NFL Grind Down Week 1: Atlanta Falcons vs. Minnesota Vikings

Vegas Overview

ATL @ MIN Team Spread Total Implied Moneyline
MIN -4 47.5 25.5 -180
ATL 4 47.5 22 156

Spread Quick Take: The bets and the money are squarely on the Falcons early in the week at +4. I would suggest that fading the public on this could pay dividends. As much as I think the Falcons offense has some juice, the Vikings defense is also formidable. You can make a case that the Vikings having a significant matchup advantage on offense that the Falcons just can’t replicate on their side of the ball. That puts a full TD margin of victory on the table here with the Vikings playing at home. I favor the Vikings -4, but wouldn’t be really excited about the spot unless it moved to -3 or better. I have a 6 out of 10 confidence level the Vikings can clear -4, but would bump that to a 7.5 if for some reason the line moved in their favor.

Over/Under: I don’t have much interest in this total. I’m not confident enough in the Falcons offense to bet the over, and yet I think they have enough firepower that they outperform expectations at a higher rate than I would prefer for the under. If I have to chose a side, it would be the over. I think the Vikings can put together a really strong day on the scoreboard. and getting to 48 would just require the Falcons to be adequate. It’s a confidence level of 5.5 out of 10 for me on the over, but I won’t be making that bet.

Injury Situations

Player Team Pos Status Part Impact
Julio Jones ATL WR P Foot 9

Injuries to Monitor: It looks like all the fantasy stars are well in play for this game. Julio is a lock to go.

Other News and Notes: Dan Quinn is taking over as the defensive coordinator for the Falcons in addition to his duties as head coach. Many schematic changes are likely for this team. Be careful about presuming that certain tendencies will stay the same as compared to last season.

Matchup Factors, Team Identity Metrics, and Game Flow Expectations

Expected Game Pace and Tempo: The Vikings were one of the slower teams in seconds per play, and neither the Falcons nor the Vikings finished in the top 16 of total play volume last season. The pace of play is likely to land in the middle of the pack, with a teeny tiny sliver of upside in case the offenses both operate efficiently. Our player projections are modest on the total play volume for this game, but some of the players are still jumping off the page from a price vs. projection standpoint.

Minnesota Vikings Offense vs. Atlanta Falcons Defense:

It’s hard to assess the defensive situation in Atlanta with confidence to start the season. The coaching and strategy have changed, and they have nowhere to go but up in some areas. For instance, they had major problems in 2018 with production allowed to the RB position. It was one of the easiest calls every single week to dial up whatever running back was on the schedule against them. The metrics were clear: The highest rushing EPA, the second-highest rush success rate, and the third-highest early down success rate allowed. The performance was so bad that Dan Quinn decided to shake up the scheme and coordinate it himself in 2019. For this reason, we have to consider that their 2018 tendencies will change to some degree in 2019.

With all of that being said, we can absolutely look to the Vikings offense in a big way this week as home favorites. We can still have confidence that the Falcons have a long way to go, and that the betting market is expecting the Vikings offense to succeed. We can have confidence in the running game. We have confidence in the WRs. We can have confidence in the QB. Perhaps most of all, we can also have confidence in…. the TE?

At the initial cutdown, the Vikings kept just 4 WRs. They knew they’d sign a guy, and they did when they picked up Josh Doctson. Still, this is clearly a two “TE” offense. I put TE in quotes because Irv Smith looks a lot like a WR on the field. He’s a new-age talent that I believe is destined to be a fantasy factor at some point soon. To say the least, I am bullish on the Vikings offense for the season. There aren’t enough tweaks in the world Dan Quinn could make to his defense that would deter me from playing some of them in Week 1.

