Fantasy Sports Live Review

By Cameron, Last Updated 1 year ago

Game Offerings

Fantasy Sports Live offers a wide range of salary games for Football, Basketball, Hockey, Basketball, Racing and more. Whereas most daily fantasy sites only offer one salary cap range per sport, Fantasy Sports Live offers multiple per sport. This added variety makes for lasting entertainment, and challenges you to master a wider range of skills. The learning curve goes up as the salary cap goes down, while grinders’ are able to gain an edge on their opponents by being forced to select lesser-known players. In addition, Fantasy Sports Live offers a wide range of buy-ins. You can regularly find actions from the $1 level all the way up to $264 buy ins. There are no unlimited field sizes, but FSL offers drafts of up to 25 people on a regular basis. And the icing on the cake? Rake is less than 10% across the board! The only offering FSL is missing is live sit and drafts. When you’re ready to join don’t forget to use our Fantasy Sports Live Bonus Code GRINDERS for an exclusive deposit bonus.

Software and Interface

Fantasy Sports Live is a web-based daily fantasy site, and though functional, could use some improvements in their software and interface. The organization is fine, but the lobby becomes cluttered at times, mainly due to all of the empty games showing. When you enter a contest you are taken to a web page, and select from a list of players at each position. While this gets the job done, it is inferior to draft rooms provided on other daily fantasy sites and becomes tedious when you want to move or edit your roster. Live Scoring is offered, however the stats are sometimes delayed. That being said the site gets the job done and is an effective-enough platform worth using for Fantasy Sports Live’s value.

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Customer Service

Fantasy Sports Live has a 1-800 support number, which is a nice feature that most sites do not offer, and they also have the traditional support email address. When you do get in touch with them, FSL provides you with a helpful response to any of your queries, and they are eager to help you enjoy your time on the site. You will also notice that FSL takes a very friendly and playful approach towards managing their site. An example of this is there Tour Video

Roster, Rules and Scoring

See Scoring Tab


Fantasy Sports Live provides a rake model that should be adopted by other sites, and overall it is excellent. The rake generally ranges from 7.4% down to 5.3%, and there is ZERO rake for the $1 contests. It is always nice to see a system in which the rake decreases as the buy-ins increase. This a great rake system to help sustain bankrolls, and build site numbers.

Bonuses and Promotions

Fantasy Sports Live has partnered with RotoGrinders to provide you with Exclusive FantasySportsLive Bonus Codes! Simply click this link or when signing up enter the FantasySportsLive Bonus Code: “GRINDERS”. See the top-banner of this page for more details. FSL also offers Refer A Friend bonuses, and occasional specials involving their competitive leaderboard.


Though the web based system may not look like the most secure method to transfer secure banking info, Fantasy Sports Live offers one of the best cashiers in the industry. They support deposit by both credit card and PayPal; Allowing you to deposit a variety of amounts. They also allow withdrawal by PayPal, which makes life much easier, in addition to the standard withdrawal-via-check. Overall, one of the better cashiers that you will use.