FanDuel NBA Lineup for Today's Games

FanDuel NBA Projected Optimal Lineup

Pos Player Order Salary Fpts $/Point
PG Damian Lillard 3 7500 34.53 $ 217.20
PG Derrick Rose 3 6100 34.23 $ 178.21
SG Kyle Korver 1 5200 26.28 $ 197.87
SG Joe Johnson 2 6400 31.87 $ 200.82
SF DeMarre Carroll 2 5800 26.5 $ 218.87
SF Jeff Green 6 4900 23.11 $ 212.03
PF LaMarcus Aldridge 4 9400 43.13 $ 217.95
PF Thaddeus Young 4 6000 29.77 $ 201.55
C Brook Lopez 5 8500 36.99 $ 229.79
59800 286.41 $ 208.79

What this is

Our projected optimal lineup will give you an idea of what the best lineup might look like for today's daily fantasy games.

Where the projected optimal lineup comes from

We start with RotoGrinders Player Projections (Subscription required). Then, we run a randomization algorithm with high-order iterations to determine which player combination is projected to score the most points for each DFS site's unique pricing and scoring systems.

In other words: The projected optimal lineup shows you the best lineup you can afford (based on our current projections) for tonight's games.

How to use our projected optimal lineup

The picks in our projected optimal lineup are intended as a starting point to help supplement your own daily fantasy research. We do not recommend blindly playing the above lineup without understanding the core principles of DFS games.

If you want to build more lineups based on players you see above, be sure to check out our automated Lineup Builder tool.


The projected optimal lineup is generated each morning at 11 AM ET for MLB, 12 PM ET for NBA, and each week on Wednesdays for NFL.

Lineups are manually updated by RotoGrinders in the event of injuries and news updates.

Make sure to check for late scratches and lineup adjustments by following @RotoGrinders on Twitter. Last-minute lineup changes will be posted on Twitter before the algorithm-projected lineup is recalculated, and the lineup may not be updated to account for late scratches.

"C" denotes a player that is confirmed in the lineup. "NC" indicates that a player is not confirmed in the lineup.