Atlanta Falcons Offense vs. Minnesota Vikings Defense:

Minnesota is returning 10 of 11 starters from a unit that allowed just the 28th most yards per play and ranked 4th in overall DVOA. They have big time talent all over the defense, and this could cause problems for our fantasy players if they bring their “A” game at home. Linval Joseph, Everson Griffin, and Anthony Barr provide outstanding run defense up front. Harrison Smith and Anthony Harris provide both run support and elite downfield pass support in the back. The cornerback play is probably not the strongest, and I’m calling out Xavier Rhodes here. The guy had an underwhelming 2018 season, but it’s not like he’s bad. Trae Waynes has proven to be adequate at worst. The bottom line is that it’s a top 10 run-stuffing unit with an upper half pass rush and a top 10 secondary. This is clearly not one of our favorite matchups to attack.

Minnesota Vikings Projections Breakdown

Quarterback Projections

Player Team Rank Proj ProjAtt ProjYds Pts/$ FD Pts/$ DK Pts/$ FD Pts/$ Y
Kirk Cousins MIN QB15 18.23 36.35 255.15 Rank 14 Rank 3 Rank 12 Rank 21

ATL Schedule Adjusted QB DVP (‘18): Rank #4

2018 Opportunity Metrics:
Att/Gm: 37.9 (Rank 6)
RuAtt/Gm: 2.8 (Rank #26)
DeepBall/Gm: 3.9 (Rank #22)

2018 Efficiency Metrics:
Accuracy Rating: 3 (Rank #6)
Air Yards/Att: 7.6 (Rank #27)
Adjusted YPA: 6.9 (Rank #16)

Cousins is one of the best points per dollar projections on the board on some sites, particularly on DraftKings. It’s possible his attempts per game falls from the heights of 2018, in which Dalvin Cook was hurt and they really couldn’t block anybody. It’s a near certainty that Cousins enjoys better than a 33rd best protection rate this season. Per, Cousins had proper time to throw on just 76% of his passes. It damaged his production and our perception of him. I would expect 2019 to yield some improvement in his protection rate that will help him operate more efficiently. I will also throw in that the Vikings are encouraging Cousins to run more when the opportunity is right. All things considered, Cousins is a very viable quarterback option on this loaded slate. He’s a home favorite QB surrounded by quality weapons and operating with pass blocking that has surely improved from a year ago. It certainly can’t be much worse.

Quick Summary: Cousins is an inexpensive GPP viable QB ideal for larger field team stacks on DraftKings. His value isn’t as strong on other sites.

Running Back Projections

Player Team Proj Rank ProjRu% ProjTar% Pts/$ FD Pts/$ DK Pts/$ Y Pts/$ FDFT
Dalvin Cook MIN 15.83 RB8 60% 9% Rank 7 Rank 1 Rank 29 Rank 35
Alexander Mattison MIN 6.36 RB54 22% 5% Rank 48 Rank 51 Rank 38 Rank 24
Mike Boone MIN 1.73 RB89 9% 1% Rank 78 Rank 81 Rank 77 Rank 80

ATL Schedule Adjusted RB DVP (‘18): Rank #1

2018 Dalvin Cook Opportunity Metrics:
Opportunity Share: 65.2% (Rank #10)
RZ Opportunity Share: 44.2% (Rank #28)

2018 Dalvin Cook Efficiency Metrics:
Yards Created: 273 (Rank #22)
YPC: 4.6 (Rank #27)
Yards Per Route: 2.02 (Rank #14)

Cook is looking absolutely primed for a huge 2019 season. While he was on the field last year, he was awarded a top 10 caliber opportunity share from the Vikings. We’re projecting something very similar in Week 1, with almost 60% of carries and 9% of rushes. Even in a neutral matchup, this kind of workload would propel a back to top play status at his price points on DraftKings and FanDuel. When you layer on what was the best possible matchup for RBs a season ago, then we’re looking at him being the highest owned player on the slate. This is good chalk to me, and I anticipate using him despite the massive crowd who will join me.

Circling back to the idea that the Falcons may have some changes coming on defense, let’s assume for just a second they improve A LOT and that somehow Cook is challenged by defenders more often than we’d expect. He ranked #2 in the league with a 38.2% Juke Rate (evaded tackles per touch). There are just so many outs for this guy to come through: Rushing, receiving, goal line, high volume, high efficiency. There is just no way I’m sitting on the sidelines for this one.

