Weekend Warrior DFS Challenge

I could be all out of money after tomorrow if things don’t go well. I have 6 lineups going to tonight’s NBA game and 20 lineups going to the IND VS. NY WNBA game tomorrow. Looking for a big win in one or both and will look to deposit $15 before next weekend.

My strategy for tonight’s game TOR VS. MIL is to have a 10 player pool but with only 1 captain I have in mind (locked). This is giving me 6 lineups with a top prize of $600.

For tomorrow’s WNBA Showdown IND VS. NY, I will have 20 lineups with 12 players in my pool and 1 captain (locked). Rotogrinders has not added the showdown slate to their Lineup IQ, so I am waiting on that. It may turn out I can even cut down the lineups from 20.

Update: I have decided to go ahead and use my player pool to manually build my lineups. Now I am ending up with 4 different captains and my player pool is at 11 since we got the news Kia Stokes is out.

This will be a first with WNBA slate and multi entry, so that will be interesting. I think it could even give me some leverage on the field. I saw two users there who even maxed out their lineups. And the top prize is $43.50, which I’m sure will deter several people from actually wanting to enter this contest, and probably the fear of actually diving into a new sport category.

This is actually good for me just to go with what I think and leave it all on the line. If I do well great, if not, I’m going to be analyzing and see what I could have done different if it makes sense or not. I will probably start ignoring all kinds of advice since I’ve been playing long enough. I really just want to be able to own my picks and relax when the game (s) are going on and not sweat so much (about my cash either).

I can let you know how I do tomorrow for the NBA Showdown and Saturday for the WNBA Showdown. I would invite you to play in these contests and maybe we’ll have something to compare with one another.


After my disastrous outing with WNBA, I am just itching to play one more contest this weekend, namely the Game 6 Showdown between the Raptors and Bucks tomorrow.

This series has been such a joy to try and pick, and I have a feeling I could have a good day tomorrow. I have deposited $5.00 ahead of next weekend and I will deposit another $10.00 before the next contest I enter. (Trying to still hold to the $15.00/month budget I have set).

NBA DK Showdown 5/23/19 TOR VS. MIL- Game 5

Starting Balance $5.67 Entry Fees $1.00 Winnings $0.75 Ending Balance $5.42 ROI -25%

I decided to run back out Norman Powell, except this time I put him as captain, and this is what I thought I needed to do to get up to Leonard and Antetokoumnpo. I only played 6 lineups this time.

I ended up fading the following:

Eric Bledsoe 5.6K 27.0 FPTS
Kris Middleton 9.4K 34.0 FPTS
Malcolm Brogdon 7.0K 43.75 FPTS
George Hill 3.6K 24.5 FPTS
Brook Lopez 6.0K 28.5 FPTS
Danny Green 4.0K 3.3 FPTS
Pat Connaughton 1.6K 10.5 FPTS

My best lineup was:

CPT Norman Powell 6.6K 21.75 FPTS
UTIL G. Antetokoumnpo 11.6K 42.50 FPTS
UTIL Kawhi Leonard 11.4K 63.25 FPTS
UTIL Kyle Lowry 8.8K 36.75 FPTS
UTIL Paskal Siakam 8.0K 43.25 FPTS
UTIL Fred VanVleet 2.6K 29.25 FPTS
49.0K 236.75 FPTS

I was 41.37 FPTS out of first. Out of the players I faded, I should have at least played Malcolm Brogdon, who ended up with 43.75 DK FPTS, adding him to my player pool, and also George Hill for salary relief. I don’t think you could get away not playing Leonard as captain, so as far as I know this is the perfect lineup that awarded $28.64 for a 58-way tie for first place in the particular contest I played in.

CPT Kawhi Leonard 17.1K 94.875 FPTS
UTIL Malcolm Brogdon 7.0K 43.75 FPTS
UTIL Fred VanVleet 2.6K 29.25 FPTS
UTIL George Hill 3.6K 24.5 FPTS
UTIL Paskal Siakam 8.0K 43.25 FPTS
UTIL G. Antetokoumnpo 11.6K 42.5 FPTS
49.9K 278.12 FPTS

WNBA DK Showdown 5/24/19 IND VS. NY

Starting Balance $5.42 Entry Fees $5.00 Winnings $0.00 Ending Balance $0.42 ROI -100%

Like I said, I had 20 lineups with 4 captains and an 11 player pool.

The four captains I picked were:

Tina Charles 15.9K 77.25
Kelsey Mitchell 8.4K 10.125
Candice Dupree 15.0K 44.625
Kia Nurse 11.4K 23.625

Key Players Faded:

Erica Wheeler 4.2K 31.5 FPTS
Teaira McCowan 9.4K 21.5 FPTS

My top lineup out of 20 scored 147 DK FPTS, 59.25 FPTS out of 1st.

