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    - AT_McKnight
  • Thank you guys so much for all the great content and insight finally took down a big one!

    - Jcaljr88
  • RotoGrinders finally took down my first GPP thanks to you guys and your research.

    - Bradboy18
  • Another flawless cash day, signed up for Premium and the results speak for themselves!

    - Roholman09

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    RotoGrinders Media Director
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    Grinders Live Host & RotoGrinders Premium Content Contributor
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    RotoGrinders Premium Content Contributor
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    RotoGrinders MLB Premium Director
  • meansy53

    Lead Analyst for NBA Crunch Time
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    GrindersLive Host Extraordinaire
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    RotoGrinders Morning Grind co-host
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    RotoGrinders Product Director
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    Creator of The BAT
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