Daily Fantasy Training
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  • How to Play and Win at NBA DFS

    In this course, both new and experienced players can find the foundational pieces that are required in order to become a winning NBA DFS player. As with any DFS sports, there is often a lot of noise and misinformation that surrounds daily conversation. This course is designed to eliminate noise, and focus on the foundational signal that will help you take the first steps to success.

  • NBA DFS RotoAcademy LineupHQ Show: Video Tutorials

    This is a collection of NBA DFS learning modules as seen our GrindersLive “RotoAcademy” shows. Learn how the pros’ strategies to mass-multi enter different types of slates using LineupHQ, ResultsDB and more.

  • Notorious's Blueprint to Daily Fantasy Basketball, Volume 2

    Notorious’s Blueprint to Daily Fantasy Basketball is a course designed for players who are first getting into NBA DFS and want to learn the basics of the sports, strategy, and how to win on a nightly basis.
    In this follow-up course, you’ll learn:

    • How to accurately predict minutes in NBA DFS
    • How to break down matchups and judge team stats versus DvP data
    • Why pace is so important and how to handle it
    • Why usage rate is flawed and how to fix it
    • How I weigh each part of my NBA projection model

  • Meansy53's 'Begintermediate' NBA DFS Cash Game Introduction

    Meansy53’s ‘Begintermediate’ NBA DFS Cash Game Introduction is Andy Means’ first RotoAcademy course and a primer for anyone looking to play NBA DFS cash games successfully. He touches on a handful of key areas that can help you be a profitable player if just starting out, and he delves into more detailed aspects of the sport that will have you holding your own against the pros.

    In this course, Meansy53 covers:
    • His own basketball and DFS background
    • Appropriate game selection for beginners
    • The equation all NBA DFS players must know
    • Hypothetical injury/rest situations and how we should react
    • Why we should care so much about “rates”

  • The Guide to Winning GPPs in NBA DFS

    The Guide to Winning GPPs in NBA DFS is a course from Justin Van Zuiden, known in the fantasy community as “stlcardinals84”, all about how to take down those sexy large-field GPPs. In daily fantasy sports, you have to treat each contest differently — if you’ve had troubles in tournaments before and want to step up your game, this is the course for you.

    In this course, you’ll learn:

    • The foundational stats and strategies for NBA DFS
    • The big differences between GPP’s in NBA DFS and other daily sports
    • How to handle single-entry GPP’s
    • How to handle multi-entry GPP’s
    • How to utilize the best tools in the industry to set yourself up for success
    • How to be contrarian in GPP’s

  • How to Actually Find Value in Daily Fantasy Basketball

    How to Actually Find Value in Daily Fantasy Basketball is a course by RotoAcademy founder Jonathan Bales that focuses on the true meaning of value in DFS, and specifically daily fantasy basketball. Basketball is a very predictive sport — knowing which stats make it predictive is a nice step, but also knowing how those are priced into player salaries is the next. Bales discusses this and more in this five-lesson course.

    In this course, you’ll learn:

    • Introduction and the Meaning of Value
    • Value on DraftKings vs FanDuel: Know the Difference
    • Using Advanced Stats
    • Understanding Recent Performance
    • Salary Movement and the Effect on Value

  • 5 Secrets to Daily Fantasy Basketball Success

    5 Secrets to Daily Fantasy Basketball Success is a course by RotoAcademy founder Jonathan Bales that hits on a variety of hidden secrets in NBA DFS. Some “secrets” are built around new statistics in daily fantasy basketball and some are new thoughts on how to truly perceive the value of an NBA DFS player. Normally we would give you bullet points of the foundational ideas in each lesson, but that wouldn’t make them secrets anymore, now would it?

    In this course, you’ll learn:

    • Secret 1: Team Strength and the Vegas Lines
    • Secret 2: How Much Does Value Matter?
    • Secret 3: Timing Is Everything
    • Secret 4: The Effect of Travel
    • Secret 5: How Much Does the Opponent Matter?

  • Insider Access: Behind the Scenes of Noto's NBA DFS Model

    Notorious has been very successful using his NBA DFS model over the years. The finished product is featured in his daily Grind Down video, but for the first time ever, he is offering a behind the scenes look at what the model consists of — formulas, weights, key inputs, etc. Whether you are looking to build your own model or looking to improve your process, this two-part video course will be extremely beneficial. In the course, Noto covers the following topics:

    • The key sources of information for the model
    • How to create a master player and team list to simplify data collection
    • The key inputs and weights of Noto’s model
    • All of the formulas and excel tricks that make the model work
    • How to create projections and compare them to salary-based expectations