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The blogging floodgates have been opened! I wrote a blog yesterday “The 10 Days that Changed America” and it made me feel better. As such, I am going to try to make the time every day to write a blog. Sure, work is busy and family demands are higher than normal, but I think blogging will improve my mental state. Once again, thanks to the people at Rotogrinders for allowing people to do this on the site. So, what am I going to blog about? There are no sports and no DFS to talk about. Well, technically that isn’t correct as FD and DK are both offering simulated sports contests, video game watching contests and Australian soccer contests. Given how Covid 19 is starting to rampage through Australia, soccer down under will be cancelled shortly, if it hasn’t already been so today. I just looked and it hasn’t been cancelled. It will be soon, unfortunately. So, do you really want to play contests based on fake/simulated sports? Oh, you do. Well then look at RG for some content on it. As for me, I know nothing about it. Thus, I will write about some stuff I do know about. How about a blog discussing some things I am doing and perhaps some suggestions on how you can spend your time during these lockdown/self isolation/social distancing/no DFS times? I promise it won’t be all new agey and stupid. Just some good solid suggestions mixed in with some humor. Does that sound good? Even if it doesn’t, here goes.

What am I doing today? With work as busy as it has been, I have definitely been in a routine. Wake up, check European markets. Deal with whatever news broke the night before, especially as it related to the Federal Reserve. Then watch the news all day detail the rising cases of coronavirus infections and deaths all over the world, all the while also watching the stock market trade violently up and down and most times finish the trading day way down. Also, participating in conference calls and virtual meetings and generally finishing the work day around 6pm. That routine has become almost a rut. I followed it a bit yesterday and that was Saturday! So, today is the day to get out of this rut. It is currently 8am Sunday morning and today my wife, my dog and I are going to travel down to Chincoteague Island on the eastern shore of Virginia. There is a park there, lots of beaches and wild horses that run all over the place. Does it sound amazing? No, it does not. However, neither my wife nor I have ever been there, it will get us out of the house on an “adventure” and we will be outside almost all day. Even just doing a couple hour drive might be good for our souls. We’ll take a picnic, hopefully see some people (from a distance of course) and spend some time on the beach on a reasonably nice day here in the mid-Atlantic. When we get home late today, maybe I’ll weed our garden. Or maybe I’ll play the new Star Wars XBox game I bought last week, yet haven’t opened yet. That’s how my day is looking.

Sunday night TV schedule is strong. Sunday night is currently my favorite night of television. Homeland. Check. Curb Your Enthusiasm. Double check. Westworld Season 3. Triple dog check. There almost isn’t enough time to watch all these shows before going to bed. Let me encourage you to check all three of these programs out. We all know that Homeland used to be amazing, then it sucked completely. Homeland is actually ok this season. Carrie and Saul are carrying it and the plot line is somewhat interesting. I believe this is the last season of the show and it is worth giving it a look. Curb Your Enthusiasm might be the best it has even been. Larry David and his crew make me laugh every single week. He takes “non PC” topics and laughs about them. That has never been more evident than this year. If you like Seinfeld, previous seasons of Curb or just need a laugh, I exhort you to check out the show. And that brings me to Westworld. Season 1 was amazing, Season 2 was good (I liked it better than most people I’ll admit) and Season 3 is one episode in and looks incredible so far. Watch it. You don’t even have to have watched seasons 1 and 2. Just read a synopsis and then watch episode one and you are off to the races. I promise it will be worth your time.

Why not read an interesting book? Keep your mind active. And not by watching news all day long. That will crush your soul. But, do watch/read enough news to know what is going on. Then engage your mind in a different way. Are you a reader? If so, I have two recommendations for you. The first is “The Outsider” by Stephen King. It is a one season series on HBO right now. Started off so strong, but is limping to the finish. The book, though, is excellent. If you like Stephen King at all or just like paranormal type fiction, check it out. My second suggestion is a bit off the beaten path. It is titled “My Custom Van” and the author is Michael Ian Black. It is a book of 50+ 5-6 page random funny short stories. Michael Ian Black has a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor and that really comes across in the book. If you like that type of humor, give it a read.

That’s it for this Sunday. I hope you and your family have a good day and stay safe and healthy.

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