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    The NBA is back!

    We’re pulling out all the stops at RotoGrinders to ensure our Premium subscribers have access to tools and resources that you simply can’t get anywhere else… all in one place. We’re committed to delivering the best value in the industry with a combination of articles, media, tools, data, and learning content. We hope if you’re not currently a subscriber, you’ll consider checking out RotoGrinders Premium when you see what’s new in 2019-2020.

    NBA Core Content

    NEW!! IMPROVED!! NBA Premium Projections: What’s New? Notorious, MrTuttle05, ChrisGimino, and more are joining the projections team to add additional NBA intellect and greater scrutiny to every single player projection we produce. We’re also installing new advanced processes, data validations, and accuracy checkpoints behind the scenes to ensure precision. Our NBA projections have been available for free in the past, and we hope you enjoyed the benefits that came with that if you weren’t previously subscribing. Those projections held their ground against some of the most respected models out there, and this season we’ve added additional advanced people and processes to make them even better. Going forward, only our Premium Subscribers can access our projections. Also, we have AMAZING plans to give tournament players access to some new projections based capability in LineupHQ down the line, so you’ll want to stay tuned for news on that!

    LineupHQ and LineupHQ Express: We’re proud to offer our full-featured optimizer and DFS workstation as a core feature of our product at no additional charge. Whether you are building one lineup or many, LineupHQ is the center of your NBA DFS universe and we’re constantly working behind the scenes to add new features and improvements. Also, EXCLUSIVE to RotoGrinders is your ability to access both LineupHQ for web AND LineupHQ Express from your mobile device. If you haven’t tried LineupHQ Express yet, you must!! We’ve added features for multiple lineup builds and easy export to DFS websites. NOBODY ELSE CAN GIVE YOU THIS POWER TO OPERATE ON MOBILE!!! Catch fire with our suite of LineupHQ tools tonight!

    The NBA Grind Down featuring Notorious: Many dollars have been secured via the level headed, data-driven analysis from Derek “Notorious” Farnsworth over the years, and we’re making the move to reserve this treasure of the DFS industry for our Premium Subscribers only. It’s often been said we were crazy for posting this piece for free. We’re still crazy, but we’re simply doing right by Premium members and reserving the best insights we can offer on NBA DFS exclusively for them. Come check out this legendary game by game breakdown, and get informed quickly. You don’t have time for a textbook on every game, and nobody breaks it down more concisely than Notorious without giving up quality.

    NBA Core Plays: Former Duke basketball player and DFS analyst Andy Means leads the charge 5 days per week with the best of the best plays he’s recommending as core options for the slate. These selections are analyzed in DEEP detail, and recommended alongside a set of interesting roster construction pivots for GPP purposes. DFS veteran and top mind Justin “STLCardinals84” Van Zuiden will handle core plays duty on the weekend, and in tandem with Meansy will provide you some of the strongest foundations you can find anywhere to springboard your optimal lineups.

    NBA (Crunch Time) Live Stream: “Crunch Time” is a live broadcast leading directly up to lineup lock each slate. Meansy53, Kevin Roth, and JSurab lead our team of NBA analysts to help guide you through the most intense and important pre-lock decisions you’ll find in any DFS sport. Having their level headed insight alongside you when making decisions is a crucial leg up on DFS players who are out there flying solo. We’ll start every show with the need to know situations we’re looking out for, and how you can react in your DFS lineups. We’ll review core plays for optimal lineups, and bring in the GPP expertise of JSurab to find creative and well-informed ways to differentiate your lineups in larger field contests. Roth steers the ship with a steady hand, while our team of NBA DFS experts answer your questions leading up to lock.

    Daily Rankings and Expert Insights

    Daily Consensus Value Rankings: We gather a crew of dedicated DFS players to rank their top “value” plays at each position. Using their wisdom, we combine their rankings to create an invaluable list each day that is STRONGLY correlated with both player ownership and player performance. Use our daily NBA player rankings to get a sense of the most valuable plays on each DFS site, and create a strong foundation for your player pool. It’s always a good idea to understand the most popular and highly perceived plays of the day, and our rankings are a rock solid way to do so in short order.

    NBA Projected Ownership: NEW! Yahoo projected ownership will be posted for each day, as well as coverage for DraftKings, FanDuel, and FantasyDraft. We’re looking to provide a prediction of expected player ownership so that you can make informed DFS lineup decisions in tournaments. DFS is not a game of scoring the most points, but rather a quest to simply outscore your opponents. Leveraging projected ownership in larger field contests is a time tested way to win more than your fair share of the time when executed well.