Quick Summary: I’m eating the Chalk on Cook, who could be the highest owned player on DraftKings and very highly owned on other sites as well.

Wide Receiver Projections

Player Team Proj Rank ProjTar% ProjTar Pts/$ FD Pts/$ DK Pts/$ Y Pts/$ FDFT
Stefon Diggs MIN 14.99 WR14 23% 8.36 Rank 17 Rank 50 Rank 5 Rank 83
Adam Thielen MIN 15.69 WR8 25% 8.90 Rank 10 Rank 39 Rank 12 Rank 92
Chad Beebe MIN 6.12 WR103 11% 4.00 Rank 95 Rank 73 Rank 92 Rank 82
Olabisi Johnson MIN 1.76 WR159 3% 1.09 Rank 151 Rank 149 Rank 147 Rank 151

ATL Schedule Adjusted WR DVP (‘18): Rank #8

2018 Stefon Diggs Opportunity Metrics:
Target Share: 26% (Rank #11)
RZ Target Share: 26.5% (Rank #14)
Route Participation: 90.9% (Rank #9)

2018 Stefon Diggs Efficiency Metrics:
Yards Per Route: 1.92 (Rank #46)
ADOT: 9.3 (Rank #80)
YAC per Reception: 2.8 (Rank #10)

Between Diggs and Thielen, 52% of the Vikings targets flowed through their top two options in 2018. Our player projections are 4% short of that, and they still appear to be viable options in GPP with that moderate approach.

Thielen was among the league leaders in total target distance last year, ranked #9 with 1553 targeted air yards per metrics. His individual matchup with Falcons Rookie Isaiah Oliver and veteran Desmond Trufant leans favorable on paper, particularly if many of those targets continue to come deeper downfield.

Diggs was inefficient with his high target share from a year ago, being targeted with low aDOT and generating a disappointing yards per route at 1.92. He’s a step behind Thielen for me as a player at this point, but the matchup quality is about the same for him and his ownership will be lower. Both players have the look of GPP stack options, and probably won’t make the cut for cash games.

Quick Summary: Diggs and Thielen stand out as high raw projections plays that make the most sense as stacking options with Cousins in GPPs.

Tight End Projections

Player Team Proj ProjTar Rank ProjTar Pts/$ FD Pts/$ DK Pts/$ Y Pts/$ FD
Kyle Rudolph MIN 7.48 TE16 11% 4.00 Rank 15 Rank 13 Rank 15 Rank 26
Irv Smith MIN 5.17 TE32 9% 3.09 Rank 24 Rank 27 Rank 29 Rank 20

ATL Schedule Adjusted TE DVP (‘18): Rank #24

2018 Kyle Rudolph Opportunity Metrics:
Target Share: 13.7% (Rank #16)
RZ Target Share: 21.4% (Rank #6)
Route Participation: 73.3% (Rank #5)

2018 Kyle Rudolph Efficiency Metrics:
Yards Per Route: 1.43 (Rank #84)
ADOT: 7.6 (Rank #23)
YAC per Reception: 3 (Rank #9)

Kyle Rudolph isn’t the easiest name to trust, and a projection as TE16 doesn’t make that any easier. A new kid in town named Irv Smith is also not helping things, as it’s one more mouth to feed in an offense full of big mouths. He was a threat in the Red Zone last season in terms of target share, though he wasn’t able to turn that share into many TD (4). He participated on a high number of routes for a TE, but wasn’t able to convert those routes into a massive yardage total (634). In Week 1, he’s nothing more than a deep GPP reach operating in a situation that has not improved for him. In fact, it’s likely becoming even harder for him to be a trustworthy option on a week in and week out basis.

Quick Summary: Rudolph is a cheap GPP dart, but nothing more.

