Uncut Gems

MLB is back! PGA is back! NBA is almost back! My desire to write blogs is back! Things are good. Well……. ok, I won’t get negative this early in the blog. That comes later on. However, let’s start by focusing on the positives. First, blogging on Rotogrinders is a privilege and my creative juices are flowing. Thank you again RG for making this possible for members. Second, MLB baseball is back. No fans. Who cares. Teams are playing. Pitchers are blowing up. Teams are putting up runs in hot weather. The Red Sox have busted in 2 out of 3 games (remember how many times they failed early last year?). And the DFS sweats are kicking in. I basically broke even over the weekend, yet it was exciting to do real research again and watch players excel (that’s you Nelson Cruz) and others crash out in the first inning (pointing at Corey Kluber). In real-life, baseball bores the pants off of me. But, in DFS, baseball might be my favorite sport to play. So, I am very thankful that it is back. At least for the moment…..

Today’s blog is going to be all over the place. I had planned on writing about what has transpired over the last 4 months of our country’s and sports’ Covid driven “holidays”. That sounds so much better than “quarantine”, doesn’t it? But then so much has happened in the DFS world since Friday, that I now want to write about that. You know what? How about both? Yes!! So, strap in, bear with me and I hope you enjoy the read.

Uncut Gems is a bad movie. I think it is likely that we all have tried to do different things during our respective holidays. I tried out some things that I didn’t want to do. Just to try something new and see how it went. I hate painting. So, I painted one of the rooms in our house. I hate the idea of camping, but had never actually gone camping. So, my wife and I camped out a couple nights. I hate mentoring people at work. So, I volunteered to be a mentor for a summer intern. And while I love movies of all types, Uncut Gems just looked unappealing to me. Yes I know that loads of people in the DFS world like this movie and it received some critical acclaim. Still, it looked shaky to me. So, I watched it early on during the holiday. And I hated it. Disliked it from about 15 minutes in, yet watched the whole thing. And while I was definitely surprised by the ending, that is exactly how it should have ended. So, what was my problem with the movie? Easy. There is not one redeemable character in the movie. They are all scumbags. Adam Sandler is. His wife is. His girlfriend is. The Weekend is. Kevin Garnett is. The guy who worked with Sandler and brought Garnett in is. The guys chasing Sandler are. Even Sandler’s kids are. Every single actor or actress who graced the screen was hateable. But, now that I have watched it, I never will be tempted to watch it again.

The Washington Football Team is a disgrace. Only Dan Snyder and the front office there could f*ck up what should have been a positive moment with the team getting rid of the Redskins name. Shocking that it took this long. And yet, the team didn’t actually change its name yet, evidently because they can’t think of a name that isn’t already trademarked by some schlub. Really? Yes, really. So, the team is now known as the “Washington Football Team” and losing out on easy revenue for products with whatever the new name should have been by now. And you know what else Washington’s fans have to look forward to this year? Nothing. Nada. Zero things. That is because this team, no matter what its name is, is devoid of any talent and could go 2-14 this season.

What happened this weekend with FantasyDraft? I wasn’t playing on FantasyDraft Friday night, so admittedly I didn’t follow this debacle in real time. But, evidently, contests that were guaranteed and posted and had overlay (don’t know how much or how many) just disappeared and the site was down and devoid of any contests offered until Sunday night. The company is offering a freeroll for people impacted by Friday night’s issues as well as a general freeroll tonight. Ok, I get that and give them credit for trying to aid those impacted by Friday’s problems as well as the lack of contests this entire weekend. However, what the F happened? Will there be an email from FantasyDraft to all of its customers (of which I am one) explaining what exactly plagued the site Friday and this weekend? Seems like that is what every other company does when its has issues. Can you imagine if Amazon’s website and/or app went down for even three hours and they didn’t email and post on their Twitter what exactly was going on? Neither can I. So, I look forward to a more specific explanation how FantasyDraft went from promoting contests 30 minutes before Friday’s lock to cancelling them all for the entire weekend.

Play the Twins every day. Yesterday, the Twins scored the same amount of run as the Cubs, Brewers and Red Sox COMBINED. Nelson Cruz went ham and the Twins put up 14 runs in a favorable matchup with the White Sox. We all need to remember that this is what the Twins do. This team was almost always underowned on real slates last year and we should take advantage of this. The Twins are good, they can hit and we should always consider playing them.

Covid 19 is running through the MLB. This morning alone, we have received news that the Marlins/Orioles and Yankees/Phillies games are cancelled tonight due to Covid related issues. Numerous Reds were scratched yesterday as well. A number of other players have had Covid 19 over the past couple weeks. So, what is the outlook for MLB here? This is tricky as you want/need to stop the outbreak as quickly as possible. So, should the Marlins be quarantined for 10-14 days and not play any games? What about their opponents? What about teams that have 2 or 3 guys with it? And given baseball is a sport made for social distancing (except for the catcher, batter, umpire), what does this mean for the NBA and NFL? I personally am very pessimistic for both sports and will be pleasantly surprised if the NBA even makes it two weeks. I just hope the MLB makes it through this.

That’s good enough for today. As for tonight MLB’s slate, between rain issues and Covid issues, just stack the Astros and the Red Sox and find a couple pitchers who could go 5 innings and win the money. Good luck to all in their contests tonight.

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