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    CAP HIT – We’re currently at capacity, but spaces may open up later. Stay tuned.

    2015 RotoGrinders NFL Opening Weekend Party in Vegas Announcement. Special thanks to Major Sponsor DraftKings! – Reserve Your Spot!

    Our fourth annual party is booked at the Mirage September 12th and 13th!

    As always, the goal of our NFL Opening Weekend party is to celebrate the return of football, the epic growth of the DFS industry and the good times we have along the way. Planned events include poker and beer pong tournaments, a multi-site Freeroll Bowl, the Tournament Player of the Year award presentation, and more.

    While many Grinders staff, contributors, partners, and friends will be in attendance, this event is also open to anyone ranked in the Top 2500 of our Grinders Rankings. We’d love to invite everyone but we have a cap of 200 people at the events. If we don’t hit our cap we will open this up to a larger number of players. You are allowed to bring a +1. We’ll fill this event on a first come, first serve basis, so check out the itinerary below and save your spot ASAP!

    CAP HIT – We’re full now for public invites, but spaces may open up later. Stay tuned.

    First, a shout out and thank you to our Major Sponsor, DraftKings!


    Friday Night, 8-10 PM (9/11) – Fanduel Party at Twin Peaks

    Fanduel made a generous offer a second year in a row to provide free food, drinks, and rock climbing at Twin Peaks on the strip. Come in a day early and join in on the fun.

    Saturday Evening, 6-9 PM (9/12) – Welcome Party & Game Night – The Mirage Hotel and Casino


    We’ve rented our an entire conference hall at The Mirage and will transform it into RotoGrinders Game Central. It will be a great way to relax, catch up with friends old and new from the community and kick off the weekend’s festivities – with a few competitions along the way.

    Highlights include:

    o Third annual Daily Fantasy Beer Pong Championship (DFBPC). Winner keeps the RG-branded table!
    o XBox Lounge with Madden – maybe a Madden Tournament?
    o Pop-a-shot
    o Tournament Player of the Year ceremony for McJester, the 2014 Champ
    o Free food and beer

    Sunday Morning and Afternoon Games (9/13) – NFL Viewing Party – Gilley’s SPONSORED BY DRAFTKINGS

    Last year’s venue, Brooklyn Bowl, informed us they are not carrying the NFL Sunday Ticket this season, and we obviously can’t have that at the RotoGrinders Party. This year we’re going right next door to the Mirage for our party. Gilley’s at Treasure Island has an awesome area set up for us, complete with tons of TVs, a mechanical bull, and great food.

    o Free food and beer
    o Big screen TVs to watch the NFL games
    o Mechanical Bull Rides
    o More Beer Pong
    o Fourth Annual Freeroll Bowl – everyone at the party is welcome to play in a freeroll hosted by each, respective DFS site that has a rep in attendance. The aggregate winner across all sites wins a cash prize as well as the privilege of guzzling a beer out of the Freeroll Bowl trophy. Past champions include HeadChopper, DP47 and naapstermaan.

    Sunday Evening (9/13) – Third Annual Poker Tournament – The Mirage Poker Room SPONSORED BY DRAFTKINGS Added DK prizes coming soon!

    At the end of the afternoon slate, we’ll move back to the Mirage Poker Room. Here we’ll host our Third Annual RotoGrinders Poker Tournament, which will include:

    o $150 buy-in, $15 to the house
    o Drinks provided by Mirage
    o Privilege of eliminating friends, colleagues and competitors from across the DFS industry, and maybe seeing Jon Aguiar’s WSOP bracelet.

    A special thanks to our sponsors for helping us make this happen. We’d also like to thank AlSmizzle’s wife, Emiliana, and her company, for leading the charge in putting all of this together.

    We may have some rooms at a block rate open up, more information on that coming soon. Let me know if you have any more questions.

    We hope to see you in Las Vegas!