Defense Projections

Player Team Proj Rank Sack INT PtsAllow Home? Favorite?
Minnesota Vikings MIN 6.29 DST20 2.31 0.77 25.32 Y Y

The Falcons are likely to drop back to pass often in this game, and will do so without their starting offensive line even being set for the season. According to their website, the right tackle position has yet to be decided between rookie Kaleb McGary and Matt Gono. Those drop backs will come in a game in which they project to trail against the team that ranked 1st in sack % in 2018. I wouldn’t call Ryan and his 23rd highest rate of interceptable passes an ideal match for DST, but it’s worth noting this is probably a slightly better spot than the ownership will imply.

Quick Summary: The Vikings are not a top DST option, but there are some reasons to keep them included in large field MME GPP pools.

Atlanta Falcons Projections Breakdown

Quarterback Projections

Player Team Proj Rank ProjAtt ProjYds Pts/$ FD Pts/$ DK Pts/$ FD Pts/$ Y
Matt Ryan ATL 17.62 QB19 37.20 263.00 Rank 30 Rank 28 Rank 26 Rank 27

MIN Schedule Adjusted QB DVP (‘18): Rank #28

2018 Opportunity Metrics:
Att/Gm: 38 (Rank 5)
RuAtt/Gm: 2.1 (Rank #38)
DeepBall/Gm: 4.6 (Rank #10)

2018 Efficiency Metrics:
Accuracy: 2.9 (Rank #19)
Air Yards/Att: 8.8 (Rank #11)
Adjusted YPA: 8.2 (Rank #4)

The Vikings were not a strong matchup for QBs in 2018, and will return most of their starting defense in 2019. That unit was 5th best in pass DVOA and busy causing havoc on offensive lines. Their 13.92% rate of blown pass blocks forced was 2nd highest in the NFL. If we’re looking at Ryan, it’s not because of the matchup.

Ryan is likely to attempt a lot of passes out of necessity, and that’s a situation that at least presents volume-based appeal. He checks in as QB19 on the week as of this writing, and that’s an indication that he should be nowhere near a cash game roster at his prices industry-wide. In GPPs, it’s difficult to say you absolutely can’t play him despite the fact that I am likely to look at other options more often myself.

Quick Summary: It’s a sub-par matchup for Matt Ryan, and he’ll be a contrarian option if you use him.

Running Back Projections

Player Team Proj Rank ProjRu% ProjTar% Pts/$ FD Pts/$ DK Pts/$ Y Pts/$ FD
Devonta Freeman ATL 13.16 RB18 55% 8% Rank 16 Rank 11 Rank 10 Rank 20
Ito Smith ATL 6.98 RB48 30% 5% Rank 47 Rank 46 Rank 57 Rank 17
Brian Hill ATL 1.85 RB85 6% 2% Rank 81 Rank 77 Rank 75 Rank 81

MIN Schedule Adjusted RB DVP (‘18): Rank #23

2018 Devonta Freeman Opportunity Metrics:
Opportunity Share: 45.7% (DNQ)
RZ Opportunity Share: – (DNQ)

2018 Devonta Freeman Efficiency Metrics:
Yards Created: 6 (Rank #107)
YPC: 4.9 (DNQ)
Yards Per Route: 0.77 (DNQ)

Freeman returns to the mix in 2019 and could eventually be impactful for the offense. In Week 1, his projected workload is looking sharp. We’re expecting more than half the carries to go his way, and a healthy dose of targets. The price points are also very reasonable for him industry-wide. The concern here is that those touches have the potential to be inefficient given the tougher matchup, and thus we can’t place Freeman into the optimal play conversation. The fact that the defense is tough may lower his floor, but Freeman has the skill set to create on his own should his blocking break down. In 2017, he was the 11th best player in evaded tackles per touch. He can make guys miss. With this in mind, he’s perfectly acceptable as a tournament pivot.

Quick Summary: Freeman is a GPP option that provides volume-based upside in a tough matchup.

