NBA Grind Down: Tuesday, November 19th - NBA DFS Picks

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About the Author

  • Derek Farnsworth (Notorious)

  • Derek Farnsworth, aka Notorious, is one of the most recognizable names and faces in all of DFS, thanks in large part to the great advice he gives on a daily basis in’s Grind Down for NBA and MLB as well as the First Look column that gives a preview of the day’s games from a DFS perspective. Before joining the RotoGrinders team, Derek received a Masters Degree from the University of Utah. When he’s not busy providing content, he’s dominating the industry as evidenced by his consistent top rankings in multiple sports. Farnsworth provides expert analysis for RotoGrinders Premium members on a daily basis during the NBA season and has also been nominated for five different Fantasy Sports Writer’s Association (FSWA) awards.


  • levm

    Noto – do you consider the 5 mans winner take all a good game selection to build a bank roll or it is still cash games?

  • chinchilla

    Hello Noto…great work like always. Can you advise what is your process of evaluating late breaking news and what you look at in order to adjust your lineups.

  • jonmcguffin

    Question for Notorious:

    I’ve been playing DFS in small amounts on and off since 2014. This season though, I’ve decided to step up and play at higher levels and incorporate NBA daily. For a player of my size, this is about $20 – $50/night and for NFL weekends about $250 in entry fee’s.

    I, like most, consume the content you provide here as well as a few other external sources to make my daily lineup decisions. My question comes from a tad bit of skepticism when I say that I sometimes have a hard time taking advice from people who are actually competing against me.

    How do you provide the amazing daily content you do, yet somehow craft that content in a way that doesn’t jeopardize your own ability to produce a lineup that is unique and capable of winning in either cash or GPP play?

    I know there is the argument of many variables for even one spot in a lineup. Presumably you’re not making more money delivering the content than you are playing, and if that’s true you have to hold something back correct?

  • jsams4

    Great stuff Noto.. The one question I have is NBA specific with math kinda being a key component along with pt per dollar in NBA DFS (FD specifically) , When do you ignore pt per $ in NBA and still know if its a good play in genral but more so GPPs? Thx man

  • TMH887

    Thanks for the answer, Noto! A lot of really useful advice in there – particularly regarding chasing losses (something I’ve done a couple of times recently).

    Much appreciated!

  • Notorious

    Lead RG Analyst

    • 137

      RG Overall Ranking

    • Ranked #79

      RG Tiered Ranking

    • 2018 DraftKings FBBWC Finalist

    • 2013 FanDuel WFBBC Finalist

    Remember everyone, we are trying to stick to one question per day. I’ll answer these two tomorrow:

    levm – Noto – do you consider the 5 mans winner take all a good game selection to build a bank roll or it is still cash games?

    chinchilla – Hello Noto…great work like always. Can you advise what is your process of evaluating late breaking news and what you look at in order to adjust your lineups.

    jonmcguffin & jsams4 – be the first to ask these tomorrow and I will answer them on Thursday.

  • jsams4

    My bad when i posted no one was in the comments my apologies!

  • Epic07

    Noto….. Thanks for everything. At least in NBA I am having a good season for now since in NFL this year has been a disaster for me. The question of mine is a bit ridiculous but I feel between one knows more about dfs one risks less and sometimes how it is harmed since it does not allow you to make a play that you liked or it seems a good play. Example yesterday I had little exposure to cj mcollum and it fulfilled me then I limited myself and expose it even though I liked it. But limit me since in the numbers it says that HOU no matter how incredible it defends well. So I did the right thing to expose it a little or if I felt I was going to have a good game, would I have risked more?

  • sdsoccerfan

    Hey Noto… I am noticing some pretty big differences between DvsA on “First Look” versus “Match Up” on Grind Down?.. ie. Jaren Jackson shows a DvsA of 1 (in Pink) on First Look today (suggesting a bad match up) —- While he shows a 29 (in Blue) for Match Up in the Grind Down (suggesting a good match up)?… can you explain / advise?

  • vrdjs143

    Hey Noto… Sorry to be throwing in so late on the question. But, I figure maybe a couple of days down the road you can address it if you have the time. Last year was my first NBA DFS season. And, it was a great one. I ended up taking down a 30K GPP with 22K entrants and basically never looked back. This year? The complete opposite. I literally cannot get close to a nice win and most nights miss the cash line by a few points. I looked back at the scores from last season that had me winning and they are pretty much the same as those I am making this year. Obviously with the glut of new and educated players it has become much harder to get past the cash line. What the heck can I do to pump up my game and get back in the money? What am I missing?

  • Rbalsinger

    Let me just say that your bankroll comments today reflect where my 4 year experience has brought me to. I recommend not taking 4 years to get where Noto gave you today. I have a set amount I spend each week. Added up for 52 weeks, it is a considerable amount. I consider it spent when I select a game and am satisfied in that it was well spent regardless of the ROI. That attitude made me a better game selector just this year. My goal is to get a sweat out of the expenditure.1 $40 game is a better sweat than 4 $10 sweats. Win or lose I get my moneys worth. I use RG to improve my process. That results in more min cash and a few top 10 and fewer top 3’s. I put my winnings back into the bank every day. But as the process continues to improve, that .01% game is going to come. And RG will get a lot of the credit. In the meantime, I love the grind.Fail often and win big is the goal. A sales man told me once that every “No” he hears is one step closer to a “Yes”. You may have to turn over a whole deck of cards before you find the Ace of Spades. Each loss, process review and step forward (like the step of going RG Premium) is one step closer to the Ace. Happy grinding.

  • jukebox9988

    Thanks. The bankroll advice is really helpful. Love the Q & A section.

  • dfszone007

    Great work Derek. I’m trying to get info regarding players who score more dfs points in either paced up or down games. I noticed some players do better when it’s slower vs faster. I think this is really important info to use but don’t have any real glossary to compare to. Please help and thank you for all you do

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