P.M. ET the day before their next scheduled game.” Add to this injured or resting players and now you have it in writing where people cannot deny it. This will be great for fans so they can attempt to sell their tickets the next time LeBron or Steph Curry choose to take a night off.

When All Else Fails, Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts

Start fining players, coaches, and organizations for resting players. Make it a percentage of their salary and not a flat amount. This way, those who make more will take a financial hit. Use that money to donate to my student loan payments (sort of kidding) or find schools in need around the team’s geographical location.

Mr. Silver, I wish you the best in finding a solution to this ridiculous problem. I do understand that playing 82 games takes a toll on the human body as well as a mental toll. Just remember that some young kid came to the game to watch his/her favorite player only to hear they couldn’t tough it out and play a game. It’s a game. Let me know if you would like to setup a meeting to discuss my solutions. You can reach me via twitter Mr. Silver. My Twitter handle is JMcGrath330.

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  • Swish65

    The league couldn’t care less about the fans, or people that play fantasy sports. Unless something is done that affects their bottom line, nothing will change.

  • noble150

    It would be great if the ability to swap out players was available up to each game’s start time, rather than locking a complete lineup including late games, by 7-7:30pm. Many times players are ruled out after lock (I know a lot has been written about this) but if it was more flexible like football, a lot of this consternation over resting players at least from a DFS POV would subside. From a league/fan perspective, it sucks, as many fans go to games to see the stars, only to find out they are holding a ticket to a game with rested stars. Big image issue. I was watching the horrible Cavs at Clippers the other night, and a fan was holding a sign stating ‘I came to see Lebron’, meanwhile he was ‘resting’. This is a joke and really waters down the product. Something has to change. Injuries happen but these guys are the highest paid in sports, they should be playing if healthy.

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