• Varncass

    CBB/CFB Contributor

    • 2014 RG Season Champion: CBB

    Thank you to all who entered, was a good time even though 40% of us lost our champion on the first day…

    All 127 in the pool are confirmed as payed, payouts are as follows:

    1st- $5,000 + RG Tee & Year’s incentives to site of choice
    2nd- $2,700 + RG Tee
    3rd- $2,000 + RG Tee
    4th- $1,500 + RG Tee
    5th- $1,000 + RG Tee
    6th- $500
    All ties will be settled by tiebreaker, unless players would like to make a deal forgoing the tiebreaker/splitting money, or working out some other type of split.

    Based on Yahoo’s Scenario Generator, the 8 possible scenario’s hash out like this with these players getting paid –

    Nova/UNC – Nova
    1. papagates
    2. JeffElJefe
    3. ccheat30
    3. Mirage
    3. papagates
    3. Varncass

    Nova/UNC – UNC
    1. JeffElJefe
    2. ccheat30
    2. papagates
    4. papagates
    4. Scott121422
    6. db730

    Villanova/Syracuse – Villanova
    1. papagates
    2. JeffElJefe
    3. Mirage
    3. Varncass
    5. beermakersfan
    6. Jupiter13
    6. Neil (?)

    Villanova/Syracuse – Syracuse
    1. papagates
    2. JeffElJefe
    3. Varncass
    4. Jupiter13
    4. Neil (?)
    6. prime2121
    6. Varncass

    Oklahoma/UNC – UNC
    1. RFK213
    2. JeffElJefe
    3. papagates
    4. Bsteinhause
    4. Scott121422
    6. DB730

    Oklahoma/UNC – Oklahoma
    1. atfrost
    2. RFK213
    3. brett (?)
    4. papagayes
    5. Jupiter13
    5. seth37iso

    Oklahoma/Syracuse – Oklahoma
    1. brett (?)
    2. Jupiter13
    3. seth37iso
    4. prime2121
    4. Varncass
    6. honnow12

    Oklahoma/Syracuse – Syracuse
    1. Jupiter13
    2. prime2121
    2. Varncass
    4. TPSC
    5. RFK213
    6. Bayoung1989

  • allinking17

    • 723

      RG Overall Ranking

    • 2016 DraftKings FBWC Finalist

    Sent for 1 – forgot to add in my RG username – i will pm you

  • Jetsfan5421

    sent for 1

  • Varncass

    CBB/CFB Contributor

    • 2014 RG Season Champion: CBB

    Working through PMs now, check PMs in the next 30 minutes guys and you’ll get the info

  • bodymore52

    Varncass. I know this is crazy day for you.. But did u write a article for today’s games? I don’t see one all I see is yesterday’s nit games.

  • graceshawn

    • 94

      RG Overall Ranking

    • Ranked #9

      RG Tiered Ranking

    one entry- money sent
    username graceshawn

  • TheKid2430

    Sent for 2. Username: TheKid2430

  • Varncass

    CBB/CFB Contributor

    • 2014 RG Season Champion: CBB

    bodymore – it should be under the NIT games

  • Varncass

    CBB/CFB Contributor

    • 2014 RG Season Champion: CBB

    This is going to be a pretty solid pool, looking to be over 120 entries this year. I will release payout structure after noon when I officially lock the pool

    Check PMs, have sent to all those I have received money from

  • mjchan89

  • killab2482

    • 382

      RG Overall Ranking

    • 2018 DraftKings FBBWC Finalist

    • x2

      2013 FanDuel WFFC Finalist

  • purplepride11

    1 bracket plz

  • ccheat30

    So if we get 125, is the payout going to look something like:

    1st- $5,000
    2nd- $2,500
    3rd- $2,000
    4th- $1,500
    5th- $1,000
    6th- $500

  • deanabbott

    Should’ve assumed this group would be more contrarian. Not seeing a ton of Kansas.

  • Varncass

    CBB/CFB Contributor

    • 2014 RG Season Champion: CBB

    Since PayPal is being extremely slow, I haven’t gotten all of the money yet. The bracket pool has 127 entries right now, but I am going to have to go through and ensure all the brackets that are in there have paid.

    With 127 entries, we would be looking a ccheat30’s payouts:

    st- $5,000
    2nd- $2,700
    3rd- $2,000
    4th- $1,500
    5th- $1,000
    6th- $500

    This isn’t final yet – after PayPal gets itsself sorted out, I will go through the pool and finalize the payouts after the games tonight.

  • DizzyD

    Just an FYI DizzyD is Andrew agreeable bracket. Haven’t figured out from the yahoo app how to change the bracket name, but will do so when get on my laptop.

  • Joc31

    Is there a way to see how many brackets picked a certain team to win a matchup?

  • JCO8822

    Here is the breakdown of picks to win the championship in this group. First number is how many picked the team as the champ. Second is % of teams (of 127). Good luck all.

    MSU- 39 30.7%
    KU- 22 17.3%
    UNC- 18 14.2%
    UVA- 16 12.6%
    OU- 10 7.9%
    UK- 7 5.5%
    Oregon- 6 4.7%
    Nova- 3 2.4%
    IA St- 1 .07%
    Purdue -1 .07%
    Duke 1 .07 %
    WVU- 1 .07%
    A&M- 1 .07%
    Xav- 1 .07%

  • JCO8822

    KU brackets look to be “underowned” vs. Vegas odds. Leave it to this group to look for a more contrarian angle.

  • walkoff9

    @JCO8822 said...

    KU brackets look to be “underowned” vs. Vegas odds. Leave it to this group to look for a more contrarian angle.

    And MSU ends up being chalk. lol

  • walkoff9

    YES Nice choke USC

  • EC4THREE10

    No real bracket buster upsets today. We will see what tomorrow brings for everyone!

  • Bay101

    • 893

      RG Overall Ranking

    Wish I would have joined. Hit 15 out of 16 today

  • EC4THREE10

    Bay101 nice man! Should of parlayed 15 out 15 you would have crushed this payout haha.

    It would be nice if we did a second chance bracket pool! 😉

  • Varncass

    CBB/CFB Contributor

    • 2014 RG Season Champion: CBB

    Based on my records, I only ended up getting payment for 122 brackets and we have 127 in the pool. I’m going to keep payouts as they are right now and check when I have more time (Monday). Of course, I could be wrong as things got a bit hectic at the end because of PayPal.

  • Joe1Coal

    @Joc31 said...

    Is there a way to see how many brackets picked a certain team to win a matchup?

    Sort of. You click on scenario generator and you can see what happens if certain teams win…etc

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