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  • Meansy53's 'Begintermediate' NBA DFS Cash Game Introduction

Meansy53's 'Begintermediate' NBA DFS Cash Game Introduction

Meansy53’s ‘Begintermediate’ NBA DFS Cash Game Introduction is Andy Means’ first RotoAcademy course and a primer for anyone looking to play NBA DFS cash games successfully. He touches on a handful of key areas that can help you be a profitable player if just starting out, and he delves into more detailed aspects of the sport that will have you holding your own against the pros.

In this course, Meansy53 covers:
• His own basketball and DFS background
• Appropriate game selection for beginners
• The equation all NBA DFS players must know
• Hypothetical injury/rest situations and how we should react
• Why we should care so much about “rates”

5 lessons

  1. 1

    Introduction: NBA Is the Best

    Why NBA is the best DFS sport

  2. 2

    Lesson 1: Game Selection

    What contests we should and shouldn’t be playing

  3. 3

    Lesson 2: Minutes = Money In NBA DFS

    Why the minutes matter so much

  4. 4

    Lesson 3: Who to Roster When a Player Is Ruled Out

    Player X is ruled out: How do I handle Players Y and Z?

  5. 5

    Lesson 4: Usage, Assist, and Rebound Rates

    How these rates fluctuate and result in more fantasy points


Meansy53's 'Begintermediate' NBA DFS Cash Game Introduction


Andy Means

Andy Means (aka meansy53) was a walk-on with the esteemed Duke University basketball team for 3 years before graduating in 2004. He also has a Master’s in Accounting from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business and has been playing DFS since 2014. He has qualified for multiple Live Finals and displays his extensive basketball knowledge as a host of our top show – NBA Crunch Time. In the summer of 2022, Andy took over the role of Premium Content Director for the RotoGrinders Network, overseeing the vast array of content that is created on RotoGrinders, ScoresAndOdds, and FantasyLabs. Follow Andy on Twitter – @ameansy
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