CPT Tina Charles 15.9K 77.25 FPTS
UTIL Natalie Achonwa 8.6K 16.00 FPTS
UTIL Rebecca Allen 3.8K 20.25 FPTS
UTIL Brittany Boyd 8.0K 11.00 FPTS
UTIL Kelsey Mitchell 5.6K 6.75 FPTS
UTIL Kia Nurse 7.6K 15.75 FPTS
49.5K 147.00 FPTS

Let’s start out by replacing Kelsey Mitchell with Erica Wheeler at 4.2K, which will free up an additional 1.4K, and also try to replace the low scorers with some of the higher scorers.

CPT Tina Charles 15.9K 77.25 FPTS
UTIL Teaira McCowan 9.4K 21.5 FPTS
UTIL Rebecca Allen 3.8K 20.25 FPTS
UTIL Candice Dupree 10.0K 29.75 FPTS
UTIL Erica Wheeler 4.2K 31.50 FPTS
UTIL Tina Mitchell 6.6K 33.25 FPTS
49.9K 213.50 FPTS

This is the most optimal lineup I can arrive at which would have resulted in 1st place and $43.50. I was missing two players in my player pool, Teaira McCowen and Erica Wheeler. I really did miss the boat on this one, but what we need to see is that even though you lose money sometimes, it is important to see who you are missing that would have made the difference.

This was my first take at WNBA multi-entry on opening night and for me some of the preseason numbers did not add up when I was trying to select my players. Also, I know for some people this is small potatoes, but it is just on a smaller scale and would apply to any slate. It’s just a matter of how much you are entering and the entree fee.

NBA DK Showdown 5/25/19 TOR VS. MIL- Game 6

Starting Balance $0.42 Deposit $25.00 Entry Fees $25.00 Winnings $1.50 Ending Balance $1.92 ROI -94%

Wow, did I get sucked into this one! I had such a good feeling about this one, but it went sour for me a little bit. Congratulations though Raptors! I have borrowed into my July balance, so I will definitely have to cool off for a while and not play as much, and I won’t stay too disappointed since I was really only 26.26 out of first in a tight race and a lot of key contributors did not perform as well as I would hope.

My best lineup ended up being this one, only 26.26 out of first (only cashed on 2 out of 60 lineups!):

CPT Kawhi Leonard 17.7K 98.625
UTIL G. Antetokounmpo 11.6K 52.25
UTIL George Hill 4.0K 21
UTIL Kyle Lowry 8.0K 38.25
UTIL Norman Powell 3.8K 14
UTIL Fred VanVleet 4.8K 19
49.9K 243.12

There was such a small window for error, it was unbelievable. These teams must have decided to play defense when it was an elimination game based on some of these numbers! I wouldn’t expect just about everyone’s averages for the series to suddenly decline. Mirotic didn’t even see the floor. Here is a list of players I had in my pool and their fantasy points:

Kawhi Leonard 11.8K 65.75 FPTS
G. Antetokoumnpo 11.6K 52.25 FPTS
George Hill 4.0K 21 FPTS
Kyle Lowry 8.0K 38.25 FPTS
Norman Powell 3.8K 14 FPTS
Fred VanVleet 4.8K 19 FPTS
Serge Ibaka 4.4K 12.8 FPTS
Malcolm Brogdon 7.2K 18.25 FPTS
Marc Gasol 5.6K 17.75 FPTS
Nikola Mirotic 3.4K 0 FPTS
Pascal Siakam 9.2K 26.5 FPTS

The only players worth playing here from a raw points perspective are Kawhi Leonard, who needed to go in the captain spot, Giannas, Lowry and Siakam (price a little too steep though); and, I would have been forced to consider some of these other players that I faded (below).

Ersan Ilyasova 2.2K 23.00 FPTS
Brook Lopez 5.2K 36.25 FPTS
Eric Bledsoe 6.2K 26.25 FPTS
Pat Connaghton 1.8K 8.00 FPTS
Khris Middleton 8.6K 20.00 FPTS
Danny Green 3.0K 8.00 FPTS

Brook Lopez, Ersan Ilyasova, and Eric Bledsoe stand out here as core plays, but salary would prevent me from working in Bledsoe. It appears as though Ilyasova took over Mirotic’s minutes, so I should have included him and replaced every lineup of Mirotic with Ilyasova, but I still thought Mirotic would play and have the better output of the two. Working out the best optimal lineup, this is what would have given me first place in the mini max $.50 contest in a 10-way tie for first and $342.50.

CPT Kawhi Leonard 17.7K 98.625
UTIL G. Antetokounmpo 11.6K 52.25
UTIL George Hill 4.0K 21
UTIL Kyle Lowry 8.0K 38.25
UTIL Ersan Ilyasova 2.2K 23.00
UTIL Brook Lopez 5.2K 36.25
48.7K 269.38

By looking at the best lineup I had and comparing it to this one, I only needed to replace Powell and VanVleet with Ilyasova and Brook Lopez. Those two weren’t in my player pool and I paid dearly. Until next time, GS VS. TOR: Game 1 on 5/30, please share your stories below!

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