spettey's FanDuel PGA Biggest Game Results

The highlighted scores below qualify for the TPOY. Note that some TPOY-qualifying scores may extend into page 2 of results and will not be highlighted. Check out our TPOY FAQ for more details.

Site Sport Date Name Buy In Rank Points
FanDuel PGA Aug 18th, 2022 $150k thu pga eagle ($30k to 1st) $9.99 1036 / 17875 7.37
FanDuel PGA Jul 6th, 2022 $150K Thu PGA Eagle ($30K to 1st) $9.99 2856 / 17875 6.87
FanDuel PGA Jun 15th, 2022 $100K Thu PGA Stinger ($10K to 1st) $4.00 6055 / 25933 4.00
*Contests held before we were able to collect prize amount won use our old rankings formula based on prize pool and place finished. This allows these contests to still appear in historic biggest scores, but they are not directly comparable to scores after Jan 2017.