Daily Fantasy Training
Led by DFS Legend Derek (Notorious) Farnsworth

  • Beginner's Guide to NHL DFS

    One of the top hockey analysts in the DFS industry has put together a beginner’s guide to learning NHL DFS.

    In this course, jmbwngfn covers:

    • The basic terminology you need to know when it comes to hockey
    • A breakdown of each site’s scoring system
    • Why correlation and stacking is so important in NHL DFS
    • Basic lineup construction strategies
    • Which advanced statistics you should be looking at in your daily process

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  • Intro to DFS Bankroll Management

    Your bankroll is the amount of money with which you plan to play daily fantasy sports. The size of your bankroll and the manner in which you attach leagues should dictate how much money you put into play. There are all sorts of nuances to bankroll management – the most overlooked aspect of becoming a profitable DFS player.

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  • Intro to DFS Research

    If you want to master daily fantasy sports, you need to have a sound and efficient research routine. In this course, you’ll learn how the pros research for daily fantasy sports, where they go, and which stats they analyze.

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  • High-Stakes Daily Fantasy Play

    So you’ve had some success at lower stakes and want to ramp up your play? High-stakes daily fantasy action is a different animal than low-stakes play, and this course will teach you when and how to take your shots.

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  • Advanced DFS Bankroll Management

    If your goal is to truly maximize long-term profitability, you need to have sound bankroll management. That extends beyond basic bankroll principles and into more complex topics like the Kelly Criterion and the effects of variance on bankroll strategies.

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