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By Hesh Hambazaza (hambazaza), Last Updated 1 month ago

Note on the deposit bonus: Your deposit bonus will not be paid upfront. It will enter your account at a rate of 4% of your buy-ins as you play in real-money contests on Mondogoal.


If you enjoy playing DFS soccer, there is a new player in town, and they are coming on strong. Mondogoal is a new site in the DFS world, having launched back in August 2014, but the site has already proven to be a potential heavy-hitter in the DFS soccer world. To date, Mondogoal has partnerships with AS Roma, Manchester City, Liverpool, West Ham United, Chelsea and Barcelona, all of which are prominent clubs in Europe.

Mondogoal saw a flaw in the current DFS soccer offerings and decided to do something about it. With a presence overseas and an expanded scoring system, Mondogoal will appeal to the soccer savant and novice alike.

What truly separates Mondogoal from the rest of the soccer offerings in the DFS world is that Mondogoal is available in both the United States and the United Kingdom, opening up a world of potential enthusiastic users and fans that would expand the DFS business to an untapped market overseas.

Mondogoal offers a 200% deposit bonus up to $250 and that bonus can actually be taken advantage of twice in the form of a deposit in GBP (Great British Pounds) of £250 for another 200% deposit bonus. This distinction also translates to two different game sets available to play, one in USD and the other in GBP.

Game Offerings

As mentioned earlier, as a player you have the choice in playing in USD or GBP, each with its own unique game set and its own prize pools. This effectively doubles the prize pools available every week. That is one of the reasons you’ll notice that Mondogoal is currently supporting some smaller game sets. As mentioned above, Mondogoal is a strictly soccer DFS site, However, they excel at it as they offer games in multiple leagues. Among their offerings are games for the Premier League, and the FA Cup (England), The Bundesliga (Germany), La Liga (Spain), Ligue 1 (France), Serie A (Italy) and The Champions League. As the site continues to grow we will see more and more game offerings and more partnerships with several more teams in Europe.

Currently, Mondogoal offers game types from FREE entries up to $250 per game with a game selection from head-to-heads, 5- and 10-man leagues, and some small GPP-style tournaments. Tournaments tend to run through an entire weekend’s slate of games and with no late swap you’ll have to be careful to not roster players that have a risk of not playing that weekend.

Software and Interface

The most impressive thing about Mondogoal is the software and interface as it has a very clean and crisp look that makes it easy to navigate with their dashboard page

Furthermore, you can navigate into the “Contests” page and selected from the many contests that are available, and within that you can select the league and price point in which you want to enter. The prize pools and entry fees are clearly marked for each contest.

The “My Entries” tab is very simple. It shows current running contests and completed contests, as well as upcoming contests. It does not, however, show your current place in each contest or your current winnings on the “My Entries” page. For that you’ll have to navigate into each contest individually.

The “Accounts” tab includes the option to check recent transactions, change your user name and password, and withdraw funds. There is also an option for “Responsible Gaming” which has a built in bankroll management tool that allows you to limit how much of your bankroll to play each day, how much to deposit, and whether to block transactions or suspend account temporarily.

Finally, one cool feature of Mondogoal is the ability to customize the appearance of the site through skins. Currently, they only have options for the teams in which they have partnerships with, but as their presence grows and the partnerships increase I’m sure more options will be available in the future.

Lineup Building

Lineup building on Mondogoal is very unique as you have the option to change the formation of your team from 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 3-4-3, 4-5-1 etc. This flexibility allows the users to decide how many defenders, midfielders and forwards to use. The salary cap is $100,000,000 and has to be used among 11 players mimicking true soccer strategy to give the best experience possible.

As you select players you can see them populate the graphical image. The image also shows the remaining salary at the top of the screen. Once a team is built you will have the option to export to multiple new tournaments to enter.

One big flaw with the Mondogoal site is the lack of an “import” or “export” feature for lineups. So if you have to make any late changes to your lineup, you will have to make all changes individually to each lineup as there is no way to currently export them.

Mondogoal Deposit Bonuses

There are two currencies in which to deposit to Mondogoal, through US Dollars or GB Pounds. There is a 200% bonus for a deposit currently through either currency and it goes up to $250 or £250. The Bonus is deposited to your account at a standard rate of $0.04 for every $1 spent. (Click here to create a new account and receive your Mondogoal deposit bonus.)

Changing the currency in the menu at the top of the page changes the game selection and entry fee method. Unfortunately, Mondogoal does not currently accept deposits using Paypal, and as such, if you choose to deposit using a debit card, there may be charges to your account due to Mondogoal’s operation being based in the UK.

Mondogoal Scoring

Mondogoal offers the most sophisticated DFS soccer scoring format out there. They use OPTA as their statistics provider who are the leader in fantasy soccer stats around the world. The scoring may be complicated, but it is very simple to keep track of and if you follow your team live the updates appear on the screen real time.

Mobile Offering

Currently, Mondogoal’s site is adapted for a mobile experience, however, building lineups on there is not as fluid as it is on a browser.

In all, Mondogoal is an exciting new DFS soccer site with big potential. Check it out now and receive a 200% deposit bonus!

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