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Meet our Experts

  • Notorious

    Top 50 Overall Ranking, 3x FD/DK Live Finalist
  • stlcardinals84

    Top 50 Superheavyweight Ranking, 4x Live Finalist
  • db730

    Host: Daily Fantasy Fix, 9x Live Finalist
  • jakz101

    DraftKings NFL Millionaire Maker Winner (2016)
  • JMToWin

    Writer/Novelist, 3x FanDuel/DraftKings Live Finalist
  • meansy53

    Top 100 Superheavyweight Ranking, 3x Live Finalist
  • theseige

    Top 5 Middleweight Ranking, 11x Live Finalist
  • dean78904

    Host: Flagship GrindersLive Show
  • CheeseIsGood

    TWO-TIME Million Dollar Winner in MLB DFS
  • stevietpfl

    Host: Morning Grind, 6x Live Finalist
  • ChrisGimino

    3x FanDuel/DraftKings Live Finalist
  • headChopper

    Top 30 Heavyweight Ranking, 2013 FanDuel WFBBC Champion
  • squirrelpatrol

    Top 10 Heavyweight Ranking, Top 50 TPOY Ranking
  • BigT44

    Top 100 Overall Ranking, Numerous Live Final Appearances
  • BobbyFi

    Top 100 Overall/Super Heavyweight Ranking

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