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Note on deposit bonuses: Your deposit bonus will not be paid upfront. It will enter your account at a rate of 20% of your buy-ins as you play in real-money contests on Star Fantasy Leagues.

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Star Fantasy Leagues is a daily fantasy sports site founded by brothers Justin and Zachary Stanley, who have both been avid fantasy sports fanatics since the earliest days of fantasy online gaming. They took this knowledge of the fantasy sports world and used it to create a vision of what their ideal daily fantasy sports site would look like.

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Software and Interface

The interface at Star Fantasy Leagues is clean and concise across the board. Their main lobby features all of their available games with a number of helpful filters to narrow down the overall selection. Filters include sport, game size, buy-in, league duration and draft type.

The draft rooms at StarFantasyLeagues are also easy to use and filter through. Players can be broken down by position, team, and matchup in the player pool area and your roster is easy to view directly to the right of the available player pool. In the draft rooms, SFL offers some high quality stats and injury information that you can reference quickly while building your daily lineups.

SFL also has import/export all features that allow you to quickly submit the same lineup across multiple games or import another lineup into the current draft room. Mass entering lineups into GPPs and H2H games is a quick and straightforward process thanks to these features.

Game Offerings

Star Fantasy Leagues offers many daily guaranteed prize pool (GPP) tournaments spread across all four major sports. They also have several double-up guaranteed games running daily. This is on top of the traditional head-to-head, 3-man, 10-man, etc. games. Buy-ins range from daily freerolls, a concept disappearing quickly on most daily fantasy sites, to $420 games.

Starting with the 2013 NFL season, Star Fantasy Leagues will be introducing a unique season-long platform. This should provide traditional fantasy players a new and exciting way to play fantasy sports.

Roster, Rules and Scoring

Shown below are the SFL scoring and roster rules for the four major sports. These rules can also be found off any SFL page under the “Rules” tab.

NFL Scoring


Offense Offense
PaTD 4 pts
PaYd .04 pts
RushTD 6 pts
RushYd .1 pts
RecTD 6 pts
RecYd .1 pts
REC .5 pts
ReturnTD 6 pts
INT (-1) pts
FML (-1) pts
2PT 2 pts

FG (0-39 yards) 3 pts
FG (40-49 yards) 4 pts
FG (50+ yards) 5 pts
XPM 1 pts
Defense/Special Teams Defense/Special Teams
0 PA 10 pts
3-6 PA 7 pts
7-10 PA 4 pts
11-15 PA 2 pts
16-25 PA 0 pts
25+ PA (-3) pts
DefTD 6 pts
Special Teams TD 6 pts
D-INT 1 pts
D-FUMREC 1 pts
Safety 2 pts
Blocked Kicks 2 pts
Sacks .5 pts

NBA Scoring


Points 1pts
Rebounds 1.25pts
Assists 2pts  
Steals 2pts
Blocks 2pts
Turnovers (-1pts)
Missed Free Throws (-.5pts)
Missed Field Goals (-.5pts)

NHL Scoring


Offense Scoring Offense Scoring
Shot on Goal .3pts
Goal 3pts
Assist 2pts
Plus Minus .5pts
Penalty Minutes .25pts
Power Play Goal .5pts
Power Play Assist .5pts
Short Handed Goal 1pts
Short Handed Assist 1pts
Blocked Shot .3pts
Goalie Scoring Goalie Scoring
Win 3pts
Goals Allowed (-1.5pts)
Save .3pts
Shut Out 2pts

MLB Scoring

ROSTER: C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, OF, OF, OF, UTIL, SP, SP, RP, P

Pitchers Pitchers
Walk (-.25pts)
Hit Allowed (-.25pts)
Hit Batter (-.25pts)
Earned Run (-.75pts)
Inning Pitched .9pts
Strikeout .7pts
Loss (-.75pts)
Win 1.5pts
Save 3pts
Complete Game 2pts
Blown Save (-1pts)
Hitters Hitters
Single 1pts
Double 2pts
Triple 3pts
Home Run 4pts
Walk .75pts
Run 1.5pts
RBI 1.5pts
Stolen Base 2pts
Strikeout (-.75pts)
Caught Stealing (-1pts)
Sacrifice .75pts
Hit By Pitch .75pts


Star Fantasy Leagues offers the industry standard rake in their lower buy-in games at 10% of the prize pool. As you buy-into higher games, that rake is reduced at an impressive rate. Their $109 games have a rake of around 8% and their highest buy-in games, $420 per person, have just under a 5% rake!

Cashier and Customer Support

Customer service is a large part of the overall experience at Star Fantasy Leagues. They offer support through email, as well as having a support representative available in the chat box to answer any inquiries. The SFL community is also known to be helpful to new players. The support is fast and attentive, a testament to the fact that the staff cares about the customer.

Star Fantasy Leagues offers deposits through PayPal at this time, with plans to integrate a much more robust cashier system in the next software update. You can deposit a minimum of $10 with no maximum. Withdrawals are processed through PayPal and are processed very quickly.

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