Lineup Builder


These settings do not affect the Find Optimal option.

Number of Lineups to Produce

Use the output count slider to change the number of lineups produced when using the "Generate Lineups" button.

Minimum Salary

Use the Minimum Salary slider to set the minimum salary threshhold for generated lineups.

# Of Unique Players (Variability)

Use this slider to determine the minimum amount of players that must be different between any two lineups. The higher the number, the higher the variability between lineups. The closer you get to max variability, the more likely it is that you will not be able to generate all of the lineups you want.

Max Exposure

Use the "Max Exposure" slider to set a maximum exposure for any non-locked and non-favorited players in the generated set of output lineups.



Upload Custom Projections

Upload your custom projections in .csv format. Your csv file should have two columns, the first consisting of player names, and the second consisting of projections. The first row must be your column headers. Player names must be an exact match. Download this csv template with today's players to ensure that the names match when uploading.

Upload/Edit Status

Player Status RG Proj New Proj

Build One Optimal or Multiple Lineups

Build one Optimal Lineup for your Cash Games

Edit the projections below to your liking and then click "Find Optimal Lineup". Our algorithm will find the one lineup you've projected to score the most points.

Build Multiple Lineups for your Tournaments

Generate 1-150 Lineups at once with the "Find Multiple Lineups" button. Click the "Settings" tab to influence your output. These are not the highest projected lineups, but instead a variety of lineups that fit your settings.

Player Selection

Like, Lock, or Exclude Players from the Player Pool For Better Results