    Note: In addition to filling out the form post in this thread as well. If you have a +1 please make sure we show it here:

    Who’s In: (current count 200 – CAPPED)

    McJester (2104 TPOY Champ)
    Jonathan Bales
    HeadChopper +1
    StlCardinals84 +1

    BoggsLite +1
    StevieTPFL +1
    JMBWngFn +1
    LouiesCards +1
    RotoKevin +Wine Glass
    draftcheat +1

    Mr Haha
    Notorious +1

    beermakersfan +Pops
    BritDevine +1
    a25smith +1
    bhdevault +1
    cjhopkins +1
    Jordan Davis
    RRT +1
    byoh +1

    JeffelJefe +1
    FlyingArmbar +1
    BBROCK +1
    KaiBang +1
    Matt123hb +1
    ryanspeer2001 +1

    youngkaiser740 +1
    ChrisGimino +1
    Scorpio71 +1
    kalcashmoney +1
    wthomas0187 +1
    mikedeatworld +!

    chuckyduce +1
    hoff21 +1
    kinglion22 +1
    kuruptive8 +1

    kbeez21 +1
    BigItaly42 +1
    HossDaBoss +1
    WuLiMaster +1
    Ryanoss +1
    ezellmt +1

    LoneRiders +1
    eforsty +1
    Jess767 +1
    gneiffer07 +1
    Neiderman +1
    hester8157 +1
    bigmel911 +1
    Mike5754 +1

    emge +1
    hoffman124 +1
    biglucky +1
    Knup +1
    cdome06 +1
    Spundin +1

    joemarino27 +1
    Benny11 +1
    sonomajoe +1
    Bgizzle714 +1
    99problems +1
    jroyals +1
    eaglezzz +1

    m4ch1n3 +1
    Ryazan +1
    Boogereatingmoron +1
    tone17 +1
    Gcone8 +1
    Butera04 +1
    clarkgriswold +1
    theoddsmaker +1


    Plus Ones that are RG members:

    Nashville Crew:
    Cameron +1
    Riley +1
    Dan +1
    Cal +1
    CruzinToVictory +1
    Scott +1
    Simon Edwards (Executive Producer)
    Brandon Heaven (Producer)
    John Ingram +1 (RG CTO)
    Jake Jensen (Developer)
    Nick Nguyen (Developer)
    John Haitas +1 (App Developer)
    Ryan Roberts (Developer)

    Room Block Update from Emiliana:

    We have received a special group rate at Mirage Hotel.
    Room Block is under “Rical Kick-Off event”

    *We would love to handle reservations for you
    Please e-mail:*

    Or via the hotel directly call: 702-791-7440
    Mirage Group reservations.

    Incredible Bonus Prize from our Major Sponsor, DraftKings:

    With the announcement of the $10,000,000 Millionaire Maker for week 1 we have a very special promotion just for those RG members attending the party in Vegas. The RG member attending the opening weekend party with the highest scoring team in the Week 1 Millionaire Maker will receive 1,000 DK$ per week from week 2-17 of the NFL season (That’s $16,000!) effectively bankrolling their 2015 NFL season.

    Eligibility Rules for DK’s $10,000,000 Milly Maker RG Party Promo:

    -Your name must be listed in the original post to be eligible.
    -If your +1 wants to participate he/she must be ranked in the top 2500 currently. Send me a private message with his/her username and I will list the person separately, removing your +1. If your +1 is not ranked in the top 2500 he/she is ineligible.
    -There are some special invites on the list in the original post that are not in the top 2500. Those players are still eligible.
    -People listed under “Nashville Crew” are not eligible.

  • taker4862

    Yesssssiiir! Looking forward to it!

  • DillingerFour

    FD Rep - DFBMeeMee Champ (x2)

    • Blogger of the Month

    Gonna be tough to get people over to the Poker Tourney when Senor Frogs is on the way out of TI…….

  • OrdaNation

    Been looking for another excuse to go to Vegas! ;)

  • PJGuin23

    DFS Tax Guru

    Crap… I better make sure RG picks up all my winnings. Still have a long ways to go anyways. Not offended. I understand how event logistics work. I had a “B List” for my own wedding and invited them after my obligatory family invites declined. Will be there next year.

    Even if I was in the Top 2500, this is sandwiched between 2 vacations for me and can’t make it this year.

  • ChrisGimino

    • 2015 DraftKings FFWC Finalist

    • 2016 DraftKings FBWC Finalist

    I look forward to this (if I reserved in time) I don’t need additional excuses to come to Vegas but I’ll gladly accept this one.

