THE BLITZ Projection System by Derek Carty

THE BLITZ uses advanced sabermetric analytics expected to bring you the most sophisticated NFL Player Projection system on the market. This latest innovation applies many algorithmic strategies Carty used for his popular MLB system, THE BAT X, which has been the most accurate system in season-long fantasy tests. THE BLITZ accounts for the basics (receiver quality, home field advantage, etc.) plus loads of cutting-edge factors like offensive lines, game scripts, formations, weather, scouting combine data, and adjusted-defense based on individual player inactives. The secret weapon? It’s powered by football-loving data-scientists to account for subtleties, like coaching changes and team philosophy. And it works with RotoGrinders LineupHQ to help you build your strongest lineups for both cash games and GPPs!

Plus, the new Annual Subscription lets you lock into the same price next year, even if the price goes up for new subscribers!

Bonus Features:
– Ownership Projections to help you crush GPPs!
– Stack, Ceiling, Floor, & Percentile projections for GPP players
– Advanced GPP Metrics (like Top Scorer% and Smash%)
THE BLITZ weekly premium webshow
– Season-Long Projections for Best Ball and Player Props
– Subscribers-only Discord channel where Carty answers questions & talks strategy

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Want to see THE BLITZ in action? Watch THE BLITZ tutorial video with Derek Carty

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Package Content

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    Read this first. A primer for how to best use THE BLITZ.

  3. NFL Divisional Round THE BLITZ Show

    2022 NFL Divisional Round Strategy and Picks - THE BLITZ Show

  4. THE BLITZ Discord Chat Room



Derek Carty

You may recognize Derek Carty from his role on Baseball Tonight, his articles at, or his occasional SportsCenter appearances. He’s also been published by FOX Sports, Sports Illustrated, NBC’s Rotoworld, FanDuel, and Fantasy Insiders, among many others. He’s a long-time DFS player and the creator of THE BAT and THE BLITZ, perhaps the most sophisticated DFS projection systems on the market. Prior to DFS, Derek honed his statistical chops as the Fantasy Manager of two of the biggest sabermetric outlets, Baseball Prospectus and The Hardball Times (now the nerdier branch of FanGraphs — yes, that’s a thing), and holds an elite track record in year-long expert leagues (6 titles while finishing top-3 over 50% of the time). He’s also the only active fantasy writer to have graduated from MLB’s exclusive Scout School, which he blends with his statistical background to form a complete picture of a player.