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By Jonathan Moreland (Jonan), Last Updated 1 month ago

Looking for the best daily fantasy promo codes? You’ve come to the right place.

RotoGrinders is the heart of the daily fantasy community. As part of our efforts to help our members make more money playing DFS each and every day, we’ve partnered with a number of sites to offer exclusive bonuses if you sign up through our links and use our promo codes.

These perks include the industry’s best deposit bonuses, access to Grinders-only freerolls and promotions, and free subscriptions to our Incentives premium content – value you can’t find anywhere else!

To get started, select a site below. Then click through one of our links, create your account and, if prompted, enter your Grinders-specific promo code. It’s as easy as that! You’ll be crushing your competition on a new site in no time.

DraftKings Promo Code draftkings

DraftKings is one of the two giants dominating the daily fantasy sports industry. In 2015, the site told CNBC that it had crossed the $1 billion mark for total prizes awarded since its 2012 launch. As if that weren’t enough, DraftKings also said that it’d be awarding more than $1 billion in 2015 alone! This growth is a testament to the site’s slick features, massive prize pools and unique promotions that keep gamers coming back for more.

DraftKings boasts one of the largest selections of game offerings of any DFS site around, hosting NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and PGA, as well as NCAA basketball and football. The site also has added daily fantasy soccer, NASCAR, MMA and eSports.

If you’re at all serious about DFS, you need to be playing on DraftKings. Learn more about the ins and outs of DraftKings in our review, or click here to create your new account. Using this link will give you a 3-month subscription to DraftKings Incentives premium content (a $75 value) FREE. No promo code needed! Just sign up through a RotoGrinders link.

FanDuel Review fanduel

Founded in 2009, FanDuel has been a leader in daily fantasy sports since the industry’s early days. The site has exploded. In January 2015, FanDuel announced that it had eclipsed the 1 million users milestone. It’s easy to see why. FanDuel has a clean interface and simple lineup format that’s easy for new DFS players to pick up and quickly master.

FanDuel currently offers daily fantasy games for NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL. Similar to the partnership formed between DraftKings and ESPN, FanDuel has close business relationships with NBC and Comcast. Its name has become synonymous with the DFS experience and is one of the two, core sites every fantasy gamer needs to try.

For full details about playing on FanDuel, check out our comprehensive FanDuel review, or click here to create your new account. Use this link to create your new account and you’ll receive a 3-month subscription to our FanDuel Incentives premium content (valued at $75) FREE! No promo code necessary. Just be sure to sign up by clicking through one of our links!

FantasyDraft Promo Code

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, FantasyDraft entered the DFS scene in April 2014. Marketing itself as a site that “puts players first,” FantasyDraft offers a generous referral program and multiple in-game features that favor more casual players. The site has formed partnerships with a number of pro athletes, running exclusive contests and awarding prizes that include autographed memorabilia and meet-and-greets.

Check out our full site review for an in-depth overview, or get started playing now by clicking here and accessing our exclusive FantasyDraft Promo Code.

Draft Promo Code

Draft is a mobile-only DFS platform founded by industry pioneers Jeremy Levine and Nicolo Giorgi – the minds behind StarStreet, which was acquired by DraftKings in 2014. The app is fast, easy to use, and extremely fun. It offers a unique take on daily fantasy sports, too, emphasizing snake drafts and smaller contest formats that serve as a nice change-up from the huge GPPs you’ll find on other sites.

Visit our Draft Review for a full introduction to the site, or dive right in and draft for yourself by signing up through one of our links and using Draft promo code “GRINDERS when creating your account. You can see full details about the exclusive bonuses and signup perks you’ll receive by clicking the link above.

Draftpot draftpot

Draftpot was founded by three college friends who, in May 2015, decided to pause their studies in order to launch their new DFS site. So far, the results have been promising. For starters, Draftpot raised $2.2 million in venture capital the same year it was founded to help fund their early growth. The site also offers lower rake and a higher drip on their deposit bonuses than industry averages. This means Draftpot not only keeps a much smaller amount of the winnings for themselves, but also helps you build your initial bankroll quicker.

What really sets Draftpot apart are its unique game offerings. Their “Fan Mode” has no salary cap limitations, allowing you to roster any combination of players you’d like at each position without restriction. Their “GM Mode” involves a salary cap, but each player’s price tag is dependent on their season-long average scores, rather than a complex algorithm. Both game types are worth a try, so check out Draftpot and get started on this up-and-coming site!

AlphaDraft Promo Code

AlphaDraft was founded in 2015 and acquired by FanDuel later that year. Like the larger DFS eSports industry around it, the site’s growth can’t be ignored. While some cringe at the thought of rostering a squad of video game players rather than “real” athletes, the experience is largely the same as traditional DFS sports – including the salary-capped lineups and cash prizes!

Ready to see what all all the buzz around eSports is about? Use our AlphaDraft Promo Code to get started.

If you have questions about any of these sites, as always, just give us a shout in the Grinders Forum and we’ll be happy to help.

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