    +1 and I will arrive ready to upset all beer pong tourney favorites.

  • jmbwngfn

    4x FSWA Writer Nominee, RG Admin

    • 2011 FanDuel WFBC Finalist

    Can’t wait for this! The wife is coming along with me, can you add a +1 for me? Thanks!

  • SirGiant

    • Blogger of the Month

    I’m in – Looking forward to the party!

  • a25smith

    • 444

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      RG Tiered Ranking

    Can’t wait to finally meet everyone – my drinking and beer pong game are lagging b/c I have a toddler, but he loves Chuck E Cheese so my pop a shot game is on point. Also, can y’all add a +1 for me as well – wife’s a maybe but if she can’t come I have a drinking buddy ready to step in and take her place.

  • Socky21

    • 2017 RG Season Long Champion: NFL

    So very sad that I can’t make it this year. Last year was awesome!!

  • britdevine

    • 2014 StarStreet MLB Playboy Mansion Finalist

    Its HERE!

    I’ll be in town Tuesday – Monday if anyone gets there early

  • DillingerFour

    FD Rep - DFBMeeMee Champ (x2)

    • Blogger of the Month

    @Cal said...

    CruzinToVictory +1

    Is this +1 specifically to make sure he doesn’t bust an ankle?


    Awesome, See you there

  • markaw4

    Open it to Top 3000 so I can go :)

  • CruzinToVictory

    RG Product Coordinator

    • Blogger of the Month

    @DillingerFour said...

    Is this +1 specifically to make sure he doesn’t bust an ankle?

    Nailed it. I’m actually booking a separate seat on the flight for my crutches.

  • Gateman07

    • 2013 StarStreet NFL Playboy Mansion Finalist

    I’ll be there, offering guided tours of the Rhino

  • eaglezzz

    Looking to make the drive from SLC, UT and finally meet all you AllStars.

    Football with friends, what could be better?

  • yoteach

    • Blogger of the Month

    So pumped, thanks so much to Cal, Cameron, and crew!
    Last year, I was just getting going as a small stakes grinder and was nowhere near top 2500, so I’m super excited to be inside the cut line. I also cannot believe this worked out schedule-wise, as I was already planning to drive the family to Vegas that Saturday (in-laws live there) in advance of a major conference that my wife and I are attending there the following week. Takes a little luck also!

  • theseige

    • 2015 DraftKings FFWC Finalist

    • x2

      2016 DraftKings FBBWC Finalist

    Theseige will be there

  • stevietpfl

    Morning Grind co-host, Lead NASCAR Analyst

    • 916

      RG Overall Ranking

    • 2015 FanDuel MLB Playboy Mansion Finalist

    • 2015 FAWBC Finalist

    Senor Frogs part 3!!!!!!!

    @Rotokevin they just didn’t want to lose in the bowling tourney again.

  • OrdaNation

    willing to throw my name in for consideration! haha

  • bowens1984

    • 993

      RG Overall Ranking

    • 2014 StarStreet MLB Playboy Mansion Finalist

    • RG Season Champion: NBA

    Cant wait, count me in

  • jae686

    • 423

      RG Overall Ranking

    • Ranked #53

      RG Tiered Ranking

    • 2018 DraftKings FBBWC Finalist

    • x2

      2016 FanDuel WFBBC Finalist

    In with +1. Sounds like a good time.

    Edit: I actually won’t be able to make it. Have fun everyone!

  • rotokevin

    2014 RG Bowling Co-Champion, CPA & DFS Tax Guru

    • 2014 FanDuel WFBC Finalist

    @stevietpfl said...

    Senor Frogs part 3!!!!!!!

    @Rotokevin they just didn’t want to lose in the bowling tourney again.


  • ChrisGimino

    • 2015 DraftKings FFWC Finalist

    • 2016 DraftKings FBWC Finalist

    Missing +1 as shown … Please add +1 TY and can’t wait.

  • emac

    @stevietpfl said...

    @Rotokevin they just didn’t want to lose in the bowling tourney again.

    DB is about to post an open challenge for anyone brave enough to beat him in a bull riding competition.

    The NFL Ticket gambit is just a ruse to get everyone closer to the mechanical beasts at Gilley’s
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