    NBA Premium Filters in LineupHQ: Who are today’s Core Plays? Best Salary Savers? Strong options in GPP? We’ve integrated a curated set of selections for our members each day in LineupHQ for you to research and consider. Simply click on the “filter” for each category to display the options in the player pool. Some of the best choices will be accompanied by a short written “expert insight” on the player, and details on why they could be a savvy choice in DFS for the night. These filters also help power our LineupHQ Express tool, and serve as an amazing time saver if you’re looking for some quick action on the go.

    NBA Expert Survey: We ask our team to take a survey of important questions for the day and line the answers up side by side for your quick reference. The survey starts with a series of direct questions such as “Who is your favorite salary saver on the board?” and proceeds to dive into a few open-ended questions later such as “Which useful trend or statistic stuck out most during your research?” When it’s all said and done, you’ve got a nice collection of opinions from sharp NBA minds to help you navigate your decisions for the day.

    Advanced Premium Tools and Critical Resources

    NBA Premium Discord: Talk basketball with our community of RG Premium Members and our team of analysts. New for 2019-2020, our projections team will be checking in with the Discord channel to communicate important changes and other news related intel that we think is worth sharing. It’s a fantastic place to learn about the slate and to become a better DFS player… or maybe just go on TILT and make fun of the referees. I personally choose TILT as often as I can, but you’ll find more often than not it’s one of the very best resources on our site.

    DFS Alerts App: No sane NBA DFS player would ever go to battle without instant access to breaking news. The DFS alerts app we provide has that and then some. By all means, set your alert settings and get the late-breaking DFS information you need in crunch time. However, the Alerts App (Available for IOS and Android) also gives you access to our Premium Content on the go. This includes audio streams of our live broadcasts including CrunchTime. THIS IS A MUST HAVE APP.

    CourtIQ with Premium “Game Flow” Breakdowns: NEW for 2019-2020, CourtIQ is now producing rate stats such as AST%, REB%, TOV%, and a revised formula for USG% that is consistent with one of the most widely used versions of the number. Use CourtIQ to test player usage and efficiency when teammates are On or Off the court. These data points provide insights on how you can adjust your projections, or make assessments on how likely they are to reach their ceilings in GPPs. “Game Flow” is a fantastic tool for Premium Subscribers that will help you visualize the substitution patterns and usage trends for each team visually. The combination of CourtIQ and GameFlow provides you with all the ammunition you need to make informed DFS decisions as situations change throughout the season.

    NBA Projected Ownership: NEW Yahoo! projected ownership will be posted for each day, as well as coverage for DraftKings, FanDuel, and FantasyDraft. We’re looking to provide a prediction of expected player ownership, so that you can make informed DFS lineup decisions in tournaments. DFS is not a game of scoring the most points, but rather a quest to simply outscore your opponents. Leveraging projected ownership in larger field contests is a time tested way to win more than your fair share of the time when executed well.

    The Situation Room – NBA DFS Injury Report and If/Then Scenarios: Almost every single night in NBA DFS, you’ll be waiting on injury news and other situations to become clear before you can make the most accurate decisions for your DFS lineups. The Situation Room is a consolidated source that lists all of these potential changes, and offers insight on how you can prepare to react. Monday through Friday, we’ll pick out some of the most pressing issues and write about them in detail just underneath the injury report. If you’ve ever played NBA DFS before, you know how important this is for your preparation.

    NBA Defense vs. Archetype Matchup Tool: The days of classifying NBA players into five cookie-cutter positions are over. The NBA is now a “position-less” game, and even the 8 player archetypes we have identified are not quite enough to describe the unique and interesting roles and responsibilities that exist in today’s game. However, segmenting players into categories that are too small may not yield helpful samples of data. We have thus landed on 8 key player types that are outside the traditional “G, F, C” classifications that we believe are more useful in understanding what types of players an opponent defends well. Using these classifications, we deliver a set of data points you can use to help assess opponent strength and adjust your projections accordingly for tournaments.

    RotoAcademy: A collection of content that is designed to help you learn DFS and become a better player. DFS is a journey, and RotoAcademy will continue to focus on ways to guide you towards better lineups along the way. Start learning DFS with access to RotoAcademy.

    RotoAcademy Show: Each week, we’ll feature a new show that helps you LEARN DFS while getting ready for tonight’s slate in the process. Becoming a better DFS player means more than understanding who the plays are for the slate. You need to know WHY they are the plays, and how you can use tools to construct them together into winning lineups. The RotoAcademy show is dedicated to helping you understand “how” to play and not “who” to play.

