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Mo Money, Mo Problems: Notorious' NFL Strategy Guide

Mo Money, Mo Problems: Notorious’ NFL Strategy Guide is an in-depth breakdown of what to look for while conducting your daily fantasy football research at each position for both cash games and tournaments.

In this course you’ll learn:

• How to utilize Vegas’ lines in your research
• Which types of quarterbacks make the best cash-game plays and which you can trot out for tourneys
• When it’s best to use running backs in a flex position as opposed to wide receivers
• Two easy-to-find statistics that will optimize your defense and special teams selections

7 lessons

  1. 1


    Before diving into daily fantasy football and the rest of this course, there are several important things to know. This lesson goes through those and sets the groundwork for the lessons to follow.

  2. 2

    Cash Game Strategy

    As you are filling out your cash game rosters, there several key things you should be targeting. This lesson goes through those and shows in which positions you can find them.

  3. 3

    Utilizing Vegas Lines

    Vegas lines can tell a descriptive and accurate tale of what is expected to happen each week. This lesson shows where to find them, how to interpret them, and how to implement them into your roster building.

  4. 4


    Quarterbacks can be easier to predict because they touch the ball every play. This lesson goes through how to use that knowledge to our advantage and how quarterback selection should differ in cash games and tourneys.

  5. 5

    Running Backs

    Production at the running back position is heavily influenced by opportunity and game script, two concepts which go hand-in-hand. This lesson shows how you can find positive situations for running backs and how your strategy should differ between cash games and tourneys.

  6. 6

    Wide Receivers

    Wide receivers thrive on volatility. We can use that to our advantage in tournaments, but we can also minimize that volatility in cash games. This lesson shows how to do both in order to maximize your team’s floor and upside.

  7. 7

    Defense and Special Teams

    People neglect their research surrounding defense even though it is one of the easier spots in the lineup to research. This lesson gives two key metrics to look at when selecting your defense to gain an edge over your opponent.


Mo Money, Mo Problems: Notorious' NFL Strategy Guide

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Derek Farnsworth

Derek Farnsworth, aka Notorious, is one of the most recognizable names and faces in all of DFS, thanks in large part to the great advice he gives on a daily basis in’s Grind Down for NBA and MLB as well as the First Look column that gives a preview of the day’s games from a DFS perspective. Before joining the RotoGrinders team, Derek received a Masters Degree from the University of Utah. When he’s not busy providing content, he’s dominating the industry as evidenced by his consistent top rankings in multiple sports. Farnsworth provides expert analysis for RotoGrinders Premium members on a daily basis during the NBA season and has also been nominated for five different Fantasy Sports Writer’s Association (FSWA) awards.