Wide Receiver Projections

Player Team Proj Rank ProjTar% ProjTar Pts/$ FD Pts/$ DK Pts/$ Y Pts/$ FD
Julio Jones ATL 17.51 WR1 27% 10.04 Rank 16 Rank 60 Rank 11 Rank 78
Calvin Ridley ATL 11.78 WR32 18% 6.70 Rank 45 Rank 38 Rank 21 Rank 29
Mohamed Sanu ATL 8.94 WR61 14% 5.21 Rank 62 Rank 85 Rank 64 Rank 25
Justin Hardy ATL 1.17 WR170 2% 0.74 Rank 161 Rank 160 Rank 153 Rank 161
Russell Gage ATL 4.67 WR117 8% 2.98 Rank 107 Rank 107 Rank 109 Rank 105

MIN Schedule Adjusted WR DVP (‘18): Rank #31

2018 Julio Jones Opportunity Metrics:
Target Share: 28.1% (Rank #6)
RZ Target Share: 23% (Rank #22)
Route Participation: 83.1% (Rank #33)

2018 Julio Jones Efficiency Metrics:
Yards Per Route: 3.27 (Rank #1)
ADOT: 14.2 (Rank #22)
YAC per Reception: 2.6 (Rank #5)

Julio is a beast. 10 targets against any defense is mouth watering, and I don’t have the kind of respect for Xavier Rhodes and Trae Waynes to believe that they can truly slow him down. The lack of red zone participation is old news at this point, and his 8 touchdowns from last year will hopefully put to bed this conversation that somehow Julio isn’t a TD scorer. Perhaps he’s not as proficient as some players in that area for a variety of reasons, but he more than makes up for that production by being the most efficient WR in the land on a per route basis. He ranked #1 in yards per route last season, and all I see is upside all the time when I go to click his name. This is a week when we have plenty of value to afford him if we want to, and I’d be willing to rubber stamp it wherever you want to do it. I would point to more stable assets in the running game as better bets in cash games, but in GPPs I would rather lose with Julio than suffer an opening weekend devoid of a Julio sweat. He’s just too good and remains matchup proof until further notice.

Quick Summary: I’m loading up on Julio in GPPs despite the tougher matchup.

Tight End Projections

Player Team Proj Rank ProjTar% ProjTar Pts/$ FD Pts/$ DK Pts/$ Y Pts/$ FD
Austin Hooper ATL 8.87 TE9 13% 4.84 Rank 9 Rank 2 Rank 8 Rank 4
Luke Stocker ATL 2.06 TE57 3% 1.12 Rank 52 Rank 53 Rank 57 Rank 53

MIN Schedule Adjusted TE DVP (‘18): Rank #20

2018 Austin Hooper Opportunity Metrics:
Target Share: 14.6% (Rank #14)
RZ Target Share: 17.6% (Rank #9)
Route Participation: 64.8% (Rank #13)

2018 Austin Hooper Efficiency Metrics:
Yards Per Route: 1.65 (Rank #72)
ADOT: 7.2 (Rank #26)
YAC per Reception: 2.4 (Rank #12)

The Vikings were a tougher defense against the TE last season, ranking 20th in schedule-adjusted fantasy points while allowing just 3 TDs to the position. Their defensive backfield and linebackers are extremely talented and athletic, and it makes sense to me that they would guard the position well. We’re expecting just shy of 5 targets for Austin Hooper this week, which is nice for a TE but we’d prefer to focus on situations with less resistance if we can. I probably won’t get heavily involved in the Austin Hooper game.

Quick Summary: Hooper is affordable, but I can’t get excited about his outlook given the matchup.

Defense Projections

Player Team Proj Rank Sack INT PtsAllow Home? Favorite?
Atlanta Falcons ATL 5.85 DST26 2.37 0.70 27.74 N N

The Falcons are going to be more aggressive with their defense this year, and maybe that will entail more 5-man pass rushes and blitzes. They’ll have the headwind of being a road underdog and will feature personnel that was only able to generate the 28th highest sack % a season ago. Kirk Cousins has been known to throw some interceptable passes, and anything can happen with defense and special teams. That said, this not one of the better options on the week.

Quick Summary: We can do better than the Falcons on defense.

DFS Recommendations

Optimal DFS Plays: Dalvin Cook

Leverage Plays: Stefon Diggs, Devonta Freeman

Secondary Plays: Julio Jones, Adam Thielen, Kirk Cousins

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