Weekend Warrior DFS and Sports Betting Challenge-FanDuel WNBA Playoffs 9/15

WNBA Main 09/15 3pm ET

Starting Balance $112.75 Entry Fees $2.00 Winnings $0.00 Ending Balance $110.75 Profit $-2.00 ROI -100.0%
September MTD WNBA (FanDuel) Entries 19 Buy-In $13.00 Winnings $0.00 Profit $-13.00 ROI -100.0%


This should be easy for me to pick out a lineup for Sunday, but my confidence has been shot here lately with WNBA. I don’t understand where I am going wrong, and all I know to do is keep grinding away until I do get some results that I like. I have added another column with (x value) or FPPM/ (Salary*1000). And, I have shortened the stats to be for the last 2 games instead of 3. I’m just trying something different as I attempt to win one of these tournaments, which isn’t for much on Sunday in the one I’m playing in ($30 top prize), but at this point I don’t care, as I have lost $11 over the course of the month. I am looking at this slate to hopefully turn it all around and win some money.

For guards, I like a several of them, but I really have to decide where I want to spend up, either guard or forward or if I want to play more of a balanced lineup. It’s going to be hard to get to Diamond DeShields, but I’m determined to get to a lineup that will allow me to play her. She is guard eligible, and l like the idea of playing someone like her who is probably going to get me at least 30 FPTS and is less owned than normal for someone of that caliber and priced at $7200. Then, I think I can give one more shot to Gabby Williams at $5000 and maybe even Allie Quigley for the cost savings over Courtney Vandersloot. If I can get to Jordin Canada at $6500 I will play her, but most likely I will end up on Jewell Loyd for her price of $5900. For more value, I can go to either Riquna Williams or Sydney Wiese on the Sparks, where Wiese has been returning a tad more value than Williams and is cutting into her minutes as well. Wiese might turn out to be a prime tournament target for me at her price. Finally, do I want to play any of these Aces guards? I guess that Kayla McBride could be a sneaky play at her price, since I don’t really see the need to go to anyone else. I wouldn’t go to Jackie Young unless Tamera Young is out, and I think that is the spot to play her. I can’t see spending quite up to $5800, and McBride may just give me that slight edge I’m looking for here.

That’s it for the guards, and the forwards is where I think it will get interesting. If I can play some of the values at guard, how much will it leave me for forward. That’s for me to try and figure out. I’m trying to think if A’ja Wilson will be highly owned, and if I could just not play her so that I can possibly spend up a little bit at one or two of the guard positions. But will I need Wilson also for how good she is playing, or I can pivot off her to Natasha Howard. I don’t think I will due to her minutes recently. I don’t want to have to, but it looks like I will be looking to Alysha Clark and Mercedes Russell due to the erratic pricing we are seeing and Stefanie Dolson is out of the equation again for me since her price is up to $6100 after one game. I had thought about going as low as Langhorne or Mosqueda-Lewis, but that was until I saw that they really aren’t returning much value at all. This is making it much more of a balanced lineup, so I really doubt now I’ll make it to DeShields. I can have some interest in Chiney Ogwumike, since she is doing very well in limited playing time. It doesn’t look like Nneka is in good form, but she better get it together soon, unless the Sparks don’t need her and can rely on Parker. For her minutes and price, though, I really don’t want to get stuck rostering her or Nneka. With Gabby Williams being guard eligible, and I have her listed as a forward, I am thinking about taking her over the other Chicago front court, since she is getting similar production, and I think she will go low owned, but I still also may be inclined to play either Ndour and/or Dolson for some cost savings over A’ja Wilson.

Storm @ Sparks

Seattle Storm

Position Price FPPG (Last 2 Games) Avg. Min (Last 2 Games) FPPM FP/$K (x value)
G1 Jordin Canada- 22.3 6500 31.8 28 1.15 4.89
G2 Sami Whitcomb 4200 7.3 14 0.54 1.74
G3/F6 Shavonte Zellous 3800 13.4 12 1.16 3.53
G4 Blake Dietrick 3000 0.3 2 0.17 0.1
G5 Jewell Loyd- 20.4 5900 30.1 24 1.25 5.1
G6 Sue Bird OUT 3000 0 0 0 0
F1 Alysha Clark- 8.5 5700 22.2 25 0.9 3.89
F2/C3 Mercedes Russell- 24.6 5400 19.8 26 0.78 3.67
F3/C1 Natasha Howard- 49.2 7800 33.6 26 1.29 4.31
F4 Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis 3700 6.6 14 0.47 1.78
F5/C2 Crystal Langhorne 4000 10.8 18 0.62 2.7
C4 Courtney Paris 3200 4.4 9 0.49 1.38

