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draft review

DRAFT is the first truly mobile fantasy game in the daily fantasy sports industry. Even better, it features snake drafts, which offers a nice change-up for hardcore DFS players.

While the game offers a sharp and innovative way to play DFS, the DRAFT team is anything but new to the space.

Getting started on DRAFT is easy. Whether you’re on a laptop or mobile device, just navigate to DRAFT by clicking through one of our links and you’ll be able to download the app in seconds. (Signing up through a RotoGrinders link and using promo code “GRINDERS” also will get you the best signup possible, but more on that in a moment. Make sure to add your draft username to your RotoGrinders profile.)

First, though, let’s take a closer look at the platform in this DRAFT Review.

The DRAFT Founding Team

DRAFT was founded by Jeremy Levine, the CEO, and Nicolo Giorgi, who heads up development. If you have been around the daily fantasy industry for a while, these names might ring a bell. They were the founders of StarStreet, one of the original daily fantasy sports sites. StarStreet was founded in 2009 and quickly become a major player in the space.

StarStreet offered 3 different game variations, including Salary Cap contests, Pick Five and a real-money Sports Stock Market. StarStreet also was the original company to have a live final at the Playboy Mansion. In August of 2014, DraftKings bought StarStreet and acquired its userbase.

All of this goes to say: Jeremy and Nicolo know a thing or two about how to run a fantasy sports company! We were sad to see them go when StarStreet was acquired, but we’re thrilled they choose to keep their talents working in DFS and build out the snake draft platform many gamers have been asking for. With one successful DFS site already in their portfolio, the DRAFT team has the skills and experience to make their latest offering a must-play for DFSers everywhere.

Now let’s take a look at the DRAFT product itself.

Game Offerings

DRAFT is different than almost all other daily fantasy sites. They offer contests for NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA, but they do not offer salary cap drafts.

You may be asking yourself “If there are no salaries, how does this work?” Great question!

First, you choose the type of draft you want to do from the lobby. They offer multi-person snake drafts, head-to-head snake drafts and dream team drafts. We’ll explain each below.

Selecting one of these contest sis self explanatory. Simply choose the amount you want to play for, and the type of draft and you’ll be entered in. Most drafts start immediately when they fill.

Multi-Person Snake Drafts

Snake Drafts are the most popular form of season-long drafts and now you get to enjoy them while playing daily fantasy sports. In a snake draft, everyone takes their turn picking and the order “snakes”. For example, in a 10-person draft, the person with the 10th pick (the last pick in the first round) would also have the 11th (the first pick in the second round).

On DRAFT, the pick clock in snake drafts is 20 seconds, but don’t worry, you can use DRAFT’s nifty queue feature. Just star the players you want and go the queue tab to re-order them. If you miss your pick, it will auto-pick the top player in your queue for you. The drafts take just minutes to complete and once complete, they’re done. You’re now allowed to edit or “late swap” your lineups

Head-to-Head Snake Drafts

Head-to-head (H2H) snake drafts are self explanatory once you get how the multi-person snake drafts work. In H2H drafts, you play against just one opponent. You can play against random opponents by selecting a H2H draft from the lobby or you can go to the “Friends” tab and challenge a friend. The H2H drafts are great ways to play DFS with a friend. Simply send them your draft link, search for their username and automatically challenge them.

Auto Enter Multiple H2H Drafts

This a feature Grinders are sure to love. Look for the tile on the bottom of the DRAFT lobby that says “Enter Multiple H2H Drafts.” There, you can set your rankings and auto-enter drafts. DRAFT will match you up against all unique opponents and it will draft for you from your rankings. Even better, it drafts intelligently, so if your opponent has filled a position, it won’t draft that position for you until your last pick.

This is an awesome way to get a bunch of action with next to no effort.

Multi-player draft tournaments

Recently added to the DRAFT format lineup is the multi-player draft tournament. This mode combines the snake draft format with the tournament bracket format. The player pool is divided into smaller fields, with the winner of the draft moving on until a single winner is crowned. It’s a unique way to add the stakes of the various tournament modes with the snake draft format familiar to fantasy sports fans.

Dream Team Contests

Dream Team contests are a totally different type of contest on DRAFT. They may look more familiar to you if you’re used to salary cap draft. They’re essentially the same thing…but with no salary cap. Instead, you simply pick the five players you think will put up the most points and that’s your team.

The Dream Team contests are run GPP style. They’ll pay out in full even if they don’t fill.


Leagues are another cool feature on DRAFT. You can create a league, set up a draft and customize everything from the number of entrants, dollar amount and draft time. Then, you and your friends can do a draft every week throughout the season at that time. You compete weekly and are tracked on a season long leaderboard.

Why play on DRAFT

There are some big advantages to playing on DRAFT over some of the larger daily fantasy sites.

The first advantage is simply the amount of time it takes to be successful on DRAFT. Drafts can take anywhere between 2-5 minutes and once they are complete, there is nothing left to do but sit back and sweat your lineups. In salary cap contests such as what you’d find on FanDuel and DraftKings, you need to constantly be adjusting your lineups to recent news and injuries as value opens up. That is simply not the case on DRAFT.

Another advantage to playing on DRAFT is there are no multi-entry contests. You simply compete against one lineup per player. This will be a plus for DFSers who hate competing against pros with hundreds of lineups in each tournament.

Due to having no salary caps, there is far less knowledge you need to know or master to be successful when playing on DRAFT.


DRAFT’s scoring is exactly the same as FanDuel’s, which makes transitioning from one site to another very easy. If you are unfamiliar with their scoring system, here is an example:

Checking your results is very simple both during and after contests.

Depositing and Withdrawing

DRAFT currently accepts payments by both credit card and PayPal. They process all withdrawals within 24 hours and have a very responsive customer support team.


Overall, DRAFT is a fun and different way to enjoy playing daily fantasy sports. They don’t have the same huge prize pools as some of the other DFS sites out there, but there are still real-money cash prizes to win. Whether you just want a change of pace, a game for on the go, or if you can’t or simply don’t want to spend hours a day doing research, DRAFT is definitely worth a try!

Hopefully this DRAFT Review was helpful. If you’re ready to jump in, be sure to sign up using a RotoGrinders link and, when prompted use promo code “GRINDERS”. Click to learn more about our exclusive DRAFT promo code.

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