    NBA SlateIQ: Using our algorithm for identifying historically similar slates, we produce a set of interesting data points that describe winning habits on slates that are historically similar to the setup tonight. It’s a unique type of content you won’t find anywhere else.

    Projections Change Log: Follow along with the latest changes to tonight’s NBA projections in detail.

    Free Content

    The Morning Grind Daily Podcast: StevieTPFL is joined by a rotating cast of DFS experts to break down today’s slate of games. Thousands – dare I say millions – have been won by listeners of the Morning Grind over the years using the well-reasoned research of Stevie and the crew. Subscribe today!

    Grinders Live! – Daily DFS Live Stream: The Flagship Show! Dean78904 (if you want to get all technical) is joined by a rotating cast of DFS experts to give you the low-down on tonight’s NBA action. Come for the DFS takes, and stay for the entertainment provided by the community atmosphere. Join our live chat to be a part of the conversation.

    FREE! NBA First Look Article: A quick-hitting, early post-time dive into the upcoming slate of games. This is a high impact crash course using team analytics, betting market insights, and other relevant player usage stats that will get you started fast for the day.

    Beer’s Daily Fantasy Six Pack Video: Chris “BeerMakersFan” Prince has been on the DFS grind since before you knew DFS was a thing. He’s been serving up winners in the fantasy bar for almost as long, and gives it to you FREE throughout the NBA season. Don’t miss out on the “Beast of the Night” to find out who is overall favorite play is on a given day.

    NBA Starting Lineups Page: We project player starting lineups for every game on the slate, and Premium Subscribers have the advantage of seeing multiple key data points on screen alongside the projected lineups. Player projections and ownership projections are listed along with Vegas odds, game start times, and links to CourtIQ queries for today’s lineups. As lineups are confirmed, we’ll send alerts to your screen and mobile device (see above: DFS Alerts). It’s a must-have tool for anyone interested in playing for more than just fun.

    FREE! NBA Starting 5 Article: Coming Soon: We’ll periodically highlight five players who have strong prospects for the night using our RotoGrinders premium tools. If you’re looking for a few sharp tips on who you can slide into your lineups tonight, look no further.

    FREE! Daily Sports Betting Picks and Articles: Looking to get down on some action tonight? The RotoGrinders Sports Betting section is covering all the NBA happenings, every day. Don’t forget to check out the fantastic bonus offers we’ll have for each legal state. You don’t want to be leaving any money on the table, the house already has plenty!

    FREE! NBA Player Analysis in DFS Alerts App: One of the biggest benefits of using our DFS alerts app is the instant analysis provided by the writers. Don’t miss out on these data-backed reactions to the news and slate at hand.

    NBA Betting Odds: A simple tool to help you follow the action in the betting markets related to tonight’s games.

    NBA Player Stats, Player Profiles, Game Logs, and Team Stats: A great set of resources for researching the NBA. We’ve got all the basics on hand to help you learn about the players and teams participating in the action at hand.

    NBA Ceiling vs. Consistency Tool: Wanna know who has hit 6x their salary in fantasy points most often? Who has been consistently hitting their value? This resource is here to help you understand the volatility and range of productivity for a given player at tonight’s DFS salary. The ceiling vs. consistency tool is perhaps the most under utilized free tool we offer, and I would highly encourage you to stop by and check it out.

    NBA Correlations Tool: We analyze the data to advise you which players have positive or negative correlation within their respective team. Does LeBron James have a positive correlation with Anthony Davis? Is it likely both C.J. McCollum and Damien Lillard will have a big game on the same day? The correlations tool can help provide you with clues.

    NBA Twitter News List: We curate a list of beat writers and relevant NBA news sources for you to follow in Tweet Deck. This is essential if you’re sweating player news on your own.

    We’re excited NBA is back! Subscribe to RotoGrinders Premium today to access the very best we have to offer. Start building better lineups today!

  • Jeddy3

    Is there a place where previous days DK points scored will be located? It used to be on the previous days starting lineup page. This was a great quick reference to analyse what you have been doing and where you might have missed out in one location. Is this now premium content?

  • SmartWater

    Marketing and Social Media Manager

    @Jeddy3 said...

    Is there a place where previous days DK points scored will be located? It used to be on the previous days starting lineup page. This was a great quick reference to analyse what you have been doing and where you might have missed out in one location. Is this now premium content?

    Hey! if you are referring to the game logs missing, we fixed that and you should see them now when you click on a players name.

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