Los Angeles Sparks

Position Price FPPG (Last 2 Games) Avg. Min (Last 2 Games) FPPM FP/$K (x value)
G1 Chelsea Gray- 37.6 6600 26.5 27 0.98 4.02
G2 Riquna Williams- 20.8 5200 19.4 22 0.9 3.73
G3 Alana Beard 3900 8 10 0.84 2.05
G4 Sydney Wiese- 13.4 4700 19.3 23 0.86 4.11
G5/F2 Tierra Ruffin-Pratt 4200 15 22 0.68 3.57
G6 Alexis Jones 3500 4.1 9 0.48 1.17
G7 Marina Mabrey 3600 9.7 6 1.62 2.69
F1/C3 Candace Parker 7300 28.9 24 1.23 3.96
F3/C1 Nneka Ogwumike 7000 22.7 20 1.14 3.24
C2 Chiney Ogwumike- 12.8 5300 21.1 16 1.36 3.98
C4 Maria Vadeeva 4700 15.6 9 1.83 3.32
C5 Kalani Brown 4100 11.4 10 1.2 2.78

Sky @ Aces

Chicago Sky

Position Price FPPG (Last 2 Games) Avg. Min (Last 2 Games) FPPM FP/$K (x value)
G1 Courtney Vandersloot 7500 24.9 28 0.89 3.32
G2 Allie Quigley- 20.8 6000 24.9 26 0.96 4.15
G4 Jamierra Faulkner 3000 5.7 5 1.14 1.9
G5/F6 Kahleah Copper- 25.6 4500 13 13 1 2.89
F1 Diamond DeShields- 30.7 7200 31.5 32 1 4.38
F2/C2 Jantel Lavender OUT 3000 0 0 0 0
F3 Gabby Williams- 6.5 5000 22.3 17 1.35 4.46
F4/C3 Cheyenne Parker 5900 16.8 19 0.88 2.85
C1 Stefanie Dolson- 30.9 6100 21.6 22 1 3.54
C4 Astou Ndour- 34.1 6300 21.1 19 1.14 3.35

Las Vegas Aces

Position Price FPPG (Last 2 Games) Avg. Min (Last 2 Games) FPPM FP/$K (x value)
G1 Kayla McBride- 18.6 5500 23.8 27 0.9 4.33
G2 Kelsey Plum 4800 15.2 24 0.63 3.17
G3 Sugar Rodgers 3800 7.7 6 1.39 2.03
G4/F4 Tamera Young 4900 15.8 28 0.57 3.22
G5/F2 Jackie Young 5800 25.1 23 1.09 4.33
G6 Sydney Colson 3600 4.2 2 2.8 1.17
F1 A’ja Wilson- 30.7 7700 37.8 31 1.22 4.91
F3 Dearica Hamby 6400 16.9 24 0.7 2.64
C1 Liz Cambage- 64.9 7600 34.7 19 1.88 4.57
C2 Carolyn Swords GTD 3200 0 0 0 0
C3 Ji-Su Park 3000 4.3 6 0.72 1.43


Even though I did lose here, the margin for error was small, and I missed on on several players that I thought I needed, but it only turns out that I really needed Kahleah Copper and Liz Cambage, and that was it. It would have seemed like I would have needed Chelsea Gray or Natasha Howard, but as you can see it was still possible for me with Copper and Cambage to win the tournament. The only thing I can be upset about is I haven’t won all month, so I needed a moral victory for myself even it was just for minimum cash, I would have been happy. I was not on Cambage since her minutes weren’t there, but she was getting 34.7 FPTS over the last two in 19 minutes/game or 1.88 FPPM, which was huge, and she got 32 minutes in this one. Maybe they were just saving her for this big game that was an elimination game, I don’t know, but that’s what I can take from it. And, as far as Kahleah Copper is concerned, I was more on Gabby Williams who only received 8 minutes to Copper’s 19 minutes. That was the fuel she needed to finally light the fire and I wish I would have gotten to her at only $4500.

My Best Lineup (58.7 FPTS out of 1st):

G Sydney Wiese LA $4700 13.4
G Riquna Williams LA $5200 20.8
G Jordin Canada SEA $6500 22.3
F Mercedes Russell SEA $5400 24.6
F Astou Ndour CHI $6300 34.1
F Alysha Clark SEA $5700 8.5
F Stefanie Dolson CHI $6100 30.9
$39900 154.6

Possible Winning Lineup:

G Kahleah Copper CHI $4500 25.6
G Riquna Williams LA $5200 20.8
G Sydney Wiese LA $4700 13.4
F Mercedes Russell SEA $5400 24.6
F Astou Ndour CHI $6300 34.1
F Liz Cambage LV $7600 64.9
F Stefanie Dolson CHI $6100 30.9
$39900 214.5

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