• Austyn1222

    ALL THE WALL. Gonna stay with Lowry until his price is with cp3. Especially against Burke.

  • silverbergd

    @duder500 said...

    Jennings should always scare you. Acceptable risk in tourney play, not so sure about cash.

    Thanks pretty much on same page maybe a little more upside for jennings

  • duder500

    RG Mod

    @chronoxiong said...

    I was all over Blake Griffin as my main PF but the possible blowout is making me sway my way onto either Millsap or Pau Gasol. I have to think Pau Gasol is going to be relied upon a lot tonight since Taj Gibson is still out. I sure hope their double OT game from last night doesn’t make them too tired. I think the main position I am struggling with is SG.

    Oh man I was on Gasol. I can’t play into that double OT back to back game.

    Blake does not seem to be the kind of player that gets his in blow outs. I have been burned at least 3 times this year in this situation.

    I went Lance Stephenson at the 2. He is apparently in for the lion share of minutes tonight and I expect a higher usage rate on offense at they try to break this slump.

  • JDP1845

    I have lou williams and jeff teague in some of my lineups just because it is hilarious

  • Alec Burks being out threw off my line ups

  • rvd99

    is vucevic out?

  • mrclutch

    Dirk is out tonight!

  • winsome

    no Dirk. Fire up Aminu!!! :-)

  • kingarthur_iii

    Thoughts on Rodney Hood as a value GPP play?

  • Unico10

    • 498

      RG Overall Ranking

    • Ranked #75

      RG Tiered Ranking

    Trying to give it a go

  • kalcashmoney

    more “value” plays…

    Dirk being out doesn’t mean Aminu becomes an “auto-play cheap pick”

    What it actually means is bump up Monta Ellis and Chandler

  • androo2008

    @winsome said...

    no Dirk. Fire up Aminu!!! :-)

    Lol I’m guessing that was sarcastic. I apologize for even mentioning his name last time dirk was out, however I did say I didn’t know how the rotation would work and Jefferson ended up getting more minutes even though he didn’t start.

  • rvd99

    csuram88 is on my gpp should i withdraw

  • IvanCalderon

    @kalcashmoney said...

    What it actually means is bump up Monta Ellis and Chandler

    Tyson Chandler or Chandler Parsons…. fucking 5 players and two have to share a name lol

  • flyersfan28

    MCW or Jimmy Butler in DK Cash?

  • winsome

    @androo2008 said...

    Lol I’m guessing that was sarcastic.

    100%. wasn’t sure who it was but was just showing you some extra love

  • bberard34

    Chandler Parsons gets a bump with no Dirk. Forget Aminu

  • IvanCalderon

    @rvd99 said...

    csuram88 is on my gpp should i withdraw

    odds are one of his 75 entries beats yours

  • Turn2gold

    @bberard34 said...

    Chandler Parsons gets a bump with no Dirk. Forget Aminu

    Parsons wasn’t that impressive the lat time Dirk sat .. I’m going with Monta Revenge Ball

  • strassnerte

    Changed out Lowry for MCW at last second…hope I don’t regret it.

  • Turn2gold

    Good Luck All …..I’m hoping to hit one of my $50 Super Boosters …Key word HOPING ….Just 910 people to beat

  • Turn2gold

    @strassnerte said...

    Changed out Lowry for MCW at last second…hope I don’t regret it.

    I have both so I hope you don’t regret either

  • ryanjt90

    Here we go!

  • parker1473

    Harden on 15% on FD Super Slam…glad I rolled the dice on one lineup

  • larin1477

    • Blogger of the Month

    Gl y’all

  • TheRealJoker

    Dirk 6.7% owned in the shot on FD. Burks is 1.5%

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